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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGN

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Hercules, 86:the waters and the tides. Therefore, in this sign the form is dominant, and constitutes a handicap.Hercules, 86:it upon its back, and people born in this sign are always conscious of that which they have built;Hercules, 87:of the cardinal cross. One arm is Aries, the sign of beginning, of commencement, of subjectiveHercules, 87:or brilliant star, because Cancer is a sign of hiding, of retreat behind that which has beenHercules, 87:times.) There are eighty-three stars in this sign, the brightest of which is of the thirdHercules, 88:reasons why this is always regarded as a mass sign. In the mass, instinct rules; therefore, CancerHercules, 88:mass, instinct rules; therefore, Cancer is the sign of instinct, of herd life, of mass reaction. ItHercules, 88:the aspirant who is performing the labor of this sign, is subjected to the urge to lift himself upHercules, 88:which will enable him so to rise. This sign is sometimes called "the coffin", by the Hebrews,Hercules, 89:was born in a manger. The manger is found in the sign of the summer solstice, the constellationHercules, 89:the other gate of the sun. Capricorn was the sign from which sungods were said to the born at theHercules, 89:- Part 2 Symbols The astrological symbol for the sign Cancer has no relation at all to the crab. ItHercules, 89:she rode to Egypt, after the birth. Close to the sign Cancer are two bright stars, one calledHercules, 90:minds of people with Christ. Connected with the sign Cancer are three constellations: Ursa Major,Hercules, 91:influence of the work carried forward in the sign Cancer, and in the symbolism of the north star weHercules, 92:various constellations covered by this immense sign, that instinct demonstrates as intellect in aHercules, 100:Hercules - Labor V The Number Five In the fifth sign, Leo, Hercules performs that one of his laborsHercules, 101:body came into being. In Cancer, which is the sign of physical birth and of the identification ofHercules, 101:aware of himself as the Self. It is in this sign that we begin to use the words, "I" and "my", andHercules, 102:he will demonstrate in Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo. He will then be the man with a universalHercules, 102:Commandment to the fifth labor and the fifth sign thus becomes apparent. "Honor thy father and thyHercules, 102:soul or the Self. Just, however, as this is the sign wherein man recognizes himself as theHercules, 102:wherein he acquires knowledge, so it is the sign wherein the self-conscious man begins his trainingHercules, 102:his training for initiation. It is in this sign that we have the last of the tests on theHercules, 102:on the probationary path. When the labor of this sign ends, definite training for initiation inHercules, 103:of Hercules - Labor V The Field of the Labor The sign Leo is one of the four arms of the fixedHercules, 104:Hercules, therefore, was the problem of the sign; the crucifixion of the lower self and theHercules, 105:linking it up with the great happenings in the sign, Leo. The ninety-five stars in thisHercules, 105:called Hydra, the serpent, associated with the sign Leo. We find also Crater, the cup, and Corvus,Hercules, 106:and of the six days of creation. In the sixth sign, Virgo, we have the completed form. We are toldHercules, 107:to note that in Aquarius, the consummating sign to Leo, we find Cygnus, the swan, the symbol of theHercules, 107:constellations are pictured as forming one great sign, for the lion is seen treading on theHercules, 115:bears the Child in her arms. And it is in this sign that the Christ consciousness is conceived andHercules, 115:gestation until at last in Pisces, the opposite sign, the world savior is born. As in Leo, this isHercules, 115:"slow, yet powerful crises". It is a synthetic sign. On this point the Tibetan says: "The symbologyHercules, 115:to the fact that we are now entering the eighth sign from Virgo, in other words, the next signHercules, 115:eighth sign from Virgo, in other words, the next sign before that in which the Child is brought toHercules, 115:that in which the Child is brought to birth, the sign which will see many take initiation. It is toHercules, 115:and for those born in Virgo, or having that sign on the ascendant (the eastern point of the chart,Hercules, 115:it has a triple symbol, which only one other sign, Scorpio, has. This is significant, implying thatHercules, 118:a choice for good or evil before the native of a sign, depending on his status of evolution and theHercules, 118:for Virgo is to negate the whole purpose of the sign, for it is said that "the Christ is to her theHercules, 119:Christ life. It is meaningful that this sixth sign, the number of physical plane activity, isHercules, 119:of beasts. The native attains finally in that sign the rounded-out personality. But in Virgo, theHercules, 120:redeem it. All this is implicit in the sign of the Virgin and its labor. In The Secret Doctrine isHercules, 120:a clear statement of the whole message of this sign: "Matter is the vehicle for the manifestationHercules, 121:the arms of the mutable cross, with its opposite sign of Pisces, and the airy Gemini and fieryHercules, 122:Christ". [122] The three rulers of the sign Virgo definitely relate it to eight other signs, as hasHercules, 122:as has been noted, making it the outstanding sign of synthesis. Including Virgo itself, we haveHercules, 122:"as above so below". The