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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFICANCE

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Externalisation, 268:of [268] communication between men who know the significance of freedom and long for human release,Externalisation, 271:animates the Will and Power of God. The true significance of liberty will then be revealed. It isExternalisation, 271:restored and will then assume a new and potent significance in the minds of all men. They are theExternalisation, 276:we need not take phrase by phrase, as their significance is sufficiently clear) we have plainly putExternalisation, 277:is love of humanity, will comprehend the significance and the interrelation of these four words.Externalisation, 281:and may even not become apparent in its full significance to you in this life; nevertheless theExternalisation, 285:to a truer appreciation of the immanent significance of the presented opportunity, and also ifExternalisation, 302:of several words can convey something of the significance and then only feebly. This phrase is "theExternalisation, 303:Only the next one hundred years will reveal the significance of this statement and then only if theExternalisation, 333:to understand - for the first time - the true significance of the words, "the Cross of the Savior."Externalisation, 343:Gethsemane. It is not easy for me to express its significance in words. Two thousand years haveExternalisation, 344:has had much difficulty in comprehending the significance of Love. If that is so, the problem inExternalisation, 347:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The Significance of the Wesak Festival May 1942 WeExternalisation, 352:question of right timing is one of deep esoteric significance and is basically involved here. TheExternalisation, 363:than any previous one. This is the significance of the words in the New Testament, "Every eye shallExternalisation, 392:Certain great Energies of extra-planetary significance Who stand ready to intervene should theExternalisation, 409:past history of the race, and both are of such significance that it would be well to note themExternalisation, 431:of Light? Can something of moment and of lasting significance happen at this coming May Full Moon?Externalisation, 445:May in this year mark a moment in time of major significance in our planetary history. I refer toExternalisation, 447:the problem. I wonder if you can grasp the [447] significance of this happening? Down the ages,Externalisation, 450:little about Russia, for instance. The true significance of Its ideology is misunderstood becauseExternalisation, 451:British peoples are still unaware of the real significance of the Western hemisphere and of theExternalisation, 470:be unfolded and the new age will reveal its true significance. The first step will be the emergenceExternalisation, 480:the past and lay the seeds for the future. The significance of this statement lies in the fact thatExternalisation, 485:comes today to have its deepest spiritual significance. Let me repeat it in the order in whichExternalisation, 489:I have only been able to give their general significance. Nothing else was possible, but even inExternalisation, 497:our modern methods of education, and the significance of soul powers and the development of theExternalisation, 503:offered the opportunity to weigh and judge the significance of reality. It is not just the two orExternalisation, 511:and held) show their true and inner spiritual significance. The prime work of the church is toExternalisation, 512:of true occultism. When we understand better the significance of time in prevision, and of force inExternalisation, 517:must familiarize themselves with the inner significance of the various rites, ceremonies, colorsExternalisation, 547:truths. I indicated the new truths which were of significance for the future and for which theExternalisation, 553:be for 35 years. As I earlier pointed out, its significance, and that of Good Friday, belong to theExternalisation, 574:is studied in the light of this information the significance will emerge. The poor and destituteExternalisation, 587:bear fruit upward" has for him a deeply occult significance. I am not here touching upon the growthExternalisation, 592:and all men can understand them, but their significance has largely been lost in the intricateExternalisation, 607:ever understood His disappearance or the significance of His persistent but unobserved Presence.Externalisation, 666:world. The problems of barter and exchange, the significance of money, the value of gold (a basicExternalisation, 675:the world. This is a statement [675] of profound significance; it is an indication of hierarchicalExternalisation, 699:finally, demonstrate to all around Them the significance of right motive, the beauty of selflessFire, xiii:of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma) and its significance in the solar system. To sum up theFire, 51:them in order, leaving time to elucidate their significance. First we might say that the internalFire, 65:atoms again exist in these vishvas. This is the significance of 'many from one'; wherever we seeFire, 147:in the inability of the finite mind to grasp the significance of this threefold manifestation, butFire, 168:triplicities. All these figures have an occult significance. Just as the Monad is the sumtotal ofFire, 176:of its being the synthetic ray has a vast significance. This is the system of the SON, whose nameFire, 179:the information given above, from its prime significance for man, as that which concerns himself,Fire, 