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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFICANCE

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Rays, 498:Bear this carefully in mind, realizing the significance of the word Service, used so frequently inRays, 513:Words of Power. They have been learning the significance of the OM, even if they did not realizeRays, 513:anent the words, and the understanding of their significance which are of importance; it is theRays, 514:even when using it they are not holding its significance firmly in their consciousness. So it isRays, 516:the dim reflection. The disciple has learnt the significance of solar and lunar light (soul andRays, 530:of His disciple, I would like to refer to the significance of the words I earlier emphasized, "theRays, 530:necessary to offset strenuously that erroneous significance. If, however, you are to comprehendRays, 563:- become possible. These are - in their broader significance, seven, though entailing many minorRays, 566:It is this which formulates the underlying significance of the energy of free will and is somethingRays, 566:That we shall consider under our point "The Significance of the Initiations." Then we shall takeRays, 575:consider in some detail when we take up the significance of the initiations; we shall then findRays, 607:- tinged with karma. There is deep occult significance to the thought, often voiced, that death isRays, 625:people will demonstrate in a unique manner the significance of harmony. The basic and subjectiveRays, 644:in a new light and with an entirely different significance when the fifth initiation is taken. ItRays, 644:in that light: The true and hitherto unknown significance of the three worlds which he has viewedRays, 644:entirely from the angle of meaning. Now its significance is apparent, and the revelation is soRays, 645:takes the fifth initiation He already knows the significance of the first two aspects, and mustRays, 645:by goodwill, in its esoteric sense, and the significance of the Will-to-Good lies ahead of Him andRays, 648:and then vision - if you can - what is the true significance of the tremendous activity of theRays, 650:clearly for him, and in a flash of time, the significance of that which is slowly being revealed onRays, 656:that these initiations have also a planetary significance. From the standpoint of the Hierarchy andRays, 661:All I have done is to give you a hint as to the significance of the initiations, instituted by theRays, 661:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations The Significance of the Initiations We now start ourRays, 664:of those days, but it came increasingly to have significance as millennia of years elapsed;Rays, 688:the disciple appreciates for the first time the significance of the will and uses it to relate theRays, 696:throw a bright, illuminating light upon its significance. They are known to you in some measure,Rays, 696:in some measure, because I have dealt with the significance of the fourth Ray of Harmony throughRays, 699:of the word remains the same and gives the true significance: "Sacer," to make holy; that is whatRays, 700:who attempt to penetrate to its true meaning and significance are untold; it requires, however, theRays, 723:an expression of his divine nature and in the significance of the divine purpose; this concerns theRays, 725:I have written earlier, and a search for the significance of certain passages in A Treatise onRays, 727:being, are all unknown to you in their essential significance. Remember that when a Member of theRays, 727:At these three final initiations, therefore, the significance of creation, of quality and ofRays, 730:initiation. The word "resurrection" has deep significance latent in its derivation and one that isRays, 733:understand and which only dimly convey the true significance of Those Who function on this highestRays, 765:It ensheaths the nucleus. When you attain the significance of violet, the laws of health andReappearance, 25:for each of us. It was the dawning of this significance of the will of God upon the consciousnessReappearance, 25:great expansion of consciousness took place. The significance, the intention, the purpose of itReappearance, 27:the meaning of intelligence; He realizes the significance of love and its attractive quality. Now -Reappearance, 37:and all men can understand them, but their significance has been largely lost in the intricateReappearance, 54:ever understood His disappearance, or the significance of His persistent but unobserved Presence.Reappearance, 84:phases of His work and try to understand the significance of the responsibility which He hasReappearance, 89:Christ, its energy reaches humanity; this is the significance of His words "I am come that theyReappearance, 93:and the word "United" may come to have a true significance and meaning. It is with this type ofReappearance, 94:greatly strengthened life within the form. The significance of these divine principles will makeReappearance, 122:even if only to a slight degree, the significance of the three degrees of the Blue Lodge, and theReappearance, 122:for what they are, and will recognize the significance of the three degrees. I mention it here withSoulthe infinite interest of art, the versatile significance of the dance, all become intelligible.Soul, 10:in effect: "This Eastern thought [10] has the significance of a research into the deeper problemsSoul, 10:of thought. What gives this book its especial significance, however, is the unique comparison whichSoul, 12:research that will be of [12] profound significance I have no doubt whatever. The book is not onlySoul, 66:Tait and Balfour Stewart surmised a psychic significance for the ether of space so long ago asSoul, 68:is second to it in essence, in logic, and in significance; matter is the form and visibility ofTelepathy, 5:It lies potentially within the ether, and the significance of telepathy is to be found in the wordTelepathy, 12:and it will be of value to gain some idea of its significance and techniques. [13] I would, inTelepathy, 66:still greater facts. You can see, therefore, the significance and the importance of the dictum inTelepathy, 74:is a perfectly meaningless phrase, since its significance is most carefully guarded. SymbolicallyTelepathy, 104:impression. [104] You have here the true significance of the Cross of humanity clearly revealed.Telepathy, 107:the slayer of the real." There is a deep occult significance to the words "an open mind"; it is as
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