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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHOW

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Astrology, 7:you of individuality and of self-identity - yet show you how you are part of a greater whole ofAstrology, 60:and the immediate next step will clearly show forth. It thus becomes apparent again to what anAstrology, 88:lotuses. All these different periods show different triangular radiations. We must not infer fromAstrology, 163:to the tabulation heretofore given will show this. It is only when a man is upon the Cardinal CrossAstrology, 187:personality or form. An analysis of this will show that the "forces of conflict" are powerful inAstrology, 242:of the Mind of God. These hints should serve to show you one of the great interrelations whichAstrology, 356:the Sons of God rejoice." A slight study will show you that you have in these three rulers a mostAstrology, 398:between the throat and sacral centers; to show that right direction has been achieved and thatAstrology, 470:our planetary life. The following triangle will show this more clearly. These three are connectedAstrology, 568:their willingness to be tested and to show unalterable stability is the major factor involved. ThisAstrology, 666:this happens, his personality horoscope will show this influence as dominant." (C.F. 899) "TheAtom, 27:In these talks I should like if I can, to show that something like this is going on in the solarAtom, 69:detail; all I am endeavoring to do tonight is to show that in the vegetable kingdom forms built upAtom, 69:in the vegetable kingdom forms built up of atoms show not only discriminative intelligence andAtom, 69:the animal kingdom, in which the animal forms show not only all the above qualities, but to them isAtom, 79:the truth that atoms themselves possess quality, show symptoms of mind or intelligence, and canAtom, 83:Logos. He must demonstrate intelligence, he must show forth love, and he must manifest will. Let usAtom, 87:the Christ, in reply to the demand "Lord, show us the Father," that "he that hath seen me hath seenAtom, 88:which it belongs, and the love aspect begins to show itself. The man has passed out of the atomicAtom, 102:should find, should we do so, that even minerals show symptoms of awareness, of reaction toAtom, 144:quality, that of rudimentary mind, began to show itself, and that when we arrived at the humanAutobiography, 1:that I would really render a service if I could show people how I became what I am from what I was.Autobiography, 1:I mean. I would like, among other things, to show how the world of human beings opened up to a veryAutobiography, 2:or as a subject of faith and belief. I want to show Them as They are - Disciples of the Christ,Autobiography, 2:an ever widening field of usefulness. I want to show that in each cycle of experience, I didAutobiography, 4:for them. This I will enlarge upon later and show how I personally came to know of Their existence.Autobiography, 5:The third thing which I would like to do is to show how wonderful human beings are. I have lived onAutobiography, 24:the library windows. In its way Moor Park was a show place and on certain Sundays was thrown openAutobiography, 66:educational experience. This experience goes to show how wonderful human beings are, which, if youAutobiography, 67:Whether you like it or not, you are going to show me which is your compartment. I want to look overAutobiography, 74:to the authorities. They were, therefore, out to show me. Autobiography, 84:of his sermons are? They are quite atrocious and show a sadistic nature. In one place, forAutobiography, 86:change in my point of view and attitude began to show itself. A tiny fermentation had started whichAutobiography, 89:matter between me and Walter Evans came to a show-down. It had been a hard summer there. We hadAutobiography, 130:waste effort and in three weeks' time I was the show packer in the factory. I handled an average ofAutobiography, 133:so much which it essentially is not. I hope to show, if I can, what it really is. This marked theAutobiography, 162:and cannot be bothered to read them. I want to show, therefore, that there is another kind ofAutobiography, 173:shocking. Many of them did what they could to show a friendly spirit to us as individuals. Some ofAutobiography, 212:the quality, character and temperament which we show indicates simply the sum total of the past.Autobiography, 256:are not distinguished by intelligence and show little judgment in the choice of those whom theAutobiography, 272:the inner group pour through the school; it will show itself as spiritual light and wisdom and willAutobiography, 282:encourage people to stay in the work unless they show fitness, for they only get discouraged andAutobiography, 283:for people who can use their minds or who show at least a willingness to develop and use theirAutobiography, 286:the younger students. This they can do if they show a grasp of the teaching, are intelligent andBethlehem, 6:the divine in man to God. For the Gospels [6] show us that continuously Christ called forth thisBethlehem, 49:instinct, as time elapsed the intellect began to show itself and is continuing to control humanBethlehem, 92:of Christ. It was the light which He came to show and which He saw also (hidden and veiled) in all,Bethlehem, 92:forth. (St. Matt., V, 16.) He challenged us to show, and commanded us to demonstrate the perfectionBethlehem, 161:who believe in Him to go to Heaven. He came to show us the real nature of perfection and how, inBethlehem, 166:to stand utterly alone! This, Christ had to show the world, and this He did. He stood