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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFICANCE

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Magic, 519:employ the lower interlude, and both know the significance of the physical breathing interludes.Magic, 521:ability (ponder those words and search out their significance) all world servers, and shouldMagic, 528:these Instructions cannot understand the true significance of the words. The point to be grasped isMagic, 541:be given. There is much danger in imparting the significance of these rules to those who are notMagic, 548:this present aeon he must understand the inner significance of Taurus, of Leo, of Scorpio and ofMagic, 549:the meaning of the four gospels, understood the significance and purpose of the four elements -Magic, 552:clothed in words - would lose much of their true significance, but some idea may be conveyed in theMagic, 554:prophesying that within fifty years the true significance of precipitations will be engrossing theMagic, 558:of [558] their every day connotation their true significance and esoteric value are lost. Let meMagic, 568:and with the forces of nature, as he learns the significance and the purpose of the vital body, andMagic, 579:have learnt the "art of the [579] centers", the significance of the hands in service, the wieldingMagic, 592:the Union Jack, which has always had an esoteric significance for the student, and indicates aMagic, 604:of daily affairs and to understand the real significance of the words: to work without attachment.Magic, 630:cooperation with the plan and are learning the significance of service are prone to fear that whatMeditation, 26:of more refined requirements (note the occult significance of that word); he realizes the joys ofMeditation, 28:or by retreating within that the man learns the significance of Fire, and applies that fire to allMeditation, 39:in an occult manner and under law. The group significance of meditation is little understood, butMeditation, 55:This fourth note of the Logos has a special significance for the human Spirit, and an unique effectMeditation, 78:triplicities. All these figures have an occult significance. This description is taken from "TheMeditation, 84:of the kundalini fire will later reveal its significance. This visualization leads to synthesis, toMeditation, 102:with fire" is an old truth that has lost its significance through flippant repetition, yet it isMeditation, 157:of those rays and embody their geometrical significance, demonstrating their place in the system.Meditation, 187:The matter is much condensed. It has a special significance for the man who nears the Path ofMeditation, 206:have I placed them in this order but the exact significance is left for you to discover. I want toMeditation, 212:is not yet permissible to give out the esoteric significance of [213] these colors, nor exactMeditation, 224:meanings have been given out by H.P.B. but their significance has not been sufficientlyMeditation, 224:be great. In this statement as to the esoteric significance of the colors I would have you nowMeditation, 224:of the coming generation to ponder upon the significance of white being esoterically violet. It hasMeditation, 227:which will effect three things: Give the inner significance of the exoteric color. Build in theMeditation, 231:and by an endeavor to attain their esoteric significance, and their microcosmic application, willMeditation, 235:their essence, and to comprehend their spiritual significance; he broods on his own lack ofMeditation, 254:will be more real to you than ever before; the significance of approach to Them be betterMeditation, 262:or equal importance. To the general public the significance of the term lies in the thought thatMeditation, 283:(occultly understood) will be comprehended. The significance of the term, "there shall be no moreMeditation, 284:to that in the macrocosm, whilst the occult significance of its being the only complete unit in theMeditation, 286:a service that recognizes the occult law, the significance of time, and the point achieved. This isMeditation, 286:Christian Gnostic line, owing to its synthetic significance... Meditation, 305:Ponder on these imparted facts, for the significance is of profound importance. Tomorrow we willMeditation, 322:provide in their construction much of occult significance for those who have eyes to see. The mainPatanjali, 18:sutra is somewhat difficult to paraphrase. Its significance consists in this: Knowledge, deductionPatanjali, 21:short and simple, is of the most profound significance; it is studied by high initiates who arePatanjali, 26:sutras to translate so as to give its real significance. The idea involved is that of the constantPatanjali, 32:and tangible manifestation, and the true significance of this becomes apparent as the studentPatanjali, 55:the student to extend the concept and grasp the significance of the brief statements made accordingPatanjali, 56:mind, the solar angel, the fifth principle. The significance of the Word only becomes apparentPatanjali, 58:paraphrase but conveys nevertheless the correct significance of the terms used in the Sanskrit.Patanjali, 74:expression of the one truth. This is the true significance of the sutra under consideration and thePatanjali, 94:nature of the soul and [94] comprehend the true significance of Sutras 40 and 41. That, havingPatanjali, 95:nature - triple. Once this is grasped the occult significance and importance of all meditationPatanjali, 98:students, will be found to be of profound occult significance: "...the atom of