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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNIFYING

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Astrology, 154:horns: Aries, the downturned horns of the ram, signifying the coming into manifestation, theBethlehem, 75:is regarded by the esotericists of all faiths as signifying the number of completion; it recursBethlehem, 153:Shuhite represents the mental nature, the mind, signifying as he does "contrition," which becomesBethlehem, 153:Shuhite means "prostration or helplessness," signifying that alone and unaided the mind can revealDiscipleship2, 349:Lords of Karma in a direct relationship and as signifying the ending of karma in the three worlds,Discipleship2, 660:Group love, embracing individuals. Humility, signifying your personality attitude. Service,Discipleship2, 660:indicating your soul's preoccupation. Patience, signifying the embryonic immortality andFire, 984:of the Zend "mag," "looms up the Sanskrit, maha, signifying great." It is thought by good scholarsFire, 1225:hieroglyphics in the earliest Sensa script signifying, "Still I seek." The symbols of the sevenHealing, 152:first initiation is regarded by the Masters as signifying admission to the Path. It is called anHealing, 152:Lemurian days, it was then the first initiation, signifying entrance into complete physicalHealing, 175:head. From the ajna center into the head center, signifying the complete unification of all theHercules, 68:when a star blazes forth before the initiate, signifying his realization of his identity with theIntellect, 101:untouchable. To some, it is simply a vague term signifying that by which we register thought orMeditation, 80:thousand, one hundred and ten, the total number signifying the perfection of the microcosm, - tenPatanjali, 102:meaning "freedom from limitation," and therefore signifying the attainment of pure spiritualPsychology2, 493:other traces it back to an old Anglo-Saxon root, signifying "joy or bliss." Is there not a chance,Psychology2, 556:reality of their endeavor. Others regard them as signifying a definite "fall from grace". It seemsRays, 515:uttered with the right hand stretched forth and signifying the embodied will of the Lodge, itself aRays, 569:is the "house of bread" - an occult term signifying physical plane experience. These greatRays, 691:it is placed symbolically between the two eyes, signifying the twofold direction of the life energyRays, 692:word "crucifixion" comes from two Latin words signifying to "fix on a cross" (I have asked A.A.B.
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