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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFICANCE

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Atom, 55:interesting sentence, and one of real occult significance. It is a sentence which will repayAtom, 57:word, for instance, and study its objective significance, you will find that always a definiteAutobiography, 31:gave me something of such true spiritual significance that to this day I attempt to live by theAutobiography, 44:me the complete idiot. The innuendo and the significance of the repartee left me guessing andAutobiography, 214:and arrived at some understanding of its inner significance have a basic appreciation of the truthAutobiography, 230:of World Servers. This was epoch making in its significance though only a few people as yet realizeAutobiography, 237:move on their way to higher evolution. The true significance of this book will only be appreciatedAutobiography, 238:From Bethlehem to Calvary in order to trace the significance of the five major episodes in the lifeAutobiography, 239:Implicit in this effort, therefore, lies the significance of the second advent of the Christ. HeAutobiography, 302:the short years just ahead, are of more profound significance than our imagination can picture. WeBethlehem, 7:of one age becomes the myth of the next, but its significance and its reality remain untouched, andBethlehem, 8:our myopic study of the letter we have lost the significance of the Word itself. We need to getBethlehem, 9:time among men, but that it has also a practical significance and meaning for the civilized manBethlehem, 9:Golgotha. The Resurrection and Ascension. Their significance for us and their reinterpretation inBethlehem, 29:revealed. Before initiation can be given, the significance of the above ideas must be grasped, andBethlehem, 50:resemblances which in themselves are of real significance. There are factors which are germane toBethlehem, 60:to "meet on the level" takes on here an added significance. After each mountain experience, theBethlehem, 70:to be tried here? Is the mystery of man and the significance of our purpose of such importance thatBethlehem, 70:and appreciate it that we can understand the significance of the Word spoken at the birth ofBethlehem, 75:in this connection, showing as they do the significance of this number, and its relation toBethlehem, 79:the lesson we have learnt? How can we sum up the significance of that episode in terms of practicalBethlehem, 79:application? Has this episode any personal significance? What are the requirements and theBethlehem, 88:that He should be thirty years old, for there is significance in that number, where humanity isBethlehem, 93:loses its point; ancient beliefs lose their significance; and we have reached an impasse which GodBethlehem, 98:in all countries, and an understanding of the significance of the symbols employed would throw muchBethlehem, 100:initiation somewhat unconsciously. The full significance of what we have undergone does not appearBethlehem, 103:[103] now, as applied to himself, a mysterious significance. The Messiahship which he became awareBethlehem, 103:forward of the life task. Life takes on true significance. This is a lesson which all of us,Bethlehem, 117:to see the meaning behind the symbol and the significance behind the outer appearance of theology.Bethlehem, 117:be something beyond our dreams, of so deep a significance and of such comprehensiveness that it isBethlehem, 124:Gita these words occur: "There is a spiritual significance to all this and the situation of ArjunaBethlehem, 135:Three of these crises are perhaps of greater significance than has hitherto been grasped byBethlehem, 147:a transformation of the outer man of great significance. The caterpillar becomes transformed intoBethlehem, 151:we shall come to a deeper understanding of the significance of light in relation to humanity. WeBethlehem, 153:of the sun," the server of the light; in that significance the whole duty and purpose of theBethlehem, 157:note that, in spite of their recognition of the significance of the event in which they wereBethlehem, 175:to elucidate its meaning and to explain the significance of its mystery. Down the ages a myriadBethlehem, 179:was this world to which He came; and what is the significance of His death to the average humanBethlehem, 182:man, unevolved and ignorant, was aware of the significance of the cosmic spirit, immolated inBethlehem, 183:Christ, in His teaching, emphasized the significance of the individual and in His life demonstratedBethlehem, 194:be "saved." Thus Christ summed up in Himself the significance of all the past world sacrifices.Bethlehem, 199:Son of God have been less emphasized. The cosmic significance of the cross has been entirelyBethlehem, 208:tragedy was our failure to recognize its true significance. The agony in the Garden of GethsemaneBethlehem, 210:lost his life. Canon Streeter tells us that "the significance and value of the death of ChristBethlehem, 214:were supposedly spoken, or as having a personal significance to Christ Himself. We have always readBethlehem, 214:read the Bible in this manner, with the personal significance in our minds. But these words ofBethlehem, 216:me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom." The significance of his words is eternal and universal, forBethlehem, 217:reward of the new birth, for it has a physical significance, and we are sure that Christ knewBethlehem, 223:succeeded, so that, with full realization of the significance of the statement, He could