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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIGNS

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Fire, 756:can vision it) of Brotherhood. Watch [756] the signs of the times, and be not discouraged over theFire, 841:of Brahman, in which the second petal is showing signs of opening and the second aspect in itsFire, 841:aspect in its lowest manifestation is showing signs of demonstration. They stand as representingFire, 841:petal is yet shut. The middle tier also shows no signs of vitality. Owing [842] to conditions inFire, 971:and its tenuosity is great, but it shows signs of organization and the outline of its form.Fire, 1052:which emanates from any one of those "Twelve signs of the Zodiac" with which astrology concernsFire, 1191:the planetary influences, and not so much to the signs of the zodiac where the nature of an Ego isFire, 1191:the nature of an Ego is concerned. The great signs of the zodiac concern the Heavenly Man, andFire, 1196:correspondence of this will be the twelve signs of the Zodiac with the Sun at the center,Fire, 1196:Vol. XXIX, p. 100. Compare also the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Fire, 1221:form was distorted. Not all the astrological signs can be traced to the symbols, for only a few canFire, 1259:be understood as a blind behind which one of the signs of the zodiac veils itself. The hierarchiesGlamour, 156:Dweller. It might be added that the three signs - Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn - lead finally toHealing, 81:terms: Closed, still and shut, and yet with signs of life, silent and full of deep inertia.Healing, 651:developed, but he could not fail to see the signs of it in the inflowing energy to the heart andHealing, 652:Where death is definitely indicated and the "signs of death" are noted by both the doctor and theHealing, 652:spiritual healer can learn to recognize the same signs. Then, instead of the present silence on theHercules, 6:of Hercules as he passed through the twelve signs of the zodiac. In each sign he expressed itsHercules, 6:gifts which the sign conferred. In each of the signs we shall find him surmounting his naturalHercules, 11:produce intelligent effects. Through the twelve signs of the zodiac he passed, struggling to workHercules, 12:In the passage of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac, we can see the marvellousHercules, 13:himself, and begins to work through the twelve signs of the zodiac, only now working from Aries toHercules, 13:application to the twelve labors in the twelve signs enables the disciple to become the triumphantHercules, 17:performing each of them in one of the zodiacal signs. He, therefore, represents every disciple whoHercules, 29:Aries and appears then to retrograde through the signs, passing into Pisces, and then to Aquarius,Hercules, 30:and so on through all the intervening [30] signs, back again to Aries. The man who is immersed inHercules, 44:the universe, which have become the four fixed signs of the zodiac, and as the four powerful sacredHercules, 44:zodiac, and as the four powerful sacred animal signs are both cosmical and spiritual, theyHercules, Note t:sign to Taurus is that of Scorpio, and these two signs constitute the [47] field of a stupendousHercules, 81:of Hercules - Labor IV - Part 1 Synthesis of the Signs Cancer is the last of what we might call theHercules, 81:last of what we might call the four preparatory signs, whether we are considering the involution ofHercules, 81:story is somewhat different, for in these four signs, he prepares his equipment and learns toHercules, 82:ready now for the greater work. In the next four signs, which we might regard as the signs ofHercules, 82:next four signs, which we might regard as the signs of physical plane struggle for achievement, weHercules, 82:illusion, in Scorpio. These are the four signs of crisis and of stupendous endeavor. In them allHercules, 82:illusion and form in Scorpio. In the final four signs, we have the signs of achievement. TheHercules, 82:in Scorpio. In the final four signs, we have the signs of achievement. The aspirant has worked outHercules, 83:and of the fiercely fought battles in the four signs of strenuous activity; and in these four finalHercules, 83:of strenuous activity; and in these four final signs demonstrate the gains achieved and the powersHercules, 83:powers developed. This brief summation of the signs, as they affect Hercules, will serve to giveHercules, 85:are the two solsticial points, the zodiacal signs Cancer and Capricorn, called the gates of theHercules, 88:Capricorn It is interesting to contrast the two signs, Cancer and Capricorn, for that which isHercules, 91:close analysis of the symbolism of the zodiacal signs deepens in one the strong conviction of theHercules, 100:to the involving soul, in the four preceding signs. In Aries, the soul took to itself that type ofHercules, 107:that lies ahead of him in the next three signs and by the slaying of the lion of [108] his ownHercules, 115:aspects, Virgo is the oldest of the zodiacal signs. Down through the ages, be it Lilith or Isis,Hercules, 115:further emphasized by the fact that eight other signs (all except Leo, Libra and Capricorn) throughHercules, 115:that all men and women pass through all signs, and for those born in Virgo, or having that sign onHercules, 115:This is significant, implying that these two signs are "connected with the [116] growth of ChristHercules, 122:sign Virgo definitely relate it to eight other