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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIDE

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Fire, 866:This fact is used by Those Who work on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This itFire, 903:for they are the mother aspect, the feminine side of manifestation, and the easy path for them isFire, 909:men learn, and all that those upon the inner side are permitted to do is to give a hint or anFire, 934:builders are pondered upon, and if the esoteric side of Masonry is carefully and persistentlyFire, 946:where he has intelligently put himself on the side of evolution, or of God. Prior to that he may,Fire, 981:of those entities who are contacted on the other side of the veil. But only he who has learned toFire, 981:to the ears of those who stand on the other side, and those who seek to utilize the formulae andFire, 987:white magician, as is well known, works on the side of evolution or in connection with the Path ofFire, 988:though they [988] are occupied with the material side of manifestation and the Brother of Light isFire, 994:becomes (unwittingly at first), an agent on the side of evil. It will be apparent, therefore, thatFire, 1004:knowledge is safe, for the Ego ever works on the side of law and righteousness, and the words beingFire, 1047:logoic centers when the subjective or force side of existence is contemplated. The three permanentFire, 1047:three permanent atoms if the purely objective side is in question. A cyclic pulsation, which is theFire, 1056:two planets which lie nearest to it on either side - nearer and farther away from the Sun. TheFire, 1093:countless streams of deva monads: fire on every side - a network of fiery rivers of living energy,Fire, 1096:we have the clue to much of the puzzling side of manifestation, to the cruelty and death, theFire, 1135:of these Aspects as responded to from the side of Matter. These are not, of course, due to theFire, 1151:force. When this becomes apparent on the inner side, some advanced disciple puts the energy of thatFire, 1235:put them in conscious touch with the subjective side of manifestation and to put into their handsFire, 1236:produced through the operation of the subjective side of nature (that alone which the occultistFire, 1236:student is engaged in studying the subjective side of life, and is occupied with the forces whichFire, 1247:it can be seen two pillars on either side of a closed door. Quality gained - Luminosity. Fire, 1249:the physical plane as well as on the subjective side of nature. This produces necessarily theFire, 1252:two produced results in the objective or form side and the subjective or consciousness aspect ofFire, 1253:and are primarily concerned with the subjective side of life they are connected with that center inFire, 1257:a condition of complete negation where the form side of manifestation is concerned and an entireFire, 1265:plane of the system, on the subjective or inner side, and it corresponds in an occult sense to theFire, 1267:note of red enter the scale upon the right hand side. From thence they pass upon a path which dimlyFire, 1268:has... the door is seen ajar, and from its other side a voice is heard to say: "Son of Compassion,Fire, 1269:Path He earlier left behind, and from the other side remounts the Dragon's crest. Himself a dragon,Fire, 1276:They descend sometimes upon the right hand side and sometimes upon the left. The Energies are fiveFire, 1277:find the Path which lieth upon the further side of the scales. * * * These Words of high directionGlamour, 49:authority to which we, the teachers on the inner side, respond is twofold in nature, and to it youGlamour, 70:and come and go, we the Teachers on the inner side; and in that fog - seeing all things misshapenGlamour, 160:of your influence, desire and pressure on the side of the Group Angel. In this way there mightGlamour, 163:weight of their effort and aspiration on to the side of the Angel, thus restoring the lost balanceGlamour, 265:delusion. Agelong identification with the form side of life is not easily overcome and the taskHealing, 28:in man's inner bodies and in the subjective side of nature itself. The major primary causes, as IHealing, 29:of incarnating souls. Again, on the subjective side of life, the process is repeated, but many haveHealing, 36:to demonstrate increasingly. Seen from the inner side where time is not, the human creatureHealing, 123:on this. The adjustment has to come from the side of those influenced, and not from the disciple. Healing, 124:remarked above, have to be made from the other side, with the disciple standing ready to cooperateHealing, 164:three parts is also triple from the physical side, making the analogy of the three parts of man'sHealing, 168:the effort needed to master the technical side of healing. It is so much easier to fall back onHealing, 168:treatise will deal somewhat with the academic side. After all, the facts given are facts inHealing, 254:this one medical and remedial work will proceed side by side and in the fullest cooperation.Healing, 254:medical and remedial work will proceed side by side and in the fullest cooperation. Neither groupHealing, 269:and a truly cooperative relation on either side. The process of assimilation will be slow, for theHealing, 271:of modern medical science, nor am I [271] on the side of those groups of people who run down andHealing, 363:amount of investigation carried forward on every side, is the physical plane guarantee. This greatHealing, 