earth is produced byPatanjali, 161:passes gradually from the forms and their true significance in his own immediate environment and inPatanjali, 174:leads eventually to a full realization of the significance of group consciousness. H.P.B. has saidPatanjali, 181:The yogi, for instance, has to understand the significance of right breathing or of posture as theyPatanjali, 187:are followed by all the sons of men, the full significance of the term "peace to all beings" willPatanjali, 221:progression up the spine. II. The astrological significance and the relation of the man to hisPatanjali, 224:in nature is of value here. II. The astrological significance is also hinted at here in the threePatanjali, 273:the substance of the entire teaching, and in the significance of the three letters of the SacredPatanjali, 275:the power to see thought-images is acquired. The significance of this sutra is very great, for itPatanjali, 302:paraphrase which will give the essence of the significance of this sutra: "One-pointedPatanjali, 303:planets and the stars. This sutra is of small significance to the ordinary student, but is ofPatanjali, 304:will suffice to show the deep, though esoteric significance attached to these brief words. Patanjali, 311:lower or physical aspect is emphasized. The true significance of the above sutras which are herePatanjali, 330:not be lost through a materialising of its real significance. Levitation, the power to walk onPatanjali, 330:of the earth is its lowest and least important significance. [331] Freedom from water is a symbolicPatanjali, 355:two other senses are as yet veiled; their true significance will be unfolded in the sixth orPatanjali, 363:the Eternal Now, and a just appreciation of the significance of the past, the present, and thePatanjali, 366:not clear even to the superficial reader is the significance of the words Eternal Now, and these itPatanjali, 366:aspirant has reached his goal he knows the true significance of his immortality and the true naturePatanjali, 369:can say with full conscious realization of the significance of the words: My life (the lowerPatanjali, 387:there dawns on him a true understanding of the significance of the words "made in the image ofPatanjali, 389:western student considerably. An analysis of the significance of these words and a study of thePatanjali, 415:the devotee but knowledge of him (in the usual significance of the term) is not available until thePatanjali, viii:were then little more than animals, the purpose, significance and use of their various organs, soProblems, 19:of today and of those who will yet be born, the significance and the importance of right humanProblems, 21:revelation of great spiritual value and group significance - a revelation for all mankind. It isProblems, 45:culture. If the children of today are taught the significance of these five great declarations andProblems, 54:the door for training in the sciences; it gives significance and meaning to history, biography andProblems, 56:task of the higher education, giving purpose and significance to all that has been done. TheProblems, 95:perpetuated it. If we can get some idea of the significance of these problems, materially andProblems, 126:trend and the basic teaching, as well as the significance of the symbols, is usually correct,Problems, 146:reference to religion, as was hitherto its major significance, but that it connotes divine activityPsychology1, xvii:The individual growth is of no tremendous significance. The formation and development of a band ofPsychology1, xix:clarity of thought. Mental appreciation of their significance will produce understanding and willPsychology1, xxiii:truth which will enable them easily to grasp the significance of that which underlies the symbolismPsychology1, xxv:and a true and deep comprehension of the inner significance of the teaching, will do for us threePsychology1, 29:would carry, for early primitive man, no significance whatsoever, and would have been only aPsychology1, 40:ways to convey through the symbol of words the significance of the soul. The soul is therefore thePsychology1, 45:of the second ray is found to be hidden in the significance of the perfume of flowers. Perfume andPsychology1, 48:in order more clearly to understand the mystical significance of these names, point out that thePsychology1, 72:This instruction on the rays is of deeper significance than can as yet be comprehended. CarefulPsychology1, 84:These words will be noted by many as of deep significance and as indicating a wide intentionPsychology1, 85:is known are many, and their meaning is of prime significance today. The work of the future can bePsychology1, 99:of the world, of the nature of genius and the significance of creative work. Some men and women inPsychology1, 109:about the Seven Rays? Question 5. What is the significance of the outstanding soul qualities suchPsychology1, 112:it is written for a distant time, and the true significance of this Treatise on the Seven Rays willPsychology1, 130:by the inadequacy [130] of language, - the significance of the outstanding soul qualities:Psychology1, 131:Cosmic Fire. Study it and seek to understand the significance of this process. In the understandingPsychology1, 149:these three words and seek to understand their significance in relation to the rays. [150] As toPsychology1, 150:in relation to the rays. [150] As to the significance of the word "life" our task is well-nighPsychology1, 152:impossible for the average thinker to grasp the significance of this statement, but he can
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