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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGHT

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Magic, 160:the little form, drown it, and it passes out of sight and out of existence, and the man becomesMagic, 168:count and make its power felt, and he is losing sight of his own interests in those of others. WhenMagic, 204:one individual (be he ever so perfect) is lost sight of in love for the whole brotherhood of men.Magic, 242:with the phenomenon causes us to lose sight of its symbolic significance and to forget that underMagic, 318:accomplished - all is forgiven and all is lost sight of in the desire to aid and to help. ResponseMagic, 325:who keep the inner calm and surety, who lose sight of the foreground of personalities, and bearMagic, 583:it is the capacity to submerge [583] and to lose sight of the personal lower self in the task ofMagic, 632:so. It must be remembered that all work, in the sight of the Great Ones, is of equal importance.Magic, 640:you may so work, and that each of you may lose sight of self in the realization of world need, isMeditation, 36:into satisfaction, and aspiration be merged in sight. The Hierarchy begins to take action and hisMeditation, 151:He meditates upon form until the form is lost sight of, and the creator of the form becomes all inMeditation, 295:then forever he may say that faith is merged in sight, and aspiration has become recognition. [296]Patanjali, 13:are controlling factors. He must not lose sight of the fact that we are [14] dealing with the lowerPatanjali, 68:centers. Clairvoyance. This is the faculty of sight upon the astral plane and is one of the lowerPatanjali, 68:of geometrical symbols, fourth dimensional sight, and those dreams and visions which are the resultPatanjali, 68:the result of mental activity, and not of astral sight. Frequently these visions have a quality ofPatanjali, 68:below, supersede them. These higher forms of sight include the others. Pure vision. This is spokenPatanjali, 69:and the thousand-petalled lotus unfolded. Cosmic sight. This is of a nature inconceivable to manPatanjali, 79:vibration. 5. Concentration upon the palate sight pictures, visions. The aspirant must notPatanjali, 101:organs, forms (subtle or gross) will all be lost sight of and only spirit be known. Both feelingPatanjali, 101:only light will be known; vision will be lost sight of, and the sound or word will alone be heard.Patanjali, 101:forms and the field of knowledge itself are lost sight of, and the knower recognizes himself forPatanjali, 133:plane he has his five senses, hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. [134] 3. The mind, the greatPatanjali, 152:Knowledge The field of knowledge, The Seer Sight That which is seen, The Observer Observation ThatPatanjali, 153:are the six senses; i.e. hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell and the mind, and that these six mustPatanjali, 158:etc., - the rudiment of touch, The element of sight, or that which produces the eye, The element ofPatanjali, 230:or perception through hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. These modes of perception becomePatanjali, 234:and meditation, the higher hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are developed, producingPatanjali, 247:surroundings, and all sounds and sights are lost sight of and the brain is conscious only of thePatanjali, 248:his attention and the form aspect is lost sight of, but still the sense of separateness or ofPatanjali, 249:the process. In contemplation, the yogi loses sight of: His brain consciousness or the physicalPatanjali, 249:or of the lower personal self are lost sight of, and he becomes identified with the soul of thatPatanjali, 261:and is thrown into activity, the vision is lost sight of, the high moment has passed, and the doorPatanjali, 277:and the assumption that the flashes of astral sight which reveal glimpses of the akashic film givePatanjali, 322:and meditation, the higher hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are developed, producingPatanjali, 323:Hearing 2. Astral Touch or feeling 3. Mental Sight 4. Buddhic Taste 5. Atmic Smell A furtherPatanjali, 323:gaseous 2. Touch, feeling 4th first etheric 3. Sight 3rd super-etheric 4. Taste 2nd subatomic 5.Patanjali, 323:Healing. Active service. c. The Third Sense - Sight Physical sight. Clairvoyance. HigherPatanjali, 323:service. c. The Third Sense - Sight Physical sight. Clairvoyance. Higher clairvoyance. DivinePatanjali, 334:Touch The Skin. Plane IV. Air Vision Sight The Eye. Plane V. Fire Discrimination Taste The Tongue.Patanjali, 336:Ether. VI. Astral Taste Astral Light. V. Mental Sight Fire. IV. Buddhic Touch Air. III. AtmicPatanjali, 342:Emotional Taste Solar Plexus Manasic Mental Sight Head Buddhic Intuitional Touch Heart AtmicPatanjali, 351:to those impacts which produce the condition of sight, but fails to respond to those impacts whichPatanjali, 354:eye. There is much to be discovered concerning sight for this study will include not only physicalPatanjali, 354:adepts who have specialized in the science of sight, and the science of sound are some of the mostPatanjali, 355:here. The three senses of hearing, touch and sight are the three characteristics of the three humanPatanjali, 355:plane Skin Response to touch or vibration. 