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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGN

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Astrology, 192:been developed, tested and found true in the sign Scorpio, begins to wane in its activity and theAstrology, 192:to take its place. This is essential before the sign Capricorn is entered by the disciple andAstrology, 193:quote to you the two keywords [193] of this sign, both as it proceeds upon the ordinary wheel andAstrology, 193:Scorpion We come now to the consideration of a sign which is of paramount importance in the life ofAstrology, 193:the expression of the energy of one Cardinal sign and of three signs which form part of the FixedAstrology, 194:aspect, that of active intelligence. In that sign the highest function of matter is symbolized. TheAstrology, 196:of the Zodiacal Constellations Leo is the sign wherein the consciousness of individuality isAstrology, 200:rules and when our sun is passing through that sign of the [201] zodiac. Hence the immenseAstrology, 202:study of the spiritual implications of the sign Scorpio and of its function in providing "points ofAstrology, 203:the man may find himself passing into this sign for testing and experience nine times. The fact ofAstrology, 203:purpose of the three decanates into which each sign is divided - a point upon which I shall hope toAstrology, 204:achieved by Hercules, the Sun-God, in this sign. It is interesting to note that each of the greatAstrology, 205:of divinity; the problem of the initiate in this sign is voiced by Christ in the words, "Father,Astrology, 206:the Zodiacal Constellations The keynotes of this sign are, therefore, test, trial and triumph. TheyAstrology, 208:of the experience in Scorpio. It is in this sign that the prodigal son comes to himself, and havingAstrology, 209:a consideration of the Rulers which govern the sign, Scorpio. Their influence is potent in theAstrology, 210:first of all as the orthodox ruler in Aries, the sign in which the first move is made towardsAstrology, 214:A study of the processes of death as the sign Scorpio conditions them and the processes of death asAstrology, 214:of death as we see them working out in the sign Pisces would be of very real value. Death throughAstrology, 217:is therefore clear, for Cancer is the sign of birth; it is the door into incarnation and the signAstrology, 217:birth; it is the door into incarnation and the sign of generation. Scorpio is the sign of sex andAstrology, 217:and the sign of generation. Scorpio is the sign of sex and of regeneration, and birth is ever theAstrology, 221:some aspect or other of his nature are: Planet Sign Ray School 1. Venus Taurus 5th Orthodox 2.Astrology, 223:of the man upon that Cross (no matter in what sign his sun may temporarily find position), is everAstrology, 224:Constellations The place of the planets in this sign is also most revealing, and in line also withAstrology, 224:Scorpio; the power of Venus is lessened in this sign, whilst the Moon falls. What do these factsAstrology, 225:for this reason, Uranus is exalted in this sign and assumes a position of power and of directedAstrology, 225:intelligent mind, has its power lessened in this sign because the intellect - having been developedAstrology, 226:truth because a new planet is arising in this sign and it is for man to discover and rightly placeAstrology, 226:of the Great Wheel. The keywords of this sign are significant and illuminating. Deception andAstrology, 226:and peace - such are the hidden secrets of this sign and these are summed up for all disciples inAstrology, 226:Zodiacal Constellations Libra, the Balance The sign Libra is one of peculiar interest, but in aAstrology, 227:of disciples or those nearing the Path. It is a sign of balancing, of careful weighing of values,Astrology, 227:pairs of opposites. It might be regarded as the sign in which the first real vision of the PathAstrology, 227:analytical faculty of the mind. It is also the sign of intuitive perception and, on the ordinaryAstrology, 227:way the scales shall fall so that in the next sign certain designed results will occur. TheAstrology, 229:pairs of opposites. Hence the importance of this sign in the life expression of the man and henceAstrology, 229:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations This sign is sometimes called "the place of judgment" for itAstrology, 230:In this world period we have the division of the sign of the Sphinx into two signs (the Lion andAstrology, 231:will take place and Virgo-Libra will form one sign, for then man's sense of antagonistic dualismAstrology, 231:the zodiac again; Aries and Pisces will form one sign, for "the end is as the beginning." This dualAstrology, 231:end is as the beginning." This dual and blended sign is called in some of the ancient books "theAstrology, 231:sign is called in some of the ancient books "the sign of the Fish with the head of the Ram." WeAstrology, 238:first instance in mid-Atlantean days and in the sign Libra. The major conflict of this present,Astrology, 241:say more than what I have said. Libra is an air sign; there are three air signs in the zodiac andAstrology, 242:two of importance. One group fused or made one sign out of Leo-Virgo and perpetuated their beliefAstrology, 243:instructive to study the rulers of this sign. From the angle of orthodox astrology, Venus rulesAstrology, 243:- Uranus rules. Saturn is the ruler in this sign of that stupendous Creative Hierarchy which is oneAstrology, 243:will emerge with clarity if this is done. This sign is consequently closely connected with theAstrology, 243:of the Godhead and hence