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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFIES

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Astrology, 136:need. The sign Aquarius is also a dual sign and signifies two vibrations. It is here that itsAstrology, 175:is the more strictly Aryan symbol for this sign, signifies the orientation of the man towards aAstrology, 179:which the Crab ever takes shelter), and the Fish signifies freedom. In between - in Leo,Astrology, 220:the ocean, whose trident and astrological symbol signifies the Trinity in manifestation and Who isAstrology, 263:number: Mercury - This is the orthodox ruler. It signifies the versatile energy of the Son of Mind,Astrology, 265:inchoate power. Personality integration. It signifies the emergence of personality and preparationAstrology, 265:point of equilibrium between soul and form. It signifies the emergence of free choice. It isAstrology, 265:of Initiation. This exists in five stages and signifies the emergence of the dominating ChristAstrology, 272:Gemini is definitely a sign of duality and signifies the relation of these two major energies inAstrology, 436:must eventually be climbed and surmounted. It signifies, therefore, the great force of liberationAstrology, 549:as far as humanity is concerned, because it signifies soul and personality, consciousness and form;Bethlehem, 75:"The accomplishment of the age of twelve years signifies a full period of evolution when anBethlehem, 88:that number, where humanity is concerned. Thirty signifies the perfecting of the three aspects ofBethlehem, 154:God Himself shines forth. James, we are told, signifies "illusion," distortion. Here we haveBethlehem, 201:real meaning of the word sin is very obscure. It signifies literally "the one who it is."Bethlehem, 202:on towards greatness. The word "transgression" signifies the walking across a boundary; it involvesBethlehem, 203:is a word with a seemingly innocuous meaning. It signifies simply an unevenness, an inequality. AnBethlehem, 205:the realization that, in the last analysis, sin signifies wrong relation to other human beings. ItBethlehem, 209:on the hill outside Jerusalem (the name of which signifies the "vision of peace"), thus callingBethlehem, 280:and dogmas based upon a specific authority signifies distrust in the power of experience toBethlehem, 280:of belief and action. Faith in its newer sense signifies that experience itself is the soleDestiny, 73:once she dies to self. Capricorn, ruling Paris, signifies both death and initiation into theDiscipleship1, 323:realized much of what the inner path of reality signifies. Such cycles of realization mustDiscipleship1, 695:aspiration and spiritual determination. It also signifies an opportunity of an unprecedentedDiscipleship1, 745:never for himself or his own benefiting. This signifies that the disciple is capable of handlingDiscipleship1, 748:of the individual which (in its group form) signifies the control of the Hierarchy by Shamballa.Discipleship1, 750:has been substituted for peace. Serenity signifies that deep calm, devoid of emotional disturbanceDiscipleship2, 156:employed is not of a separate connotation; it signifies the basic unity in diversity and theDiscipleship2, 192:all three. What, my brother, does this mean? It signifies the following: That the vertical life ofDiscipleship2, 250:discovery of the point within the circle." This signifies - as far as the group is involved - theDiscipleship2, 267:spiritual perception or intuitive instinct signifies preparedness for the Transfiguration, theDiscipleship2, 293:which this conveys to the initiate understanding signifies an extension of the struggle which theDiscipleship2, 332:sharing in the Ashramic life, with all that that signifies, and in the opportunities which are thusDiscipleship2, 380:and understanding use. The idea that sacrifice signifies happiness and a joyful process of makingDiscipleship2, 476:The Diadem. This is a dual symbol. It signifies accomplishment or the crowning period of your lifeDiscipleship2, 539:state of mind and a specific state of being; it signifies a point in [540] evolution wherein theDiscipleship2, 542:results attained. That occult obedience which signifies freedom, spiritual freedom, within a worldEducation, 124:things. What, therefore, does this indicate? It signifies a trend in the consciousness of humanityExternalisation, 165:"forgiveness" is a curious and unusual one and signifies (according to the best derivative sources)Externalisation, 166:meaning of the phrase, "God is Love," for love signifies giving and sacrifice, at least in thisExternalisation, 290:in the manifestation of divinity in man; it signifies domination over physical law and humanity'sExternalisation, 333:and hold its position at all costs. That which signifies the most at this time is the spiritualExternalisation, 555:word "keynote" has been deliberately chosen and signifies the sound which preceded each majorExternalisation, 610:and until He brings it we know not what it signifies; we cannot realize the revelation which thisFire, 38:bond, and this is the nature of desire. Vrinite signifies the envelopment, the covering with anFire, 159:The circle with the point in the center. This signifies the production of heat in the heart ofFire, 161:from and around the entire periphery. This signifies completed activity in every department ofFire, 696:The five-pointed star on the mental plane signifies (among other things) the evolution, by means ofFire, 696:when flashing forth at initiation, this