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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHOW

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Healing, 246:evolution of words - as any good dictionary will show - the word "dust" comes from two roots, oneHealing, 302:of the physical body to the subtle bodies which show as imbecilities and psychological troubles.Healing, 304:too little; and so both kinds died and failed to show the beauty of the Lord Who gave them life butHealing, 308:which I give to the questions only serve to show how abstruse the matter is. But if you will haveHealing, 330:body stock is wearing out fast. Yet the Japanese show no sign of that old age. India is far olderHealing, 333:here enlarge, but the above will suffice to show that the methods which you may discover in yourHealing, 355:Traces of illumination of this subject will show themselves if the group persists in allHealing, 357:individual and inter-group relations. This may show itself in intense criticism of each other, orHealing, 357:ideas as they deem themselves to be; it may show itself in a deep satisfaction over personalHealing, 439:nowhere referred to. Careful thought will here show that this ordered process of detachment, whichHealing, 475:lack of fear which [475] dying persons so often show; they evidence a condition of peace, and aHealing, 478:evolution of the person. I have also sought to show the normality of this familiar [479] process.Healing, 503:is by the way. My proposition will serve to show you some of the relationships between death andHealing, 558:a glamor and a delusion, as I have oft sought to show. Healing, 562:to dwell. I have here indicated enough to show the danger of a sense of frustration and a morbidHealing, 579:that personal magnetism first began slowly to show itself. The early and the primitive Lemurian wasHealing, 599:relation to the subject of health so as to show you how subtle and esoteric are the matters withHealing, 621:they are full of weakness and sweetness, but show little strength, alert power and aliveness. AndHealing, 670:harmlessness? It is not easy for me to show or prove to you the effectiveness of the higher aspect,Healing, 677:love are synonymous terms, or whether he can show sufficient love to effect a healing. Let himHealing, 684:Commentary expresses it. I have endeavored to show you how the first part of this Law X has aHealing, 701:and of the possible rays present should in time show him the nature of the energies controllingHercules, 4:trace the story of Hercules and endeavor to show how he, in his twelve labors, played the part ofHercules, 34:witness. Reference to books on symbology will show us that the horse [35] stands for intellectualHercules, 54:the apples and I need them quickly for my use. Show me the quickest way and I will go!" "Not so, myHercules, 55:these points upon the Way. But time alone will show; God speed thee in thy search." WithHercules, Known:leading Hercules to believe that he could show him the way, that he could lead him out into theHercules, 139:and Pholos (bodily strength). This test was to show control of the emotional, astral, desireHercules, 221:Virgin. Two other indications can be given to show how widely and deeply the Zodiac has affectedHercules, 228:The next two signs, Aquarius and Pisces, show us the liberated Hercules at his work, the saving ofInitiation, viii:anticipated. The following chapters may serve to show that the criticism is not unmerited.Initiation, 30:is by way of illustration, and an attempt to show the relation [31] of the Hierarchy to itsInitiation, 53:The Master is not to blame should the disciple show lack of discrimination in the choice ofInitiation, 62:they are gathering in those who in any way show a tendency to respond to high vibration, seeking toInitiation, 102:environing associates a recognition that will show itself in a sanctified emulation and a strenuousInitiation, 105:took place at Shamballa. This is mentioned to show the close scrutiny given to everythingInitiation, 165:and ambiguous information, but it will serve to show that, as in the case of the Words,Intellect, 191:from the oldest Persian Treatise on Sufism will show. It is interesting to note that those writingsIntellect, 191:note that those writings persist the longest and show the most wide usefulness which come fromIntellect, 231:This is not a matter of getting something to show men. It is a matter of understanding what we areMagic, 6:scheme of life as we today recognize it and will show how basically natural and true is all that isMagic, 13:the animal soul. All I desire to do here is to show the two senses in which the word "psychic" isMagic, 302:of the Future. This is a fear that will as yet show a growing tendency to develop and will causeMagic, 346:and reasoning faculty produce harmony and thus show the way out, then proceed. As an occult factMagic, 395:will are divine qualities and expressions, and show themselves with equal clarity through aMagic, 541:of this law which governs mental substance will show the danger of wrong thought and the power ofMagic, 549:quaternaries, but the few just quoted suffice to show some of the recognitions towards which theMagic, 579:in people, and in the reactions which people show to what the student may say or do. In the typeMagic, 615:is to let in the light of the soul and to show that spirit and matter are the two realities whichMagic, 623:the pressure of the work, and inevitably he will show signs of cracking at times, if I may use suchMeditation, 102:three departments of the physical