200:tabulation earlier imparted, and note the occult significance of the expressions used in theFire, 228:units is but little felt (in the occult significance of the term), but as time proceeds, theFire, 287:is that when this is realized the true significance of the esoteric and the occult will beFire, 296:The secret of the fifth round. The esoteric significance of Saturn, the third, planet. The occultFire, 321:the three worlds, can be seen only in its full significance on the buddhic plane. All fire andFire, 362:have a fivefold alignment which is of paramount significance to us all, though it had even greaterFire, 362:to us all, though it had even greater significance and force in the fourth root-race, and broughtFire, 363:no play on words, but a statement of deep occult significance. The statement has been made withFire, 387:of Activity. I would call attention to the dual significance of that name, "Buddha of Activity,"Fire, 397:intuition, will man be able to understand the significance of manas. We may perhaps ask why thisFire, 424:into form), is studied, much of profound significance will be sensed by the student. In theFire, 449:unto Brahman. By repeated dwelling on their significance, and tuning his desire and modeling hisFire, 449:his desire and modeling his thought to that significance, the seeker after Brahman shall, withoutFire, 525:freedom, and vital existence. The true significance of the three aspects of Spirit is only becomingFire, 534:The words "Halls of Wisdom" in their esoteric significance describe a stage of consciousness not aFire, 568:the secret of peace, and we need to grasp the significance of that word through, for it describesFire, 574:It is the key measure. We might sum up the significance of this law in the words, "light" orFire, 589:The Ray of Ceremonial Order has special significance at this time; it controls life in the mineralFire, 596:law and the sixth Ray have a very important significance, whilst the seventh chain of each schemeFire, 605:are, in this mahamanvantara, of profound significance, the fourth or human Creative Hierarchy, andFire, 605:of systemic vitality. He who understands the significance of these figures, and their relation toFire, 626:be more than hinted at, because their true significance is one of the secrets of initiation. TheyFire, 627:on this plane. On this plane the true inner significance of the "Sun" is apprehended. More I cannotFire, 627:which is here given may open up much that is of significance in the study of the macrocosm and theFire, 648:base of the spine (viewing it in its esoteric significance, and in connection with the Logos, andFire, 669:an insoluble mystery to the student, but in the significance of numbers much can be discovered.Fire, 673:"failure" of the Buddha (which has a planetary significance only hinted at in the Secret Doctrine)Fire, 680:evolution; it is the one having the most occult significance for man, for these solar Angels 19Fire, 684:etheric vitality is felt. A hint as to the [684] significance of this may be found in the fact thatFire, 691:5. 6. 7. 8. This has a cosmic and systemic significance and to throw light upon that occurrenceFire, 691:at this time). In the fifth round, the inner significance may become more apparent to the disciple.Fire, 695:the student should very carefully study here the significance of the numbers three, four and fiveFire, 704:the five Kumaras, and if the student studies the significance of the first five petals which areFire, ...:[...] A final point which is of profound significance is that the Agnishvattas construct the petalsFire, 725:This has been emphasized frequently, as its significance is not yet sufficiently grasped. By meansFire, 733:lowest aspects. This distinction has a certain significance and should be remembered. ThisFire, 746:of a Ray. I say correspondence in its esoteric significance, and do not seek to infer analogy inFire, 749:lies safety for the student, for the real significance would be incomprehensible to him, and wouldFire, 756:recognition of the Wesak festival, and its true significance in the occident is desirable, andFire, 786:of the entity involved will reveal its relative significance. All that has been here laid down asFire, 792:The word "moment" is used here in its occult significance to specify a period of time, and must beFire, 792:of seven rounds in one scheme. It has a chain significance. One day of Brahma - The occult periodFire, 792:are the greater periods of time, and when their significance is comprehended, much that is nowFire, 793:by the man who cannot be trusted with the significance of the other planetary bodies (of greatFire, 794:and take" of planetary bodies will assume a new significance. Certain planetary bodies (bothFire, 794:exoteric science has so far admitted, but the significance of this must eventually be interpretedFire, 801:of the Pleiades is comprehended, and the true significance of the cosmic triangle formed by TheFire, 803:These thoughts may make clear somewhat the significance of the number five, esotericallyFire, 824:(S. D., I, 483.) The student who seeks the significance of the preponderance of orange and of roseFire, 826:be learned from a consideration of the occult significance involved in the sending out of theirFire, 827:the Portal of Initiation. Again the numerical significance of the numbers must be studied; thisFire, 853:or substance of the mental plane, then the true significance may be more easily grasped. Fire, 859:ninety-six petals in a subsidiary whorl. The significance of these figures is profound. In every
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