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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGHT

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Astrology, 105:fade out. Just as the personality is lost sight of in the light of the soul, the solar Angel, soAstrology, 132:the personality or form side of life is lost to sight in the radiance of the Sun, the soul. TheAstrology, 300:This may not be apparent to you at first sight and I may not further expand these suggestions, butAstrology, 317:the real beauty of the theme have been lost to sight. Cancer is one point of the watery triplicity,Astrology, 381:wheel. Blindness - leading eventually to sight. Darkness - leading finally to light. Death -Astrology, 397:give place to vision and the right focus of the sight and this will finally dispel theAstrology, 415:astrological triangles and will refuse to lose sight of the related triple energies, they willAstrology, 422:his "window of vision" becomes clarified and his sight into reality is unimpeded. ObstructionsAstrology, 429:- the eye of mind, of the common sense and of sight. [430] The eye of Shiva - the all-seeing eye,Astrology, 430:terms of illumination and knowledge, in terms of sight and of the entrance of light, thus leadingAstrology, 623:The keynotes of illumination, of vision, of sight or of spiritual perception and of the fusion ofAstrology, 663:II, 31) "Mercury heals the blind and restores sight, mental and physical." (Vol. II, 571) "MercuryAtom, 55:the most vital part of the concept is lost sight of, and we must look elsewhere for a truerAtom, 107:The third sense which seems to awaken is that of sight. I do not mean by this that a baby cannotAtom, 107:paramount, or major senses, hearing, touch, and sight, you have a very interesting analogy to andAtom, 107:tangibility, through touch, but it is only when sight or conscious recognition comes in that theAtom, 157:reality which may underlie what appears at first sight to be a senseless fable. Anything thatAutobiography, 35:sat down beside me. I was so petrified at the sight of the turban that I could not make a sound orAutobiography, 63:soldier quietly home. They would keep out of sight but dose at hand and the spectacle would then beAutobiography, 67:me." This he most adequately did and the last sight I ever had of him was standing in his pyjamasAutobiography, 74:of them is still my friend although I have lost sight of all the rest during the forty years whichAutobiography, 104:Her name was Mrs. Snyder and she adopted me on sight. She nursed me [105] and petted me and tookAutobiography, 105:for me and, for some reason, she hated the sight of Walter Evans and took pleasure in telling himAutobiography, 129:near the gate of the factory and when I hove in sight they'd start singing, "Nearer my God toAutobiography, 275:secondary occultism have caused people to lose sight of the fact that much of the above, being inBethlehem, 7:to the lives of His followers have been lost to sight in the undue importance attached to certainBethlehem, 7:historical Christ, and thus fighting, have lost sight of His message of love to all beings.Bethlehem, 29:(Phil., III, 10.) Self must be lost to sight in service. Service is rapidly becoming the keynote ofBethlehem, 113:forms of sensitiveness, telepathy, and second-sight, a direct apprehension akin to the artist's ofBethlehem, 149:hand and foot, rich in unthinkable might, Sight without eyes, hearing without ears, Free from allBethlehem, 150:by love, it goes on by living well to arrive at sight also, wherein is unspeakable beauty known toBethlehem, 151:work, so the story runs, and could not bear the sight of so much brilliance. Nevertheless, theyBethlehem, 151:the Apostles at its revelation, let us not lose sight of the fact that He Himself tells us thatBethlehem, 164:hard indeed to see! Even the Gods ever desire a sight of this form! Nor can I be seen thus throughBethlehem, 184:entire constellation is enveloped and lost to sight in the radiant glory of the sun. AboutBethlehem, 223:"When I... turned from that world-appealing sight, Christ crucified for us, to look upon life'sBethlehem, 245:ladder, and His humanity was lost to sight in the divinity which He expressed. He had that whichBethlehem, 252:is that Whole which matters to us, and we lose sight of our personal selves. The resurrectionBethlehem, 263:stage of individualism; we have temporarily lost sight of the deeper truths, the mystical values,Bethlehem, 281:of those men and women everywhere who have lost sight of their own individual salvation and hope ofDestiny, 49:objectives and tasks. This must never be lost to sight. Much could be written about the historicalDiscipleship1, 9:in the groups and the individual groups lose sight of their own identities in an effort to makeDiscipleship1, 40:with the inner source of power. 2. Never lose sight of the group objective. [41] 3. Cultivate theDiscipleship1, 43:and the individual groups of disciples lose sight of their own identities in an effort to make thisDiscipleship1, 56:so strong in some one direction that he may lose sight for a moment of the synthetic point of viewDiscipleship1, 60:working) the attainment of the capacity to lose sight of everything except the work to be done andDiscipleship1, 62:of my heart be always acceptable in thy sight, Oh Soul, my Lord and my Redeemer." [63] Discipleship1, 124:striving. But I have not. You have to lose sight of the far-off spiritual possibility in theDiscipleship1, 199:must advance by touching, but that those with sight move by seeing, and by keeping free andDiscipleship1, 199:by keeping free and unattached, why then, having sight, do I not walk more definitely in the light?Discipleship1, 224:call your attention; the