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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SILENCE

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Astrology, 248:As it is esoterically said: "Before creation, silence and the stillness of a focused point." ThisAutobiography, 10:a sunset arrests our amazed attention, or the silence, deep and unbroken, of the moors and countryAutobiography, 25:not permitted to speak and our good behavior and silence were under the anxious eyes of ourAutobiography, 41:in a field or by a rock and try to listen to the silence all around me and to hear the Voice -Autobiography, 65:I had better go and find another table." A dead silence descended upon us. Then one of the menAutobiography, 94:not always necessary to state the truth boldly. Silence could sometimes be helpful. I had,Autobiography, 112:person or quick on the trigger but I expect my silence and attempted patience was aggravating.Autobiography, 183:to annoy everybody? Do [183] you demand complete silence in the house whilst you do your morningAutobiography, 239:coming century the Masters may emerge from Their silence and again be known among men. To this endBethlehem, 110:was thrown back upon Himself, and there, in the silence of the desert, alone with His thoughts andBethlehem, 111:between the crowd whom He loved and the silence of the solitary places. First He is to be found inBethlehem, 111:of this were succeeded by the deep and interior silence of the Cross, where, forsaken of all, HeBethlehem, 111:alone. Yet it is in these moments of complete silence, when the soul is thrown back upon itself andBethlehem, 175:dead. The Resurrection initiation is veiled in silence. All that is recorded is the reaction ofBethlehem, 222:lower nature had been completed, and there was silence and darkness for three hours. Then wasBethlehem, 255:On the one hand, the peace of the hermit, the silence of the forest, the exaltation of sacrifice,Bethlehem, 268:the sound of that "Voice which speaks in the silence" - when a man has quieted all the outerBethlehem, 284:citizens of the kingdom of Souls: love, wisdom, silence, non-separativeness and freedom fromDestiny, 150:taken the first initiation are entering the long silence of that symbolic thirty years wherein theyDiscipleship1, 6:in results - may be achieved in the calm of silence and the rest of what the Hindu calls samadhi -Discipleship1, 14:and dimming; the hearing of the Voice of the Silence which is the voice of the soul but not of theDiscipleship1, 66:with those whose minds you seek to impress. Silence, complete and unbroken as to what you areDiscipleship1, 78:silent until it is no longer necessary to do so. Silence is one of the prime prerequisites forDiscipleship1, 79:or comments. If you cannot be trusted to keep silence and to preserve a detached and independentDiscipleship1, 104:out of your meditation work and sit in perfect silence with your attention focused upon the Lord ofDiscipleship1, 140:of every day. Go your own way with strength and silence, and do that which your soul demands. LetDiscipleship1, 211:towards the Portal of Initiation. The vow of silence which all disciples take must still be kept,Discipleship1, 230:as possible. Then take five minutes for complete silence, of both the inner and the outer man. TheDiscipleship1, 230:aid in this. Then inaudibly and in the achieved silence, sound the Sacred Word, the 0. M.,Discipleship1, 237:reticence which produces inner power and outer silence. Speak less and love more... Discipleship1, 277:must be handled with impersonality, love and silence. Seek to integrate others into the service ofDiscipleship1, 297:your essential emergence, radiant and free, is silence and patience and not too great a use of theDiscipleship1, 300:You have insulated yourself behind a wall of silence, and cannot be reached. The karmic opportunityDiscipleship1, 305:my brother. Preserve as heretofore that inner silence that guards the secrets of the soul, and theDiscipleship1, 329:Give this kind of help, for well you can. In silence and in confidence and in a growing innerDiscipleship1, 345:love, understanding, and again love, followed by silence. This you have attempted successfully.Discipleship1, 346:is quite a long time, my brother) of complete silence, preserving, if you can, an unmovedDiscipleship1, 415:reading, gentle thought, organized activities, silence and the refusal to take on non-essentialsDiscipleship1, 420:of those with whom you are daily associated, and silence as to yourself. Ponder on this, for in itsDiscipleship1, 421:I would give you has in it these two thoughts of silence and joy, for these, rightly fostered, meanDiscipleship1, 421:consciousness from the periphery to the point of silence within the head, to the place where theDiscipleship1, 421:and merge." Then endeavor to feel that utter silence. When you have entered into it and are awareDiscipleship1, 421:on the true significance, value and reward of silence. Next, visualizing a vivid electric blue,Discipleship1, 497:perhaps more easily than most; but a trained silence where you yourself are concerned, and aDiscipleship1, 504:that must be done and I have but to look on in silence to see eventual achievement. Overcome fear,Discipleship1, 507:to you about your problem. The reason for his silence and mine is that you now enter the stage ofDiscipleship1, 508:hour, [508] refusing to interrupt that hour's silence and stillness. Simply relax, rest, read andDiscipleship1, 508:will solve your problem and liberate yourself. Silence, serenity and loving service to all, withoutDiscipleship1, 525:replies of your soul. We shall speak when the silence of the outer life and of the personality hasDiscipleship1, 562:be faced and accepted and then followed by silence. What