signs, as has been noted, making it the outstandingHercules, 122:synthesis. Including Virgo itself, we have nine signs or energies interplaying, the number of theHercules, 127:It is said to be one of the most difficult signs to understand. It is the first sign that hasHercules, 152:Labor VIII What is Death? There are three death signs in the zodiac; three great deaths take placeHercules, 164:In Sagittarius, the first of the great universal signs, we see truth as the whole when we are usingHercules, 165:out of the contentions of the previous eight signs. When I am really functioning in Sagittarius, IHercules, 165:in some books on astrology that there are three signs of beneficent outpouring in the zodiac. OneHercules, 171:says the Tibetan, is one of the most difficult signs about which to write and is the mostHercules, 172:be initiates and enter upon two great universal signs of service to humanity. For it is interestingHercules, 173:with his own liberation. Now we enter upon three signs that have no relation to his personalHercules, 173:round the zodiac, learned all the lessons of the signs and climbed the mountain of initiation; heHercules, 187:Rulers and Constellations Aquarius, like other signs, is divided into three decanates. We are nowHercules, 200:the end of a zodiacal cycle. There are three signs of salvation in the Zodiac. First, Leo, whereHercules, 205:by the Labors of Hercules through the zodiacal signs. It is as though God had pictured in space hisHercules, 211:The following abstract of notes on the zodiacal signs is offered as a basis for further study andHercules, 215:of souls to ascension lies through the twelve signs of the Zodiac... the descending path is theHercules, 215:the deeper significance of the energies of these signs which fall upon our little planet, and theHercules, 216:constellations, which constitute the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and from which they are named....Hercules, 216:It is divided into twelve equal parts called 'signs of the Zodiac', each containing thirty degreesHercules, 216:being called by the same names as the twelve signs, although they do not cover the same area of theHercules, 216:appear to move forward against the order of the signs at the rate of 50 1/3 seconds per year."Hercules, 217:just as the rotation of the earth makes the signs rise and set, a new sign being on the ascendantHercules, 218:forms its basic premise, is that each of these signs, through which the sun and earth appear toHercules, 220:in its exoteric forms, the influence of the signs is surely substantiated and there is a realHercules, 221:formed by the interplay between the twelve signs of the Zodiac. There are in the Zodiac thirty-sixHercules, 222:the disciple Hercules. He personified these four signs, and was crucified upon this Fixed Cross.Hercules, 222:was crucified upon this Fixed Cross. These four signs are regarded in our Christian belief as theHercules, 223:They constitute the totality of the twelve signs. Hercules, 225: The Labors of Hercules - Journey through the Signs Journey through the Signs (As a back-drop toHercules, 225:- Journey through the Signs Journey through the Signs (As a back-drop to the drama enacted in eachHercules, 225:and then his journey through the twelve signs, and by means of the twelve labors, to the pointHercules, 226:to service finds its expression in the two last signs of the zodiacal round, those of Aquarius andHercules, 227:Virgin), therefore, the first of the disciple signs, he performs his sixth labor, and seizes theHercules, 227:transcendental one, as we find when we study the signs of Virgo and of Capricorn. In LibraHercules, 227: The Labors of Hercules - Journey through the Signs In Scorpio (October 23 - November 22, theHercules, 228:that of the Transfiguration. The next two signs, Aquarius and Pisces, show us the liberatedInitiation, 143:initiation, and only when the individual signs blend and coincide with the ceremonial chart byInitiation, 153:Brahma. 5. There are again five Great Words with signs which come under the department of Vishnu,Initiation, 165:ponder and meditate upon the cosmic and systemic signs. It prepares them for the grasp and innerInitiation, 166:bear, the lion, and the dog. The line. Certain signs of the Zodiac, hence the need for the study ofIntellect, 266:meet as Sons of God, but they will know also the signs of the illumined man and with him they willMagic, 314:the line of materiality! The final stages of all signs produce over-development of the factor onMagic, 338:an egoic vibration. It is one of the first signs that the soul is beginning to use its mechanism.Magic, 438:of them, the personality is totally unaware. The signs which fall therefore into the fourMagic, 494:of all physical activity, the severing of all signs of love and of affection, and the passageMagic, 548:the goal of his endeavor in each of these four signs and under each of these four powers. In TaurusMagic, 605:attention of the world. They are studying the signs of the times. They investigate the great dramaMagic, 623:of the work, and inevitably he will show signs of cracking at times, if I may use such a word. TheMagic, 624:are now working in the world. Some are showing signs of physical pressure, though the inner lifeMeditation, 182:somewhat, and the spiritual mind showed signs of awakening. In this way the two great evolutions,Meditation, 324:of the great circular passage will be found the signs of the zodiac, the four entrances standing
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