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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNS

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Astrology, 518:and the Signs 2. The Races, the Rays and the Signs The theme we will now consider is one which isAstrology, 519:concerns the planetary centers, the rays and the signs which govern and control them. I would firstAstrology, 520:Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs When I say these words, I am not speakingAstrology, 523:Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs The force pouring through Darjeeling at thisAstrology, 526:Non-Sacred Planets - The Races, the Rays and the Signs I would also point out in passing that theAstrology, 533:with the essentials of the situation. This shows signs of happening. There is no power on EarthAstrology, 542:consciousness. For all this, the combination of signs, Leo, Capricorn and Pisces - is preparing theAstrology, 544:the Earth. Of this evocation, there are already signs. Astrology, Saturn:makes factual and clear that at this time, the signs of balance and of initiation can beAstrology, 561:when dealing separately with each of the twelve signs of the zodiac; it need not here be repeated.Astrology, 563:each of them to one or other of the twelve signs of the zodiac. On this I may not enlarge as itAstrology, 564:sensitive to the influences of the other three signs when they sweep into power as the lesserAstrology, 564:of the three energies of the three other signs of the Cross in which the Sun sign finds a place.Astrology, 566:through the use of the energies of these four signs of the Fixed Cross, Christ demonstratedAstrology, 567:the Hidden Christ The Cardinal Cross In the four signs of this Cross we find Him also manifestingAstrology, 579:the seven rays. We have been occupied with the signs and their effects, and with the new and deeplyAstrology, 621:between constellations as galaxies of stars, and signs as concentrated influences will come freshAstrology, 635:as the Guides (the planets and the Zodiacal signs) are above the lamp posts. (S.D. Vol. III, 341)Astrology, 637:or soul cannot be disconnected from Zodiacal signs... (S.D. Vol. I, 730) The following fiveAstrology, 638:whether separately or in combination with other signs, has an occult influence, either for good orAstrology, 639:of all the Heroes of antiquity through the signs of the sun and the heavens... are in eachAstrology, 639:of an adept before and after initiation. 5. The signs of the zodiac: Each a double sign in ancientAstrology, 639:or Mars with the female wolf... So as these signs were opposites of each other, yet met in theAstrology, 641:from any one of the twelve constellations or signs of the zodiac, with which astrology concernsAstrology, 653:- Suggestions for Students The Words for the Signs of the Zodiac From the angle of form. NaturalAstrology, 653:of form. Natural order. Retrogression through signs. Pisces Through the Signs to Aries Pisces - AndAstrology, 653:Retrogression through signs. Pisces Through the Signs to Aries Pisces - And the Word said: Go forthAstrology, 653:Correct passing through sign. Aries Through the Signs to Pisces Aries - I come forth and from theAtom, 102:of reaction to stimuli; that they manifest signs of fatigue, and that it is possible to poison aAtom, 102:reaction appears; not only is the animal showing signs of sensation in greatly increased degree toAtom, 102:in the vegetable kingdom, but it also shows signs of intellect, or embryo mind. Instinct is aAutobiography, 14:astrologers, to my amusement, assign different signs as my rising sign - Virgo, because I loveAutobiography, 28:her. She was then a very old lady but showed signs even then of beauty; she must have been veryAutobiography, 196:those who would really work hard and who showed signs of true mental culture. I told him that weAutobiography, 271:them into the work. He watches his helpers for signs of spiritual unfoldment and advances them toBethlehem, 28:as a result of this perception. There are signs that this is already happening, that theBethlehem, 61:are (15) the twelve disciples (the Zodiacal signs); and (16) the betrayal by one of the twelve.Bethlehem, 63:is as old as religion itself. Whence came the signs, and how the [64] meanings and symbolsBethlehem, 65:For instance, we read: "Among the thirty-two signs which were to be fulfiled by the mother of theBethlehem, 76:twelve probably have their origin in the twelve signs of the zodiac, that imaginary belt in theBethlehem, 176:We have not yet achieved this greatness, but the signs of it can be seen. Already there areBethlehem, 181:the universe, which have become the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, and as the four powerful sacredBethlehem, 181:Zodiac, and as the four powerful sacred animal signs, are both cosmical and spiritual... These fourBethlehem, 181:the consecrated animals of the Zodiac, while the signs themselves represent the basic fundamentalBethlehem, 182:E. V. Straiton, Vol. 1, p. 104. [182] These four signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, andBethlehem, 182:crucified upon the four-armed cross. These four signs are to be found unequivocally in the Bible,Bethlehem, 183:of souls to ascension lies through the twelve signs of the zodiac," and the church festivals todayBethlehem, 253:a disposition towards divinity. The faint, dim signs of a still higher kingdom can now be seen, inDestiny, 63:of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs 3. The Nations and their Governing SignsDestiny, 63:Signs 3. The Nations and their Governing Signs There