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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFICANCE

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Rays, 42:of dark indigo blue - midnight blue. Note the significance of this in view of what I have beenRays, 45:of personality reaction at all. The esoteric significance of tension (as far as I can explain it byRays, 51:and the Sound. Much confusion exists as to its significance or the necessity for its use. The phaseRays, 58:in giving you a somewhat wider vision of the significance of initiation in these brief expositions?Rays, 61:not possible for the initiate to comprehend the significance of these simple words. IdentificationRays, 66:much, had you the awakened intuition to read the significance of some of my comments. These demandsRays, 67:ray group and of all groups. This means that the significance of the involutionary life and theRays, 68:all the group members. Here is the clue to the significance of group work. One of its majorRays, 70:truth. This needs to be remembered. The true significance of this [71] emerging science is that, inRays, 74:which is ever incident to or related to the significance of light. Light and revelation are causeRays, 75:step towards this distant related point, and its significance will not be apparent to the presentRays, 82:God is Fire. This means more than its obvious significance. Superficially it can mean that when theRays, 83:sound, by the awakening of the inner ear to the significance of the Voice, just as the disciple inRays, 83:disciple in the earlier stage awakened to the significance of vision. That is why, at the thirdRays, 101:before the disciple as he begins to master the significance of the fourth Rule. In this Rule twoRays, 106:of the divine Will will be dominant. This is the significance of Space - the field wherein statesRays, 108:bringing him nearer to an appreciation of the significance of the divine will or purpose. It mightRays, 110:is necessarily brief because it is of such deep significance that it requires careful study,Rays, 115:great negation and for a step forward. The true significance of this has never [116] been graspedRays, 123:I add to the above and to the elucidation of the significance of Rule V. The clue to all thisRays, 124:I find it extremely difficult to express the significance of this Rule in such a way that it willRays, 125:therefore do is to touch upon the inner [125] significance of the obvious and seek to expressRays, 127:to reflect on this. Applicants have to learn the significance of the words of Rule VI forRays, 129:life is one and that the form is of no material significance, except as a field of experience forRays, 131:at this time. You will see, therefore, the significance of the teaching now being given out anentRays, 132:for consideration at this time is one of deep significance and esoteric interest; it is concernedRays, 137:the Master in His Ashram - for that is the true significance of the words. The initiate functionsRays, 140:nothing whatsoever. The contemplation of its significance belongs to Those Who can move at willRays, 148:and I have tried to help you to see their significance somewhat, from the angle of theRays, 148:will be in a position to grasp the esoteric significance of the words I use and of much that I mayRays, 152:has to apply to himself once he has grasped the significance of the seven basic postulates. TheRays, 152:personality and Monad can be brought about. The significance of resurrection and ascension,Rays, 161:out that the word "supplementary" is of real significance. It brings in a factor of great interest,Rays, 166:dominating factor. Some faint dim light on the significance of this may come if you bear in mindRays, 170:will be obvious to you though not the full significance. Embracing, fusing and unifying theRays, 174:which the group unitedly apprehends is the significance of the words that "darkness is pureRays, 175:rod, surrounded by the fire, reveals to him the significance of life and the purpose of the light."Rays, 184:are always possible, but the main significance of these rules is related to the first divineRays, 200:Rules For Group Initiation He comprehends the significance of the injunction which is embodied inRays, 202:and towards the knowledge which lies behind the significance of negation. The above sentence is inRays, 203:and final stage. It only marks the beginning of significance. This is a statement of esotericRays, 204:They are not the same, nor do they have the same significance. The quality of spirituality is Love.Rays, 209:will not be possible for you to comprehend the significance of this rule unless there is a measureRays, 213:a hard saying for group members to accept. The significance of my earlier statement, that a groupRays, 227:meaning. I would warn you again that the obvious significance of the remaining three rules is notRays, 227:three rules is not in reality the true spiritual significance because we are in these rules dealingRays, 235:you have a planetary demonstration of the significance of inner causes, producing outer effects.Rays, 240:little. I could perhaps express the underlying significance to you in symbolic language. TheRays, 245:expressed in the relation existing between the significance of Desire, Will, Plan and Purpose. AllRays, 247:group, proclaiming God is