is, therefore, the lesson I seek today toDiscipleship1, 564:the glory of the Coming One. 3rd month - Let silence reign as the result of a heart free fromDiscipleship1, 570:the following terms or phrases: Relinquishment Silence Discipline Horizontal living Self-effacementDiscipleship1, 577:breathing exercise... Then, sit in perfect inner silence and quiet for fifteen minutes, notDiscipleship1, 593:I would have a word with you today, after a silence lasting many months. In this time you haveDiscipleship1, 607:you clearly and concisely, and ask you - in the silence of your heart and the light of your soul -Discipleship1, 607:in the distance. Have you done this? To preserve silence as regards yourself. Have you done this?Discipleship1, 630:with freedom, using your tower as a "Tower of Silence" for the lower self, as a place of entranceDiscipleship1, 660:old contacts. Enter into a period of happy silence and inner recuperation. [661] But be as far asDiscipleship1, 668:of the way to go and the need for speech or for silence. This waiting will often change theDiscipleship1, 681:not impaired; the conservation of energy through silence and through that constant radiation whichDiscipleship1, 739:alongside of me without criticism and with silence? Do I realize exactly where I stand? Whom I canDiscipleship2, 6:start a humble spirit and the priceless gift of silence. A group of disciples must beDiscipleship2, 26:activity or interests, and it involves no outer silence, or cessation of normal behavior. It isDiscipleship2, 37:sentence. Will you see if you can, in the silence of intensity, record these words? To help you inDiscipleship2, 109:are also endowed with the rare group virtue of silence, we shall not have the desiredDiscipleship2, 140:Will and Intention. A period of complete focused silence as you seek to present an unobstructedDiscipleship2, 176:and Intention. A period of complete, focused silence as you seek to present an unobstructed channelDiscipleship2, 206:to karmic law, and thus determine "in the deep silence of their united work" what can be possibleDiscipleship2, 337:by both attentive groups. There, in complete silence and in a condition of "isolated unity," theyDiscipleship2, 409:to find their way alone to the Hierarchy; in silence that Hierarchy has waited, until the number ofDiscipleship2, 453:he withdraws all his forces into a "well of silence" - a well, full of the water of life. In thisDiscipleship2, 454:- new phases of work. These are initiated in the silence of the process of abstraction, releasedDiscipleship2, 467:be ready for this awakening. Hence the complete silence hitherto held upon this subject. AdeptshipDiscipleship2, 511:and usefulness but this withdrawal into the silence of the Hierarchy is not based and never will beDiscipleship2, 511:never will be based upon any outwardly imposed silence by the initiate or disciple upon eitherDiscipleship2, 511:disciple upon either himself or his group. The silence concerns himself, and is based upon a humbleDiscipleship2, 511:he is simply a part and is not based upon a silence and a technique which simply emphasizesDiscipleship2, 511:does not recognize them. The outer imposition of silence and mystery is focused consequently aroundDiscipleship2, 518:asking nothing in return; simplicity leads to silence - not silence as an escape mechanism, but asDiscipleship2, 518:in return; simplicity leads to silence - not silence as an escape mechanism, but as an "occultDiscipleship2, 548:of speech transmute themselves into periods of silence. Yet both must play their part. You areDiscipleship2, 550:of speech transmute themselves into periods of silence." What does this mean? Something veryDiscipleship2, 550:you will be the balancing "periods of silence"; in order to acquire this quality of silenceDiscipleship2, 550:of silence"; in order to acquire this quality of silence (ashramic silence) you will have to learnDiscipleship2, 550:to acquire this quality of silence (ashramic silence) you will have to learn to practice silenceDiscipleship2, 550:silence) you will have to learn to practice silence within the ranks of your brothers andDiscipleship2, 550:Ashram. The circle of those who know the law of silence, but find it hard. They stand within theDiscipleship2, 550:part and utter not a word. They know not yet the silence of the Ashram. [551] The circle of thoseDiscipleship2, 551:of the balancing potencies of speech and of silence are the comprehended effects of occultDiscipleship2, 551:should be concerned with the occult meaning of silence, of voiceless interludes and of theDiscipleship2, 552:yourself achieving, with effort, that complete silence which will enable you to hear a voice whichDiscipleship2, 552:into the circle of those who know the Law of Silence. You now can hear my voice." Then imagineDiscipleship2, 552:reflection, and listen. Then across the silence and breaking into the current of your quiet thoughtDiscipleship2, 552:of access comes to those who know the Law of Silence. [553] This exercise will deepen your life,Discipleship2, 555:Deepen your meditation and intensify the inner silence within which it is desirable that you shouldDiscipleship2, 579:deepening, carried forward through realization, silence, loving understanding and inner synthesis.Discipleship2, 642:integrating, and therefore ask for the seal of silence. Then sound the OM seven times and proceedDiscipleship2, 657:I urge you to carry them forward in a spiritual silence. Pursue your physical plane activities andDiscipleship2, 667:you from your purpose. Carry all forward in silence and with love. Take the four words: Dream,Discipleship2, 756:growth. This is one of the first lessons in the silence which initiation entails. It is also one of
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