it is a governing sign and a major conditioning factor where Law, Sex andAstrology, 244:aspect of will or power expresses itself in this sign as Law, as legislation, legality, justice;Astrology, 245:be traced throughout the zodiacal path from sign to sign, and thus the history of humanity can beAstrology, 245:traced throughout the zodiacal path from sign to sign, and thus the history of humanity can be seenAstrology, 246:ruler and is of supreme importance in this sign for the seventh ray works through this planet andAstrology, 248:the effect of the energy pouring through the sign (via the ruling planets) to man is at its highestAstrology, 248:and consciously under the influence of the sign of the zodiac. But in Libra there is no such pointAstrology, 249:do this, can be seen in H. P. Blavatsky. In this sign, Saturn is exalted for - at the point ofAstrology, 250:power of Mars is lessened in Libra; this is the sign of interlude and Mars is temporarilyAstrology, 250:is turning for the man. The Sun "falls" in this sign because again neither the personality nor theAstrology, 250:significance of the place of the planets in this sign will emerge clearly in your consciousnessAstrology, 250:in your mind. The characteristics of this sign are not easy to define or comprehend because theyAstrology, 250:that his characteristics and qualities in this sign are: Balance of the Opposites in LibraAstrology, 251:is equipped. The rulers of the decanates in this sign are again dual in their presentation byAstrology, 251:which we shall consider when we study that sign of the zodiac, which is our next undertaking. TheAstrology, 251:next undertaking. The words or keynotes of this sign are so dear and plain that any elucidation ofAstrology, 251:Zodiacal Constellations Virgo, the Virgin The sign Virgo is one of the most significant in theAstrology, 252:no clearer or more adequate definition of this sign than that; I would have you bear it in mindAstrology, 252:mind throughout our discussion upon this sixth sign of the zodiac (or the seventh if one is notAstrology, 254:which the Christ must find expression. The sign of Virgo itself stands for a synthesis of theseAstrology, 254:are brought to the needed perfection in Leo, the sign of the individual, developedAstrology, 256:must be brought to the birth. Another sign of the zodiac which is also closely related to theAstrology, 256:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. This is the sixth sign and of it the six-pointed star is the ancientAstrology, 260:for - counting from Virgo to Aquarius, the sign into which we are now entering - we find that thereAstrology, 263:the Zodiacal Constellations The rulers of this sign are three in number: Mercury - This is theAstrology, 268:upon my words) why we are progressing into a sign wherein the ranks of initiates will be greatlyAstrology, 271:degree. As I earlier pointed out to you, the sign Virgo is related to nine constellations and inAstrology, 271:both prophecy and guarantee. That which this sign veils and hides is potentially responsive to nineAstrology, 272:spirit and matter. Gemini is definitely a sign of duality and signifies the relation of these twoAstrology, 272:it dominates is "the Word made Flesh." It is the sign wherein the Christ demonstrates His controlAstrology, 273:are with the logoic Quaternary. It is in this sign also that the Moon in its own right of antiquityAstrology, 275:is outstandingly symbolic. It precedes Leo, the sign of individuality and of self-conscious effort,Astrology, 278:during the month in which the Sun is in the sign Sagittarius. Astrology, 279:and two of the Cardinal Cross pour into the sign Virgo in relative degrees and potencies indicatesAstrology, 279:indicates the fundamental importance of this "sign of reception" as it is called. All nine energiesAstrology, 281:Savior Hidden Master Hidden Server In this sign, Virgo, the place and the mode of expression of theAstrology, 281:to understand. Mercury is exalted in this sign because the mother is necessarily ruled by her son,Astrology, 281:pure love-wisdom, falls into generation in this sign and occultly "descends to earth" and standsAstrology, 282:the astrological fact that Venus falls in this sign; esoterically, she disappears from view andAstrology, 282:is naturally rendered more impotent in this sign and simultaneously his "power is lessened," forAstrology, 282:devotion and desire give place in this powerful sign to the natural processes of form productionAstrology, 282:of power which take place within any zodiacal sign; the whole problem must be viewed in a largeAstrology, 283:the reverse direction. The disciple enters the sign under the influence of that decanate which isAstrology, 283:speaking, the mass of men would pass through the sign via Venus, Mercury and Saturn, for theAstrology, 284:"door is not open." Again, the keynotes of this sign convey their meaning clearly and there is noAstrology, 286:birth has not been accurately ascertained. This sign, Leo, is the fifth sign of the zodiac whichAstrology, 286:ascertained. This sign, Leo, is the fifth sign of the zodiac which indicates that it is part of theAstrology, 286:links Leo consequently with Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, for it is the processes ofAstrology, 286:Upon the reversed wheel, this is the eighth sign, the sign of the Christ and of the indwellingAstrology, 286:the reversed wheel, this is the eighth sign, the sign of the Christ and of the indwelling Reality;Astrology, 286:significance links Leo with Scorpio (the eighth sign of the zodiac) in an effective manner and you
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