are many other angles from which we couldDestiny, 63:of some of the countries and their governing signs. This would be a practical though necessarily aDestiny, 63:possible for them to assign the correct ruling signs to the various countries and nations or toDestiny, 66:of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs The Nations and their Ruling Signs It is,Destiny, 66:Governing Signs The Nations and their Ruling Signs It is, however, obvious that nations react likeDestiny, 66:of the nations, indicated by their governing signs of the zodiac, trusting that you will give dueDestiny, 66:the ordinary accepted assignment of zodiacal signs to the various countries, but not always. I willDestiny, 66:countries, but not always. I will give you two signs for each country. One will be the emergingDestiny, 68:of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs It would, I feel, also be of value if IDestiny, 68:themselves definitely governed by certain ruling signs; therefore, before giving the rulers of theDestiny, 69:you have a definite hint conveyed. The zodiacal signs relate, but the planets are more influentialDestiny, 69:of the Nations - The Nations and their Governing Signs It is not my intention to give you theDestiny, 69:It is not my intention to give you the ruling signs of the capitals of all the countries; I haveDestiny, 69:Cancer 4th Sagittarius 9th An analysis of the signs ruling the different comities will make certainDestiny, 70:but upon energy effects, coming direct from the signs themselves, or via certain planetary rulersDestiny, 74:is to find expression. Therefore, the following signs (cosmic energy) and planets transmittingDestiny, 76:the Path of a World Savior? There are as yet no signs of this; when the time to make peace treatiesDestiny, 80:the sign of discipleship and one of the death signs in the zodiac. The struggle for the soul of theDestiny, 83:following energies, working through the zodiacal signs and the ruling planets: Gemini - with itsDestiny, 85:she follows the indicated lines. Her two ruling signs are Aquarius and Leo and her real function inDestiny, 89:back and [89] to vanish into hiding at the first Signs of trouble. Because also the SagittarianDestiny, 93:to know the governing rays and the astrological signs of these five centers, but it must not beDestiny, 106:with the essentials of the situation. This shows signs of happening. There is no power on EarthDestiny, 131:most intricate and abstruse discoveries to a few signs and symbols. The next step is to embodyDestiny, 131:and symbols. The next step is to embody these signs and symbols into a word or words, thusDiscipleship1, 476:occult sensitivity and drive out the last few signs of your ancient and deep seated self-pity.Discipleship1, 771:involved, being unduly engrossed with the outer signs of the struggle and so losing the long rangeDiscipleship2, 269:have proved well warranted. In spite of all signs to the contrary, in spite of the world war withDiscipleship2, 278:revolutions of the past two hundred years are signs of the striving of the spirit aspect? ThatDiscipleship2, 278:is life and will; the world today is showing signs of new life. Think this out in its modern andDiscipleship2, 410:on this and learn to recognize on every side the signs of human anticipation, and the pronouncedDiscipleship2, 420:What, my brother, are these marks? For what signs does the Master look before he presents hisEducation, 56:that the love petals are indeed showing signs of opening and this will make clear to you theExternalisationof these forces, characteristic of the two signs, produces in the atoms of the human body aExternalisation, 59:some of my disciples show me the subjective signs for which I look, which involves a rightExternalisation, 59:I do not mean that any of you who do show such signs will be in this group, but you will provideExternalisation, 69:some of the universal implications which the signs of the times portray and not be entirelyExternalisation, 124:disappearance off the earth of practically all signs of the wonderful Atlantean civilization exceptExternalisation, 232:is already apparent to those who ponder the signs of the times with an unprejudiced mind, unbiasedExternalisation, 269:in which the sun passes through all the twelve signs of the zodiac. The period to which referenceExternalisation, 499:and bring more financial gain to their coffers. Signs of this opposition can already be seen in theExternalisation, 598:and its many gifts to man. [598] The early signs of His approach with His disciples can already beExternalisation, 598:by those who note and rightly interpret the signs of the times. There is (among these signs) theExternalisation, 598:the signs of the times. There is (among these signs) the coming together spiritually of those whoExternalisation, 600:knowledge, to visual recognition, to provable signs of executive work, and to the reorganizationExternalisation, 600:to say: Lo! He is there! Lo! Here are the signs of His divinity! for that would evoke onlyExternalisation, 678:centers in London and in New York are showing signs of life, and disciples are active in bothFire, 57:growth in every human being, was one of the signs of attainment or of initiation in an earlierFire, 457:which the intuition will show real and general signs of existing. In this root-race, units onlyFire, 457:of existing. In this root-race, units only show signs here and there of real intuition, havingFire, 666:as to the necessity for symbols, for they are signs which convey cosmic truths, and instruction,
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