triumphantBethlehem, 169:undertaken by the various nations, will show that they are based, in essence, upon some definitelyBethlehem, 171:seen before, and my heart trembles with fear; show me, Lord, the former form; Lord of Gods, beBethlehem, 194:as perfect man He died the death of the Cross to show us (in picture form and through actualBethlehem, 194:die in order that the higher divine nature may show forth in all its beauty. The lower self mustBethlehem, 199:nature. It was this that Christ came to do - to show us the nature of the "saved" life; toBethlehem, 200:is love." (I St. John, IV, 8.) Christ came to show us that love was the [201] motivating power ofBethlehem, 203:come under the category of those whose lives show certain inequalities in conduct. We are notBethlehem, 205:definite infringement of the Law of Love, as we show it in our relation with God or with ourBethlehem, 225:upon the earth, the kingdom of God; secondly, to show us what the love of God signified and how itBethlehem, 227:died to save the world and have endeavored to show that only believers could be saved - thoughBethlehem, 238:Masonic legend. All these references serve to show the continuity of revelation of which theBethlehem, 253:the higher members of that kingdom begin to show a disposition towards divinity. The faint, dimBethlehem, 258:A study of the teachings earlier given will show that every teaching, and every suffering Son ofBethlehem, 263:of the ages is true, and if Christ came to show us divinity in expression and to found the newBethlehem, 267:command to follow in His steps - only serve to show how slow we have been, how much remains to beBethlehem, 274:which a citizen of the kingdom [274] must show. The human family is individually self-conscious andDestiny, 4:efficient esoteric psychology, and also Show the lines of development which are inevitable, for theDestiny, 6:livingness" (as it is esoterically called) will show. The symbol and that for which it stands willDestiny, 79:nevertheless very potent. Everything tends to show that the German people, not being an integratedDestiny, 83:(as a study of the earlier tabulation will show). It accounts for the warlike history of GreatDestiny, 149:good and human welfare, the perseverance they show in their search for light and their longing andDiscipleship1, 48:he wants to be known as a disciple; he aches to show his power and his highly developed love natureDiscipleship1, 133:rays and those of your fellow disciples will show you where points of relation exist, where theDiscipleship1, 167:who seek to work within the Master's plan and show all three yourself. [168] Discipleship1, 181:be evoked. Such is the law. The coming year may show but little relief or lessening of the strainDiscipleship1, 209:rays, five in number. Later, I will endeavor to show you all the state of the etheric body which isDiscipleship1, 257:in one of its three aspects. I will endeavor to show you now the vehicles through which the soulDiscipleship1, 352:fully through you. It is not hard for you to show love, though you handicap yourself considerablyDiscipleship1, 359:so well: May the Holy Ones whose disciple I am show me the light I seek; give me the strong aid ofDiscipleship1, 365:of Love. 3rd month - The purpose of my soul must show itself through burning. That which obstructsDiscipleship1, 401:and much in which you can assist me. Time will show you the ways and means. Have patience. It will,Discipleship1, 420:third has had a dual effect: it has served to show you the futility of glamor and that which youDiscipleship1, 425:and then pass on. They are not all you have to show, they do not give the entire picture. FiveDiscipleship1, 458:enumerated the above disciplines in order to show three things: The variety of discipline to whichDiscipleship1, 536:the Holy Ones, whose pupils we aspire to become, show us the light we seek; give us the strong aidDiscipleship1, 616:lies open. Forget it not. Time may enable you to show a changed attitude. If you so choose, and ifDiscipleship1, 627:many of them and only the coming few years will show the Masters which of their groups can standDiscipleship1, 710:to indicate the work in detail. I intend only to show you as far as is possible how a MasterDiscipleship1, 766:and safely. I mentioned the permanent atoms to show the lines of energy distribution but not inDiscipleship2, XII:personally assigned meditations are included to show the technique of the training in individualDiscipleship2, 93:ground. I have, however, indicated enough to show my reasons why there is so poor an exotericDiscipleship2, 109:those they otherwise could help. They like to show their unique familiarity with hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 178:as a disciple. This the superimposed Crosses show. [179] Give ten or fifteen minutes to theDiscipleship2, 179:which I earlier gave you; I would like also to show you the synthesis of the entire sevenDiscipleship2, 191:which I have given to the group. I tried to show you the sequence of critical points in the life ofDiscipleship2, 195:upon the lighted way, where light may shine and show a star which shines above the brow of theDiscipleship2, 225:my brother, it is billions, as world statistics show) which go towards the purchase of candy,Discipleship2, 250:medium of living processes. [250] As I cannot show you these formulas upon the physical plane, theDiscipleship2, 258:upon initiation a step forward and am seeking to show that it is not essentially a process ofDiscipleship2, 337:to interpret it. It can take many forms: it can show itself as sacrifice on the part of science and
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