say, "ItBethlehem, 226:their power it frequently happens that the true significance emerges. This we have each to proveBethlehem, 231:is the fourth. Only when we have mastered the significance of service and sacrifice can the fact ofBethlehem, 238:of the Resurrection is coming closer, and its significance has been the central idea of the MasonicBethlehem, 238:Buddha, in which He teaches His disciples the significance of the "five points of Friendship," andBethlehem, 241:of all they have gathered in life, that the true significance of the inevitable future fails toBethlehem, 246:in His footsteps. When a man's life has gained significance, then he is ready to tread the path ofBethlehem, 246:in preparation for the mysteries; as his significance and influence increase he can pass, stage byBethlehem, 246:living is awakened and is gaining potency and significance, and must therefore make its appearance;Bethlehem, 257:importance far more than from that of their significance to us as individuals. We have seen thatBethlehem, 257:religion and philosophy are today occupied with significance, and their investigations are carryingBethlehem, 260:Person of the historical Christ, showed us the significance of the cosmic Christ, the mythicBethlehem, 260:and future meet in Him, and give Him His unique significance. He founded the kingdom of God in dueBethlehem, 267:scarcely human beings, to understand the real significance of love. The understanding of love andBethlehem, 268:attention by means of which he can arrive at the significance and the condition of inspiration.Bethlehem, 273:- The Founding of the Kingdom As we grasp the significance of the kingdom of God we begin toBethlehem, 280:task in its uniqueness. He did something of such significance for the race that only today are weDestiny, 8:of recognized law. This is a fact of great significance to the Hierarchy for it indicates a pointDestiny, 55:importance of their own nation and its supreme significance, for me to be able to do more thanDestiny, 66:I impart and assuring you that they are of vital significance at this time, particularly if youDestiny, 92: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities 5. The Significance of CertainDestiny, 92:- The Significance of Certain Cities 5. The Significance of Certain Cities These energies which weDestiny, 92:the world of men, leading to results of profound significance and determining the trend of events.Destiny, 94: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities This entire question of theDestiny, 96: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force which the center atDestiny, 97: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force which is centered inDestiny, 97: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force expressing itselfDestiny, 98: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The force pouring throughDestiny, 99: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities The forces flowing through TokyoDestiny, 100: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities I would also point out in passingDestiny, 103: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities There is a wide field of researchDestiny, 105: The Destiny of the Nations - The Significance of Certain Cities Beginning as ever with the studyDestiny, 126:to the material side of life and the true significance of substance as it produces phenomena. He isDestiny, 147:lies in the realm of religion and concerns the significance of Christmas. From the very night ofDiscipleship1, XV:my brothers, and grasp, if you can, the full significance of this last sentence. Their work willDiscipleship1, 4:beings and to apprehend and understand the true significance of the Aquarian technique of groupDiscipleship1, 35:are to be found much ignorance as to the true significance of the work, a good deal of selfishDiscipleship1, 84:The ordinary connotation has largely lost its significance through wrong emphasis. The initiateDiscipleship1, 98:the soul; it is but a flash of small moment and significance in the long career of the soul. ItDiscipleship1, 134:I said to I. B. S. in order to understand the significance of the above. Discipleship1, 158:power to flourish. When B. S. W. knows the true significance of beauty and you of joy, release andDiscipleship1, 169:you are surrounded to an understanding of their significance. You comprehend them yourself, butDiscipleship1, 171:for the future and, in the future, the true significance of accomplishment will be yours. Proceed,Discipleship1, 177:if you care to [177] note each month, the significance which may appear to you in your meditationDiscipleship1, 181:facility. The result of this would be that the significance of two other words would becomeDiscipleship1, 182:I refer. I would, using a phrase with a modern significance, advise you "to forget" this glamorDiscipleship1, 201:conflict, and skill in action, which is the true significance of the subsidiary names of this ray,Discipleship1, 203:make our chosen theme for study to have much significance and interest for you. [204] A definiteDiscipleship1, 207:of the soul. Study, if you care to do so, the significance of rhythm as it produces melody andDiscipleship1, 210:your use of the O. M. Then ponder upon the significance of time as an expression of the will,Discipleship1, 213:following words, endeavoring to realize their significance as you say them: "I stand in spiritualDiscipleship1, 213:4. Ponder then for five minutes on the spiritual significance of the following four words:
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