body. They show themselves: In the brain. In the nervous system.Meditation, 141:the imparting of any definite method. I seek to show the essential nature of proceeding under lawMeditation, 157:is as much as can be said, but it will serve to show the type of form aimed at. Meditation, 183:deal first with fire in the Macrocosm, and later show its microcosmic correspondence. The vitalMeditation, 208:involved by the use of blinds, yet also to show you that for those who have the seeing eye even theMeditation, 209:Colors as manifested on the physical plane show at their crudest and harshest. Even the mostMeditation, 233:of the same force which at a later period will show forth as a virtue. The second point I seek toMeditation, 233:I seek to make is that these influences (which show forth as colors when they contact matter) moveMeditation, 243:What is the state of the etheric body? Does it show symptoms of devitalization or of congestion? IsMeditation, 269:that the pupil has somewhat to give. He must show that his one desire is to be a benefactor andMeditation, 287:or tone remains. The next or fifth round will show the greatest exposition of this method. It willMeditation, 297:In this letter I shall attempt somewhat to show how the training and development indicated in theMeditation, 320:standards of his day and generation and must show aptitude for some line of thought. He must beMeditation, 325:seen in the scheme of the student's work and to show the method whereby he is gradually led onPatanjali, 166:urge towards activity of one kind or another; to show the reason for the existence of the greatPatanjali, 277:constellations. These points are enumerated to show how impossible it is that the majority of thePatanjali, 304:who hold the key, but the above will suffice to show the deep, though esoteric significancePatanjali, 315:at the keyhole, so even does the light of sattva show itself at the crown of the head. This lightPatanjali, 322:He said (in reply to Philip's question "Lord, show us the Father"), "He that hath seen me hath seenPatanjali, 342:gross nature. Sound and the other senses as they show forth on the physical plane. We must bear inProblems, 8:and women of goodwill. This latter group would show themselves as willing to carry forward theProblems, 8:carried out by the organized churches (which show a woeful lack [9] of appreciation of the problem)Problems, 26:speaking, the people of the United States show all the characteristics of adolescence. Again,Problems, 169:particularly the Roman Catholic Church, and show little evidence of the mind that was in Christ.Problems, 174:and lecturers in every land who are seeking to show the people how practical is the ideal, howPsychology1, xxi:Patanjali, which is a bridging book, intended to show the aspirant the rules whereby the lightPsychology1, 77:and the qualities which they indicate, will show how potent and important is this ray Lord. ThesePsychology1, 83:the newer psychology in this treatise, and so show to man what is his equipment and how well suitedPsychology1, 85:usefulness in mental work and power, it will show his capacity to build thought-forms and toPsychology1, 150:have worded these impulses as above in order to show the emergent tendency through their mutualPsychology1, 222:In all esoteric writings it is necessary to show the synthesis and the continuity of the wholePsychology1, 225:have arranged the progressive tables which will show the three stages of the life cycle of everyPsychology1, 282:series of events. The immediate future will show. The point I seek to make, however, is that thisPsychology1, 293:of life will these coming great changes show more potently than in the attitude of man towards sex,Psychology1, 323:and bright enough to live by his wits and to show quickness in reactions and deftness manually. ItPsychology1, 351:four go forth into the universe of stars and show the nature of the one the Father loved." The raysPsychology1, 362:these relations, but I have enumerated enough to show the beauty of the preparation [363] made byPsychology1, 394:units in the group to revolt, to rebel and to show some form of initiative different to that of thePsychology1, 399:of the Finns, Lapps and those nations which show definite mongoloid strains. But the admixture ofPsychology2, 61:of that form with a life principle which will show itself in the power to grow, to reproduce, toPsychology2, 83:to the seven rays, and in their expression show the seven characteristics and techniques which arePsychology2, 124:questions will enable me to do three things: Show in my answers to each question that service isPsychology2, 124:true meaning and of real values. I will seek to show how the New Group of World Servers will work.Psychology2, 167:burn the garnered treasures of the past, yet show their basic usefulness... The seven ways of lightPsychology2, 395:This is but a feeble effort in my attempt to show the vastness of the knowledge required When a manPsychology2, 438:oriented. A tendency to over-emphasis may also show itself, turning the man (as a result ofPsychology2, 444:and environment. I have simply sought to show one thing: that the conflict of energies within a manPsychology2, 679:world. Those who respond to these ideas and who show no antagonistic reactions to these truths mustPsychology2, 737:in humanity today. A little thought will show how practically [738] every human being can be placedRays, 80:these figures, but the above will suffice to show the satisfactory nature of esoteric numerology -
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