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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFICANCE

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Psychology1, 173:awaken the masses (through them) to the true significance of that easily spoken, but littlePsychology1, 177:northern Africa must be awakened to the inner significance of their own faiths, and to the partPsychology1, 179:and of matter. Please note the distinction and significance of these last three words. Psychology1, 191:Major Propositions We have been studying the significance of the work of the seven creativePsychology1, 222:the creative intent emerges as one considers the significance of these words. The objectives andPsychology1, 222:kingdoms and the lower three, will the true significance of the contribution of the fourth kingdomPsychology1, 232:kingdom. It is difficult for us to grasp the significance of the consciousness and the activity ofPsychology1, 235:as initiated causes that we best arrive at their significance. It is as we grasp the radiatoryPsychology1, 266:In this ray activity will be found the true significance of the Law of Rebirth, and it lies behindPsychology1, 269:actions, mental and physical. These are of dire significance. There is, first of all, thePsychology1, 277:Which of them really comprehends the true significance of the sex life, its place in the greatPsychology1, 278:But the word has been distorted from its true significance and applies in nine cases out of tenPsychology1, 285:guarantees for us the reality of the inner significance [286] and the true spiritual basis of allPsychology1, 294:an ordered intellectual appreciation of the true significance of marriage. The above applies to thePsychology1, 299:and birth. These three words deal with the true significance of sex. But man has prostituted thePsychology1, 299:But man has prostituted the truth, and the real significance has been lost. Sex now means thePsychology1, 361:These words have a wider connotation and significance than the thinkers of today can know andPsychology1, 364:ritual which will eventually reveal the true significance of water, which will revolutionize itsPsychology1, 368:and place of the W.M., and not upon the inner significance of the work upon the floor of thePsychology1, 379:we have no means whereby to express the true significance of the underlying idea. The above mustPsychology1, 388:of their own nation and of its supreme significance, for me to be able to do more than generalizePsychology1, 392:consciousness, we shall begin to comprehend the significance of the superman. Germany has caught aPsychology2said with little real understanding of the significance of the words used, we are dealing withPsychology2, 6:those who are initiate can grasp some of the significance of the statement that "The twain shall bePsychology2, 20:greater and more inclusive than the human, the significance of these words may appear totallyPsychology2, 20:and when the greater truth is grasped, the significance and the interpretation of its formerlyPsychology2, 30:advanced humanity, and is only known in its true significance by such great Existences as thePsychology2, 39:in more simple and less occult terms, the significance of the above esoteric stanzas, to expressPsychology2, 45:which convey to accepted disciples some of the significance of the first initiation. As regardsPsychology2, 57:into that Plan and we are not aware of the true significance of those great Identifications whichPsychology2, 61:purification of the vehicles so that the real significance of divinity can begin to emerge in ourPsychology2, 76:time, it must be borne in mind that the true significance of that which is portrayed and thePsychology2, 80:a vibration (little as we may yet grasp the real significance of that word) and that vibrationPsychology2, 88:us see if we can interpret or define the true significance of this law, which is in reality thePsychology2, 88:- The Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life a. The Significance of the Law of Sacrifice It means thePsychology2, 89:of Nazareth will be properly understood and its significance will be properly appreciated only whenPsychology2, 94:ages, have arrived at an understanding of the significance of the divine purpose of God, of thePsychology2, 96:and particularly does this emerge into clear significance in the human family. The instinct toPsychology2, 96:by modern psychology, is of far wider significance than has yet been realized. This instinctualPsychology2, 111:minds - to understand its implications and its significance. This Law governs the soul realm; to itPsychology2, 113:much. This thought illustrates also the significance of this law which does produce polar union.Psychology2, 116:or Group Life For the individual disciple, the significance of this Law of Magnetic Impulse and thePsychology2, 116:This has not only a planetary and cosmic significance, but has a very definite relation to thePsychology2, 120:head. In this difference there lies much of real significance. The jar of water, posed upon thePsychology2, 160:[160] ignorance of esotericism, to grasp the significance of such an occult truth as that expressedPsychology2, 217:This, if pondered on, may serve as a clue to the significance of our planetary work. To found uponPsychology2, 246:lies all around us, and within us. It is the significance of all that is embodied in form, thePsychology2, 248:in some form, and reveal to others the realized significance behind the phenomenal appearance. HowPsychology2, 250:artistic achievement. The understanding of the significance and technique of genius is one of thePsychology2, 251:particular