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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHOWED

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Atom, 41:its own path, to reject and to select, and showed that natural selection can be traced in all formsAutobiography, 15:I was terrified of him, yet before he died, he showed me another side of his nature and one whichAutobiography, 28:time with her. She was then a very old lady but showed signs even then of beauty; she must haveAutobiography, 167:of [167] "Initiation, Human and Solar" I showed the manuscript to B. P. Wadia. He got very excitedAutobiography, 186:his father took him into a medical museum and showed him some of the results of misconduct. I'm noAutobiography, 196:keeping those who would really work hard and who showed signs of true mental culture. I told himBethlehem, 55:just as humanity was approaching maturity, and showed us, in Himself and through His life, what aBethlehem, 115:because the divine spirit had full control and showed forth through the medium of the human form,Bethlehem, 129:that God was One and God was All. The devil showed Him a picture of diversity, of many kingdoms,Bethlehem, 163:will appear when we study the next great crisis, showed us love and sacrifice carried to theirBethlehem, 206:the establishing of God's kingdom upon earth. He showed us the way in which humanity could enterBethlehem, 225:as an example. He revealed to us God's Mind, and showed us the pattern upon which we should mouldBethlehem, 225:of world experience. He mounted the Cross and showed us in His sacrifice and example what we had toBethlehem, 232:high achievement in consciousness which they showed. Apparently their world had come to an end uponBethlehem, 259:whilst Christ gave us the next stage, and showed us the process of initiation from the moment ofBethlehem, 259:gave us an expression of its qualifications, and showed us the characteristics of the citizen ofBethlehem, 260:and, in the Person of the historical Christ, showed us the significance of the cosmic Christ, theDestiny, 53:out. The static stabilizing tendency of Germany showed for instance in her futile effort toDiscipleship1, 219:primarily a physiological effect upon you which showed itself in the difficulty you had a couple ofDiscipleship2, 278:now expressed in human thinking and writing showed that the will aspect of divinity, in its firstExternalisation, 406:us when the Buddha taught that God was Light and showed us the way of illumination, and when ChristExternalisation, 463:Himself as the Light of the World, and showed us how we too could learn to tread the Lighted Way.Fire, 316:the plane of Brahma, this electrical force showed itself in intelligent purpose. The will-to-be,Healing, 579:days a certain measure of magnetic radiation showed itself, though not to the extent which is nowHercules, 16:and his joy. He played before the gods, and showed his prowess, boasting of his strength. SuddenlyHercules, 104:that the Christ so marvellously demonstrated. He showed himself as the Creator. He showed himselfHercules, 104:He showed himself as the Creator. He showed himself as functioning under the influence of theInitiation, 58:that momentous book The Secret Doctrine, and who showed to H. P. Blavatsky many of the pictures,Intellect, 23:the so-called upper classes, and to the man who showed a marked aptitude for spiritual culture.Meditation, 45:with the instruction on the group connection. We showed yesterday the importance of meditation inMeditation, 182:was developed somewhat, and the spiritual mind showed signs of awakening. In this way the two greatProblems, 9:the earlier stages of racial history, this urge showed itself in a desire for better materialProblems, 151:us the true nature of the great Approaches and showed us how that which was conferred in the farPsychology1, 172:an augmented training of those men and women who showed signs of being responsive to subjectiveReappearance, 27:wherein this universal or monadic realization showed itself. Let us look at each one of them for aSoul, 42:grew worse and died in a month. An autopsy showed a tumor of the pineal gland. - Berman, Louis,Soul, 62:for he was convinced that the facts of science showed nature to be no more a simple machine than isSoul, 150:seemingly incredible possibilities, Dr. Sheldon showed how a bar of permalloy, which is usually
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