All. The key to the significance and the clue to the secret of this ruleRays, 249:theme. Again I would remind you that the real significance will only be perceived by the trainedRays, 259:of the disciple who has applied and learned the significance of the Rules for Applicants, but theyRays, 261:through the mastering of pain, he absorbs the significance or meaning of group activity, groupRays, 263:at this point as to how to express the higher significance of this. This Impartation marks aRays, 265:aspirant. The initiate then goes on to learn the significance of unity in its true sense; this isRays, 267:difficult for him to grasp even a modicum of its significance. To convey any faintest hint of itsRays, 276:simultaneously in some measure, before the significance of these Rules can be somewhat grasped. WeRays, 279:that the initiate is concerned, but with the significance of these processes in terms of theRays, 279:mediating principle, no longer has any factual significance? Consider for a moment that theRays, 284:is in reality the Ascension initiation, the true significance of which will be revealed through theRays, 285:is not that with which we shall deal. It is the significance behind the meaning which is ever theRays, 285:of words, embodying ideas: Symbol, Meaning, Significance, Light, regarding light as the emanatingRays, 285:the revealer of the meaning, the potency of the significance. We have studied the rules and haveRays, 286:with intention and understanding; the world of significance is the world of the Spiritual Triad,Rays, 287:except in so far as they give the clue to the significance of the five words as given to theRays, 287:of these five words and seek to ascertain their significance. But first of all, I would like toRays, 287:and with that which contributes vital significance to the initiated life. I would have you, as youRays, 287:of symbols. What I say will therefore have more significance towards the close of this century,Rays, 289:am dealing with the impulsive energy which gives significance to activity and to the life-forceRays, 289:of humanity that it is only now possible for the significance of the divine purpose to emerge moreRays, 289:of Rule XIV refers. It was the dawning of this significance upon the consciousness of the Christ -Rays, 290:expansion of consciousness took place. [290] The significance, the intention, the purpose of itRays, 290:but on His soul). He saw still further into the significance of divinity than had ever seemedRays, 293:When the beginner on the Path ponders the significance of expression, he is occupied with hisRays, 306:and into close contact with some Ashram, the significance is very different. The type ofRays, 308:you choose) in terms of the Eternal Now, the significance is clear; at times, the initiate createsRays, 316:the initiate becomes aware, not only of the significance of the command to Know and of his innateRays, 329:of the seven Rays to the Initiations The significance of the initiations The Aspirant and the sevenRays, 335:life of service (involving factors of profound significance to men) are an expression of theRays, 347:Theosophist is that of a point of entry, and the significance of it to him is that it offers anRays, 347:and his objective. This is a much more exact significance and one much more useful for [348] theRays, 351:of electricity, a truer comprehension of the significance of initiation will eventuate. The threeRays, 356:Resurrection and the Ascension and their major significance, referring to the consciousness of theRays, 380:it is well-nigh impossible for you to grasp its significance or factual expression. But the life ofRays, 390:of clear thinking and understanding. Their significance will emerge as we study the Seven Paths andRays, 391:of Initiation, the Initiate begins to learn the significance and the attractive potency of theRays, 396:I gave a simple definition of the exoteric significance of these Paths - so simple as to convey butRays, 409:that few can understand their meaning. The true significance is only for advanced initiates, ofRays, 417:and senior disciples are becoming aware of the significance of the Law of Synthesis and areRays, 434:that those words entail of meaning and esoteric significance. Consciousness, Sensitivity,Rays, 441:to the wording used, and particularly to its significance in reference to the initiatory process.Rays, 461:the divine manifesting Son of God to express the significance of the words: God is Love and God isRays, 468:personality is also beginning to comprehend the significance of love and to interpret it in termsRays, 472:unfolding consciousness, the initiate knows the significance of life and the uses of form, butRays, 485:to study them from the angle of their occult significance - a significance which is not usuallyRays, 485:from the angle of their occult significance - a significance which is not usually apparent exceptRays, 486:endeavor to arrive at their occult and creative significance. Rays, 489:stage of his building work, and so the numerical significance will become apparent to you. He mustRays, 492:Ponder on this, for it is very different in its significance to the usual concepts anent sacrifice.Rays, 493:love is beginning to control; and then the significance of the "divine sacrifice" is increasingly
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