367:seem to think that we, the teachers on the inner side, have read every book that may be written,Healing, 375:that is of interest to the teachers on the inner side of life, and the production of a network ofHealing, 376:It is the thought of those on the other side, and their ability to project [377] thought-forms ofHealing, 377:preoccupied with the tangible instrument on this side of the veil that they neglect the factor ofHealing, 377:of what must be contributed from the other side by those who have passed over. The work will beHealing, 377:by ignorant mediums or by those who on the other side have no more understanding of the laws ofHealing, 392:this is not so, for the man finds on the other side of the veil those whom he knows and who haveHealing, 416:in view of demonstrating perfectly the love side of His nature. Back of this design lies a yet moreHealing, 424:but see the etheric world as Those on the inner side of life experience and see it, you would seeHealing, 440:begin to control our passing over to the other side, and to understand somewhat the technique ofHealing, 446:and for those few who live for the material side only, there eventuates that condition which weHealing, 459:Detach thyself therefore from the form side and come to Me, so dwelling in the place where LightHealing, 495:point must also be considered. On the inner side, men know that the Law of Rebirth governs theHealing, 587:for what we know to be evil is also the reverse side of that which we call good. Shall we belittleHealing, 655:consequently find it necessary to stand at that side of the patient in which the trouble isHealing, 656:vitality is strong, he [656] should lie on the side, and the healer should stand behind the patientHealing, 688:invocative powers. There is, however, another side to the picture; this involves the skill inHealing, 704:possible - should lie on his back, or on his side so that centers up the spine are turned towardsHercules, 44:the bird of the sun which has conquered the dark side of Scorpio (that adversary that can drag manHercules, 58:Presiding One, gave him an apple and upon its side, inscribed in light, was writ the golden word ofHercules, 73:the veil, they become engrossed with the lower side of spiritualism and pass much time in theHercules, 77:the Lord, spoke to the Teacher, standing by his side: "Where is the son of man who is the son ofHercules, 77:and yet a test which will awaken, on the inner side of life, the fulness of his wisdom and theHercules, 96:which ravages the land lying upon the further side of the fifth Gate. The people of this ravagedHercules, 96:ear, responded to the need. Upon the nearer side of the great Gate which guarded firm the countryHercules, 98:the narrow way that ran athwart the mountain side. Suddenly, upon a cave he came and from the caveHercules, 134:The scales of Libra are easily tipped on either side, but the mid-point on which the balance restsHercules, 148:purified, it may be seen as the obverse side of love. Desire for power. During the past few hundredHercules, 159:infinite Christ; that the personality, the form side, was nurturing a beautiful hidden something,Hercules, 162:flying straight for my home"; looking the other side and seeing Cygnus, the swan, with its fourHercules, 169:a trickling stream of blood flowed from his side. The man uplifted his manacled hands and cried outHercules, 169:vision faded. Hercules stood, as before, at the side of his guide. "The shackled one whom you haveHercules, 170:ferryman, that he might take them to the other side. The somber visitor from earth affrightedHercules, 172:we no longer identify ourselves with the form side of existence but become identified with theHercules, 178:out. So you have desire in the center, on one side you have sensation typifying all impacts, and onHercules, 178:typifying all impacts, and on the other side the third head of good intentions not thought through,Hercules, 196:it, and struck the monster squarely in the side. With such great impetus had it been shot that allHercules, 203:The message that comes to them from the inner side is couched in the symbolic words, "What I tellHercules, 211:activities are directed toward the material side of life; later, toward the spiritual. PolarInitiation, 11:with the building and developing of the form side of things. Therefore it concerns the materialInitiation, 11:of things. Therefore it concerns the material side of evolution, matter in the solar systems, inInitiation, 11:other from life to life. It deals with the life side of evolution. Since it deals with the essenceInitiation, 12:of Ignorance the form controls, and the material side of things has the predominance. Man is thereInitiation, 35:just passed was a recrudescence of it. On every side in that World War two groups were to be found,Initiation, 63:of a man when he definitely sets himself on the side of the forces of evolution, and works at theInitiation, 71:he is. A disciple realizes the life or force side of nature, and to him the form makes no appeal.Initiation, 72:to be acknowledged as one with him on the life side, and yet separate from him where desires andInitiation, 79:This fact is used by those who work on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This itInitiation, 83:things, but the note they sound should be on the side of righteousness; the recognition of theirInitiation, 111:two initiations, two Masters stand, one on each side of the applicant, within the triangle; at the
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