3. Sight Aryan Mental plane Eye Response to vision. ThisPatanjali, 355:no vision the people perish." The development of sight and the achievement of spiritual insight isPatanjali, 366:student. To say that there is a time when sight is lost in vision, when the sum total of lifePatanjali, 405:the object and the mind. Again the seer and the sight, i. e., the mind and the object or thePatanjali, 413:first the case in Lemurian days) the sense of sight was simultaneously developed. As evolutionPsychology1, xix:Higher Self that endeavor will be made to lose sight of self in service - a service to be renderedPsychology1, 132:is responsive to the seven senses: Hearing Touch Sight Taste Smell The mind, the common sense ThePsychology1, 133:2. Touch 1st Ray Destroyer The Finger of God. 3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God. 4. Taste 6thPsychology1, 188:new day, in which you face new opportunity. Lose sight of your own affairs, your petty sorrows,Psychology1, 264:day, the Master disappears. He dies; is lost to sight. But the five great [265] Lords unite theirPsychology1, 314:emerging self-consciousness must be lost to sight in the wonder of the group consciousness of thePsychology1, 326:the secret of translation. Students must lose sight of the foolish and erroneous idea thatPsychology1, 382:objectives and tasks. This must never be lost to sight. Much could be written about the historicalPsychology1, 419:Plane: The Buddhic or Intuitional plane. Sense: Sight. Esoterically, this is the pure reason,Psychology1, 421:2. Touch 1st Ray Destroyer The Finger of God. 3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God. 4. Taste 6thPsychology2, 11:expression of their powers, he will be lost from sight in the assertion of the many. He, today,Psychology2, 100:motive (the avoiding of personal distress at the sight of suffering), and secondly, through pure,Psychology2, 117:service. As the individual aspirants lose sight of self in service, and as they arrive at the stagePsychology2, 135:good of the whole, and self will be lost to sight. Perhaps no better suggestion can be made to thePsychology2, 170:the space before his eyes. He had no scope for sight, - no height, no depth, ho wide extension. HePsychology2, 193:with the inner sources of power; Never lose sight of the group objective, whatever that objectivePsychology2, 221:quality, on the form side, produces physical sight, astral illusion and concrete knowledge. On thePsychology2, 238:Sons of God Who have seen the reality is lost to sight in rituals and ceremonies, which (thoughPsychology2, 239:occupied. Their watchwords are unification and sight. For humanity, these developments will producePsychology2, 353:responsiveness to his environment, he thus loses sight of self and the light breaks in. It is as ifPsychology2, 353:which is revealed to him is the devastating sight of that which he has destroyed. [354] He isPsychology2, 502:in reality, no more than the registering of a sight or experience which was witnessed in the hoursPsychology2, 559:Hearing. Sound. Response to the Word. c. Sight. Seeing. Perspective. The mystical vision. d. TastePsychology2, 560:Physical plane 1. Hearing 2. Touch, feeling 3. Sight 4. Taste 5. Smell 5th - gaseous 4th - firstPsychology2, 189:Healing. Active service. The Third Sense - Sight. Physical sight. Clairvoyance. HigherPsychology2, 189:service. The Third Sense - Sight. Physical sight. Clairvoyance. Higher clairvoyance. Divine vision.Psychology2, 562:as regards other bodies, extraneous to himself. Sight gives him an idea of proportion, and enablesPsychology2, 562:the Self and the not-self begins to work. Sight - The recognition of totality, the synthesis ofPsychology2, 563:unity of all manifestation by the means of sight. Extract 4 Hearing - Beatitude. This is realizedPsychology2, 563:of the work of the Self for the not-self. Sight - Realization. Recognition of the triplicity neededPsychology2, 571:phenomena of that plane, released to his inner sight and hearing through his aspiration. Psychology2, 579:can neither control the phenomena of subtle sight and hearing, nor interpret correctly what he seesPsychology2, 584:telepathy and finally to spiritual knowledge. b. Sight Clairvoyance This leads eventually toPsychology2, 585:Mars. It is spiritual telepathy and knowledge. Sight - is the keynote of the evolution proceedingPsychology2, 588:he distrusts and fears his psychic powers of sight and hearing. There is no one specific or onePsychology2, 608:of evoking the subtler side of the sense of sight. A man can then see etherically and can see thePsychology2, 610:Much of the physical blindness and the poor sight to be found in the world today (unless the resultRays, 11:world. To those of you who have the inner sight and intuitive comprehension comes the opportunityRays, 63:bones and dust and a deep thirst which naught in sight could satisfy." Yet to the initiateRays, 86:it to be wrought by men. Men have seen, and that sight will never be forgotten, and the horror thusRays, 287:physical vehicle. They know likewise that the sight to be cultivated is the power to see the beautyRays, 297:human evolution in this planetary cycle is sight, culminating in that spiritual perception which isRays, 297:disciple. The greatest physical gift is that of sight, and it is the same upon a higher turn of theRays, 297:has achieved a measure of vision and is "in sight" of his goal, he [298] can then be admitted to anRays, 299:Rules For Group Initiation When, therefore, sight has been attained and the light streams forth,Rays, 300:of many, for in these days many are attaining sight and light is pouring in. Revelation will comeRays, 302:grasp opportunity. What now appears? A horrid sight, O Master of my life. I like it not. It is notRays, 302:Is it and can it be my self? What dawns upon thy sight as thou standest on the Way, O worn andRays, 302:Path comes to an end. The Way stretches before. Sight is attained, and in the light reality
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