way, the presence and sight. My blessing rests upon you at all times. Discipleship1, 224:brother of mine, the personality must be lost to sight in the "glory of the One." [225] Need IDiscipleship1, 236:which you can follow or not as you choose. Lose sight of yourself in loving other people and feedDiscipleship1, 246:away from you. Do you lead them now to lose sight of you in the vision of their own souls? [247]Discipleship1, 253:with others and then the final losing sight of the little self. See, however, that in this case,Discipleship1, 303:the door but remains there, hiding the door from sight. Picture then yourself as standing beforeDiscipleship1, 363:See that you, therefore, do three things: Lose sight of yourself. Your constant inner habit ofDiscipleship1, 363:indicated to you. For a time, my brother, lose sight of the time process as a whole and for threeDiscipleship1, 363:You can give that which is needed, if you lose sight of yourself and can teach yourself to workDiscipleship1, 366:The peace of God is only [366] found in losing sight of self and seeing naught but that which mustDiscipleship1, 391:with meticulous care and so sometimes lose sight of the synthesis of the whole. The questions are:Discipleship1, 399:and by keeping hold, but that those with sight move by seeing and by keeping free and unattached,Discipleship1, 399:by keeping free and unattached, why then (having sight) do I close my eyes and hold on, and feel myDiscipleship1, 431:and by keeping hold; but that those with sight, by seeing and by keeping free and unattached; whyDiscipleship1, 431:by keeping free and unattached; why then, having sight, do I close my eyes and hold on and feel myDiscipleship1, 444:must advance by touching but that those with sight move forward by seeing, and by keeping free andDiscipleship1, 444:keeping free and unattached, why, then, having sight, do I close my eyes and fail to observe? WhatDiscipleship1, 492:you have little whereof to complain; that in the sight of world sorrow, your life holds nothingDiscipleship1, 543:true to that which lies revealed unto the inner sight. He patterns true and beauty comes to life.Discipleship1, 551:transcended selfish aspiration and have lost sight of their own progress in the desire to serve.Discipleship1, 564:too valuable and frail to be exposed to others' sight. Keep them within the locked seclusion of thyDiscipleship1, 620:chaos and wreckage, the vision disappears from sight though the fact of its existence persists.Discipleship1, 648:and the vision itself has been lost to sight in accomplishment and identification. You will noteDiscipleship1, 652:forth through me." 6th month - "May I be lost to sight, and only the radiance and the rest reachDiscipleship1, 654:thus struggle is oft forgotten. It is lost to sight in the dramatic picture you have of yourself asDiscipleship1, 658:have great wisdom and can use it, once you lose sight of yourself as a teacher. You do not sufferDiscipleship1, 687:constantly extending vision. The development of sight brought a synthetic aptitude to focus theDiscipleship1, 691:and become Masters themselves and he never loses sight of this objective. You, as disciples, have,Discipleship2, 57:at no time - whilst so occupied - was he to lose sight of the inner orientation and specificDiscipleship2, 267:develop the "initiate hearing" and the "initiate sight." They deal with the six relationships:Discipleship2, 291:his organ of vision? What is the nature of the sight whereby he contacts the seven planes of hisDiscipleship2, 291:man is concerned: 1. The human eye, giving "in-sight" into the phenomenal world, letting in theDiscipleship2, 292:man saw and could focus and direct his course by sight, it marked a stupendous unfoldment and hisDiscipleship2, 292:important a nature as the attaining of physical sight and the use of the physical eye was in theDiscipleship2, 368:is entirely concentrated around the sense of sight, with its consequent effects and results ofDiscipleship2, 566:to form a sequential educational picture: Sight - Vision - Illumination. Action - Plan - Purpose.Discipleship2, 590:purpose I would give you a meditation based on sight and its suitability for your particular needDiscipleship2, 603:that you and all your group brothers must lose sight of the little self in the need and theDiscipleship2, 630:not last indefinitely. Already the end is in sight, and for its termination you must be prepared.Discipleship2, 632:Neophytes expresses it) "the victim of a dual sight. With the right eye he sees a shaded way intoEducation, 66:the problem of the larger Whole, thus losing sight of the little self and discovering the largerEducation, 75:- has consequently been driven within, out of sight, and has hidden itself behind an outer shellExternalisation, 138:suffering and the agony entailed by the sight of suffering might eventually turn this goodwill intoExternalisation, 327:of death on every hand, loss, separation and the sight of untold pain and suffering. Secondly, theExternalisation, 354:The end of tribulation is not yet, but it is in sight. With this thought I leave you. May theExternalisation, 413:goes forth to the initiates of the future: Lose sight of self in group endeavor. Forget the self inExternalisation, 421:and has stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the Leader of HisExternalisation, 568:work) is largely telepathic; hearing and sight, as you understand [569] their uses, are notExternalisation, 607:them. Then the clouds received Him out of their sight. There were none present who could go furtherExternalisation, 687:when again He would walk with Them in the plain sight of humanity. He pictured Them as one with the
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