orthodox ruler of the sign is Mercury, "the versatile energy of the son ofHercules, 122:disciple (counter-clockwise) he will enter the sign through the influence of Venus, while theHercules, 123:of Hercules - Labor VI Significance of the Sign and its Polar Opposite In the Mermaid, the fishHercules, 123:of the at-one-ment of Virgo with its opposite sign Pisces. Always there is the duality, inherent inHercules, 123:eight energies play through Virgo, that it is a sign of synthesis, Rudhyar states thatHercules, 124:are clearly indicated in the keynotes of the sign: On the ordinary wheel the command goes forth inHercules, 125:the seventh Gate. The power of the seventh sign passed through him. He knew not that he faced aHercules, 127:difficult signs to understand. It is the first sign that has neither a human nor an animal symbol,Hercules, 128:evolved man enters into the Libra test from the sign of Virgo, with the Christ consciousnessHercules, 128:At this point we begin to see why, in this quiet sign, we meet with the problems of sex and money,Hercules, 129:think they then know France. And in this stately sign of balance and justice and the law we findHercules, 134:this is natural, since Venus rules the zodiacal sign. The hard, driving thrust of modern life isHercules, 135:- Labor VII The Rulers of Libra and Its Opposite Sign The opposite sign of Libra, with whichHercules, 135:of Libra and Its Opposite Sign The opposite sign of Libra, with which at-one-ment must be made, isHercules, 135:ruler of Libra is Uranus, and Saturn in this sign is the ruler of that "stupendous creativeHercules, 135:of the Godhead and hence it is a governing sign and a major determining factor where law, sex andHercules, 137:and adaptability: Libra at-one with its opposite sign, Aries.) The Constellations and the StarsHercules, 138:in Libra, called the open door to Shamballa, the sign in which there is found "the narrow,Hercules, 139:and illumination comes... Libra is an air sign and is on the cardinal cross which will govern theHercules, 139:Again the mystery veils so that we find the sign difficult to understand. But the keynotes of theHercules, 139:difficult to understand. But the keynotes of the sign are clear and plain: they speak straight toHercules, 143:of opposites are to be at-oned in this great sign, an advanced sign of the integrated, consciousHercules, 143:to be at-oned in this great sign, an advanced sign of the integrated, conscious disciple; not aHercules, 151:selfish ends. To sum up the whole story, in the sign Scorpio, the Self is determined to kill theHercules, 152:various aspects of the personality. Scorpio, the Sign of Magic Magic does not mean doing curiousHercules, 152:utilizing the personality. Why is Scorpio the sign of magic? An ancient book says: "Virgo is theHercules, 153:Taurus, which is the opposite of Scorpio, is the sign of desire expressed predominantly on theHercules, 153:States and the arrow of Sagittarius, the next sign, is also dominant in the seal of the UnitedHercules, 153:are three constellations connected with this sign which are tremendously interesting. First, thereHercules, 157:We have already dealt with the stupendous sign Scorpio, in which Hercules demonstrated to himselfHercules, 157:Sagittarius is such a tremendously important sign I want to give you a brief resumé of what hasHercules, 158:the aspirant, and what he has done in each sign. In Aries, Hercules began on the plane of the mindHercules, 158:Then Hercules passed into that difficult sign Leo, where so many now are, and became a veryHercules, 159:stage of achieving equilibrium, a very abstruse sign in many ways because the man is neither theHercules, 159:conscious of the soul, determined to enter the sign Capricorn where the great transition is madeHercules, 160:in the Book of Revelation. It is a [160] double sign, and whenever you have a double sign you haveHercules, 160:double sign, and whenever you have a double sign you have a problem. In Sagittarius, just as inHercules, 160:was dealing with thought at its source. In this sign he demonstrates complete control of thoughtHercules, 160:Sagittarius has sometimes been called "the sign of the effect of Scorpio". The moment we have freedHercules, 160:Hercules - Labor IX Silence Sagittarius is the sign preparatory to Capricorn and it is called inHercules, 160:and it is called in some ancient books "the sign of silence". In ancient mysteries the newlyHercules, 162:right in the heavens. Sagittarius is the ninth sign. Think about this sequence of thought. InHercules, 162:this sequence of thought. In Virgo, the sixth sign, we have the indication of life; in Sagittarius,Hercules, 162:indication of life; in Sagittarius, the ninth sign, the completion of the prenatal period beforeHercules, 163:been reduced to fluid, for Scorpio is an astral sign and water is the symbol. In the life of theHercules, 163:success developed in Sagittarius, for it is a sign of power. [164] The true Sagittarian is a veryHercules, 164:a very potent person; potent because it is the sign of silence; potent because it is the sign ofHercules, 164:is the sign of silence; potent because it is the sign of one-pointedness and the goal is seen forHercules, 165:Spirit of Right Sagittarius has been called the sign of the spirit of right, growing out of theHercules, 166:are three constellations connected with this sign, the three most beautiful. Lyra, theHercules, 167:over Sagittarius? It is such a beautiful sign and there is so much to say about it. I have omitted
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