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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SHUT

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Atom, 110:described by a person not so long ago, as "I shut my eyes, and open my mouth, and wait forAutobiography, 21:a while and nearly suffocated, [21] for the lid shut down on us. The second was that I made myAutobiography, 150:wind had awakened me and I jumped out of bed to shut the window and bumped into him. This, comingAutobiography, 215:free themselves earlier and keep their mouths shut, and the average mother knows nothing about herDiscipleship1, 120:also true. The radiation of others can be also shut off and hence your inability to registerDiscipleship1, 231:an ivory door. Three gates, but only two are shut. Pass on, oh pilgrim on the Way, and find theDiscipleship1, 287:love of beauty and the sense of inner reality shut you away from the world of practical life,Discipleship1, 323:light of that minor ray (in itself, divine) can shut out the full radiance of your soul. Study allDiscipleship1, 324:open a door for you that has hitherto remained shut. Discipleship1, 361:the power to resist and the capacity to shut off the outer from the inner worlds of expression.Discipleship1, 491:this condition? A light that shines in a closely shut lantern may serve to irradiate the innerDiscipleship1, 511:own thoughts so that the light of his soul is shut out; he sees things in wrong proportion and theDiscipleship1, 562:the need of those you daily meet. Then serve. Shut the door upon each thought of self, and uponDiscipleship1, 562:which may be engendered by your group brothers; shut them also upon those devotional aspirationsDiscipleship1, 692:they do, they limit their effectiveness and shut the door on supply, not only for themselves butDiscipleship1, 737:world needs you." So many disciples are still shut up within themselves, hidden behind the wall ofDiscipleship2, 25:energies can be contacted which are otherwise shut off; and through that door approaches can beDiscipleship2, 528:their loyalty and obedience, nor does he shut the door to other aspects of truth, as you have done.Education, 134:It should be remembered that the door will be shut for some time as yet upon the animal kingdom,Externalisation, 106:attitudes and that the chaos and clamor does not shut out response to the voice of the soul whichExternalisation, 498:this living energy of substance itself, hitherto shut up within the atom and imprisoned in theseFire, 29:the lower four, and like a black and evil cloud shut out the light of day. The higher three wereFire, 841:circle are opening, but the middle petal is yet shut. The middle tier also shows no signs ofFire, 853:the Atlantean root-race until the door was shut. Egos who have "come-in" from the moon chain andGlamour, 234:speaking, the "searchlight of the soul is shut off." This is the Act of Withdrawal. 10. The OM isGlamour, 239:the astral plane. The searchlight of the soul is shut off. The sounding of the OM individually andHealing, 71:worry and irritation prevent true vision. They shut out the view. The man who is the victim ofHealing, 81:in the following terms: Closed, still and shut, and yet with signs of life, silent and full of deepHerculescycle, the Gates are opened and the Gates are shut. The Sons of God, who are the sons of men, marchHercules, 74:forego all interest in psychic phenomena, and to shut out as steadily as they can the astral planeHercules, 151:and if I have no form, none of my five senses, I shut off from myself God in one form. TheIntellect, 130:that he could close out all outer concepts and shut the door entirely on the phenomenal world. WeIntellect, 131:All manner of feeling must be, for the time, shut off. Petty annoyances and the like, along withIntellect, 134:The world in which man usually functions is shut off, yet he preserves at the same time an intenseIntellect, 142:the door into the soul-realm seems suddenly to shut. But assurance has been gained; a glimpse ofIntellect, 218:we are doing; let us keep our books and papers shut away from people, and not litter up the familyIntellect, 221:and he finds very often that he is unable to shut out sounds and sights which he has learned toIntellect, 221:- also makes an impact he is helpless; he cannot shut his eyes and remove himself from undesirableMagic, 223:for him by the serpent of illusion, but let him shut his eyes to the colorful tracery upon itsMagic, 229:These confine him to the three worlds and shut the door which opens on to life. On the other path,Magic, 325:the setting loose of fresh life forces, hitherto shut out by the crystallizing shells built by man.Magic, 341:obscured, the valley is traversed, and the stars shut out by the fog, so in connection with groupsMagic, 370:must aim. Some people are happy because they shut their eyes to truth, or are self-hypnotized,Magic, 382:will no longer lead astray nor will the mind shut out that which is true and spiritual, but the GodMagic, 472:blindly constructed and which will indeed shut out the light of day, darken his world, and imprisonMagic, 473:upon the stormy seas of life engulf the swimmer, shut out the sun and render all plans futile.Magic, 477:the clouds of thought-forms which at this time shut out the clear light of God. The subject is tooMagic, 484:it attention until it is so large that it will shut out reality from him, or it will be so dynamicMeditation, 134:the concrete mind and permits it continuously to shut out the higher, is in danger of straying onMeditation, 182:of involutionary lives) were separated and shut off from each other. Temporarily the whole scale ofMeditation, 258:being that hide from us our inner God, and that shut us off from Those in Whom the God transcendsMeditation, 271:but must remain where he can be automatically shut off. But gradually he purifies himself stillMeditation, 276:according to the ability of the student to shut off the lower and contact the higher, so will comePatanjali, 9:that uncontrolled desire and an unregulated mind shut off the light of the soul and negatePatanjali, 165:the mental, astral and physical worlds no longer shut him away from the realities or from the truePatanjali, 261:the door into the soul-realm seems suddenly to shut. But assurance has been gained; a glimpse ofPatanjali, 281:and center it on the mental. At will he can "shut off the light and when that is the caseProblems, 72:with beauty, luxury and possessions and shut their eyes to the poverty, stark unhappiness, lack ofProblems, 124:cloud between the churches and God; they have shut out the true vision of God's love, and it is toPsychology1, 84:each to each. Yet still the temple door stayed shut. As time went on, the sounds of life werePsychology1, 84:heard. The door was opened, and the door was shut. Each time it opened, the power within the templePsychology2, 128:theories block the way to true expression and shut the door on real comprehension. The mind elementPsychology2, 486:The world of physical and tangible values is shut out; the mental world is equally shut out. IPsychology2, 486:values is shut out; the mental world is equally shut out. I would ask you to ponder on thisPsychology2, 498:thus open doors which it might be well to leave shut until they can be more safely opened. ThePsychology2, 588:the astral plane stands wide open? He seeks to shut it and to function normally; he distrusts andPsychology2, 615:insulated in their personalities that they are shut off, in many cases, from group stimulation,Psychology2, 618:suffer less than many for they know how to shut off these directed streams of force and how toRays, 73:which is only to be perceived when the door is shut behind the initiate. That light is itselfRays, 595:demonstrates at this time to be separate and to shut the Russian people away from world contact,Rays, 754:lust" was partially closed, but not entirely shut; its final closing and sealing is not yetRays, 754:door upon this worst and yet secondary evil and shut it in its own place. There is enough for
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