number signifies the full development of the fifthFire, 786:the final stage in actual form building, and signifies the moment wherein the work is done asFire, 874:work of the lunar Pitris and the solar Lords. It signifies essentially the form-building work inFire, 874:and its energizing by the spiritual aspect. It signifies the elevation of the material aspectFire, 1170:Masters, represented by vegetable perfumes. It signifies radiation, and to those who have the keyFire, 1225:the fifth aspect of Mahat." This symbol, which signifies the liberation achieved and the gainsGlamour, 9:forming a triangle or a series of triangles signifies the Trinity, or any series of triplicatesGlamour, 193:of Light is more closely related to the mind and signifies the method whereby the illuminationGlamour, 208:mind and of matter in the mental vehicle. This signifies a bringing together of the light of matterGlamour, 230:great symbol of light and of consciousness and signifies the vertical light and the horizontalGlamour, 230:and the two shoulders is the sign of matter. It signifies in reality the third Aspect. The CrossGlamour, 262:marks the recognition of a basic distinction; it signifies refusal to be identified with anythingGlamour, 263:composed. Indifference, technically understood, signifies direct descent from there to here,Healing, 298:the world, are "before the Throne of God"; this signifies that They are not yet in a position toHealing, 394:their specific meanings: The Work of Restitution signifies the returning of the form to the basicHealing, 676:its lower expression goodwill. The will-to-good signifies the stable, immovable orientation of theHercules, 17:The name Hercules was originally Herakles, which signifies "the glory of Hera". Hera representsHercules, 43:by man. Sin, according to its connotation, signifies "the one who it is," the uprising of the unitHercules, 51:bull. To ride an animal, in the ancient myths, signifies control. The bull is not slaughtered, itHercules, 66:Alan Leo tells us: "Mercury in the outer world signifies schools, colleges, and all places whereHercules, 66:literary institutions ... In consciousness, it signifies thought, understanding, reason,Hercules, 69:tells us that the name of the brightest star signifies, "redeemer", that the next brightest is "theHercules, 70:of the Labor The whole of this story really signifies the lesson which is the first that allHercules, 75:himself under the symbol of Prometheus, who signifies God incarnate, releasing him from the tortureHercules, 85:physical plane, the other marks its climax. One signifies potentiality, and the other consummation.Intellect, 96:translated "spiritual reading." It really signifies reading with the eyes of the soul, with theMagic, 90:lighted on the plane of the mind. Light ever signifies two things, energy and its manifestation inMagic, 199:one hundred and forty-four appears. This number signifies the completed work of the twelve creativeMagic, 364:even a knowledge of what planetary consciousness signifies, the above information has only oneMagic, 582:in the physical plane life may be - that signifies to Those Who watch and seek for workers, that aMeditation, 283:as you know, in the basic sense signifies the complete surrender of the whole being to one object,PatanjaliScience of Union. AUM. is the Word of Glory; it signifies the Word made flesh and the manifestationProblems, 128:and this is good and right and encouraging. It signifies progress, but, as yet, the churches failPsychology2, 48:[48] of translation into modern language. It signifies that complete merging which the mysticPsychology2, 239:More is not possible until each of those words signifies something practical in our own innerPsychology2, 381:Those Who Know no sense of separativeness, and signifies one wherein the transmuted and purifiedRays, 17:the soul or consciousness aspect, and "living" signifies appearance upon the physical plane. UponRays, 237:of races through the processes of war; this also signifies progress and is preparatory to greatRays, 256:place increasingly. What does this mean? It signifies the fact that the members of the group areRays, 256:is a process at this stage, and not an event. It signifies that the group antahkarana is built andRays, 256:the Plan is being obeyed and carried out. It signifies also that the three strands of the "rainbowRays, 258:as usually interpreted and understood. It signifies the ability to view all life with a sense ofRays, 293:his consciousness this injunction to express, it signifies to him not his own needs orRays, 356:(as the theologians believe and teach), but signifies the universal dissemination of the ChristRays, 394:greater importance than you can imagine, for it signifies a new relationship of a spiritual natureRays, 473:consciousness) the Hierarchy and Shamballa. This signifies a great and critical moment in humanRays, 486:at the point of greatest possible tension. It signifies the bringing about of a condition in theRays, 516:takes form in the mind of the disciple and signifies the assertion: "I see the greatest Light."Rays, 534:Let us now consider what the initiatory process signifies to the disciple as he seeks to lead theRays, 539:the varying "lights" upon the Lighted Way that signifies readiness for initiation. The initiateRays, 566:our theme of the rays and initiation. This signifies in reality a study of the rays as theyRays, 643:initiation is the Initiation of Revelation; this signifies the power to wield light as [644] the
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