world cycle. They must comprehend the significance of the [252] impulses emanating fromPsychology2, 256:can even begin to grasp the true spiritual significance of this rule for soul control in its widerPsychology2, 264:usage and those used in the true spiritual significance. It is of value (is it not?) if studentsPsychology2, 267:does the personality measure up to its true significance, which is to constitute the mask of thePsychology2, 268:and not in the usual emotional and enthusiastic significance. These impulsive movements are: a. ThePsychology2, 270:there will come a great awakening to the significance of what was, at that time, largely a physicalPsychology2, 273:race is passing, will humanity appreciate the significance of the work of the present Hierarchy,Psychology2, 275:An event upon the path of ascent explains the significance of what occurred on the way of descent.Psychology2, 278:(the ray of Love) He expressed perfectly the significance of light in matter, of the intelligencePsychology2, 287:begins to work with, and to understand the significance of Spirit and his consciousness shiftsPsychology2, 299:"pattern". It is a word which has a deep occult significance. One of the exercises given to thePsychology2, 301:who work on the inner side, know to be of deep significance. It is the astrology of discipleshipPsychology2, 322:the monad. A few students may get the symbolic significance of the process, if they grasp the factPsychology2, 333:except as an act of the spiritual will. The significance of the above may be found difficult ofPsychology2, 337:and later consciously - to the life and significance of a dimly sensed reality. The soul isPsychology2, 347:sake of clarity and for an understanding of the significance, into two parts. The first one is thatPsychology2, 355:when he begins to consider with wonder the significance of that familiar reaction of finding noPsychology2, 361:stand in spiritual being and to comprehend the significance of the ancient aphorism, givenPsychology2, 364:to comprehend, through the medium of words, its significance and meaning. It is the reflection, ifPsychology2, 381:confines (again a paradoxical term and only of significance in consciousness from the standpoint ofPsychology2, 396:Life will be The realization of the true significance of Light and the revelation of the meaning ofPsychology2, 396:may be due to your failure to comprehend the significance and meaning of the word "attribute". ThisPsychology2, 398:to guess at their nature or to ponder upon their significance. They are as remote from ourPsychology2, 398:grasp for humanity and present to humanity its significance. It has taken two thousand years forPsychology2, 425:knowing that I am failing to express the true significance of my ideas, and you are consequentlyPsychology2, 429:recognition of the power of right choice and the significance of the higher values. These, in turn,Psychology2, 446:though an ordinary colloquialism, has deep significance, for it indicates the recognition of thePsychology2, 450:they indicate a solar, as well as a planetary, significance. Certain forces and powers, exterior toPsychology2, 493:is inferred and suggested is of itself of real significance. In a great standard authority,Psychology2, 500:sleeping capacity but have no deep psychological significance or spiritual meaning. These dreamsPsychology2, 510:an inspired utterance or a dream with a deep significance. It should be remembered in both casesPsychology2, 611:is relatively so little understood in its true significance as an expression (in dual form) ofPsychology2, 658:signs down the ages. That they may express the significance of this inner world government and ofPsychology2, 675:value of the individual and at the same time the significance of group work. The propagation ofPsychology2, 683:May Full Moon The Month of May is one of deepest significance to all who are affiliated with thePsychology2, 697:much. This thought illustrates also the significance of this law which does produce polar union.Psychology2, 700:apparent. For the individual disciple, the significance of this Law of Magnetic Impulse and thePsychology2, 715:yet grasped the task of this group, or the significance of its membership? It is a group of men andPsychology2, 719:the recognition and the assimilation of the significance of the event. Therefore the Masters, whenPsychology2, 723:of 1937 was one of real import and of vital significance. Just as the full moon of May, 1936, sawPsychology2, 731:in connection with the field of money and its significance and right use. The general methodRays, 12:individual man and of humanity as a whole. The significance of the present happenings isRays, 14:as the terms good and evil, which have significance only in the human consciousness and itsRays, 25:I would like for a minute to deal with the significance of the word "Rule" and give you some ideaRays, 25:consciousness will truly comprehend their significance, but [26] also that your effort so to doRays, 27:by sentence and try to wrest from each its group significance. Within the fire of the mind, focusedRays, 33:love, and finally, divine love) can reveal the significance of these symbolic words and the occultRays, 35:to understand and eventually express the significance of the words of Christ, "Life moreRays, 37:of the higher initiations. The only way their significance can truly appear is by grasping theRays, 37:for their meaning in terms of their group significance. This serves to decentralize him and toRays, 40:of the soul" and its culminating lesson of the significance of isolation and the freeing process
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