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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SILENCE

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Discipleship2, 764:The rewards of solitude. The voices heard in the silence of solitude. The silence of the Spheres.Discipleship2, 764:The voices heard in the silence of solitude. The silence of the Spheres. In this solitude there isExternalisation, 4:of Them are also preparing to break Their long silence and may appear later among men. ThisExternalisation, 13:"sitting for development" in a blank and waiting silence, they should endeavor to work positivelyExternalisation, 25:I call you, therefore, to a month of inner silence, of introspective thought, of self control andExternalisation, 25:you to a more complete 'fasting,' to a grave silence, to an inner focalization, to a purity ofExternalisation, 82:key to your success along this line will be the silence of a loving heart. It will be good also toExternalisation, 83:stand steady in spiritual Being. Third, that the silence of a loving heart should be our keynoteExternalisation, 99:from criticism; it involves that beneficent silence which carries healing in its wings and which isExternalisation, 99:is only expressive when the inhibition aspect of silence is absent and the man no longer has toExternalisation, 184:men over to the rule of Hitler; Russia, in her silence, cannot be trusted; Japan is upsetting theExternalisation, 286:be summed up in the words from The Voice of the Silence: Compassion is no attribute. It is the LawExternalisation, 354:need. There must be steadiness, selflessness and silence, plus courage and confidence - confidenceExternalisation, 384:reconstruction will be done by those who, in the silence of their own hearts, have walked with GodExternalisation, 519:evil in those days, the Hierarchy has stood in silence behind world events, occupied with theExternalisation, 524:the Hierarchy has functioned withdrawn into a silence on the higher levels of the mental plane andExternalisation, 620:enough and knows the meaning of sacrifice and silence. Circumstances and environment offer no trueExternalisation, 621:or of intruding. They therefore preserve silence, lose opportunity, and never discover how readyExternalisation, 673:or utilized when the Masters emerged from the silence in which They have guarded Themselves for soExternalisation, 685:the opportunity to bring to an end the long silence which has persisted since Atlantean days; theFire, 13:order. Upon the threefold levels in empty silence stood the forms. They vibrated, they responded toFire, 28:The Chohans of the highest plane gazed in silence on the work. The Asuras and the Chaitans, theFire, 87:of rest will then ensue, and the Voice of the Silence will be heard no more. The reverberations ofFire, 87:of the word will die away, and the "Silence of the High Places" will reign supreme. 37 Principles,Fire, 139:as the Kama-rupa - the shell." - Voice of the Silence, page 71. "The antahkarana is the imaginaryFire, 139:the antahkarana persists." - See Voice of the Silence, pp. 50, 55, 56, 88. Fire, 389:will see for themselves the necessity for silence. Fire, 449:than the Savitri is no mantra. Higher than silence is truth. The Creator stored the veritableFire, 610:which even the highest Dhyan Chohan must bow in silence and ignorance - the Unspeakable Mystery ofFire, 620:II, 88, 92, 100; II, 116. 1 In the Voice of the Silence the words occur: "Before that Path isFire, 711:referred to by H. P. B. in her "Voice of the Silence" as the path of "Dhyana" and "Dharma" or theFire, 868:must progress are spoken of in The Voice of the Silence, pp. 19, 20. 1st Hall - Hall of Ignorance -Fire, 979:the school and when they had learned to keep silence for that period, they were given the right toFire, 981:through knowledge of the forces and power of silence and of speech, can produce effects upon theFire, 1001:egoic intent, and listens for the "Voice of the Silence." He responds then to that VoiceFire, 1104:16 "Mind the Slayer of the Real." - Voice of the Silence, pp. 14-15. 17 Ahamkara. The "I" makingFire, 1194:- the Buddha of Compassion." - Voice of the Silence, p. 97. "The three Buddhic bodies or forms areFire, 1194:mankind, there is none known." - Voice of the Silence, p. 98. Fire, 1274:smother the lower fire and choke the sparks... Silence reigns. The absent Lhas forget the worldsFire, 1276:which will unseal the fount of speech. This silence lasteth for seven times forty-nine years andFire, 1277:He who hath held His speech breaks then the silence. He utters the four deep sounds which cause theFire, 1279:space disperses; naught is. Darkness reigns and silence on the waters. The central calm persists. *Glamour, 2:of a vision, the hearing of the Voice of the Silence, a pleased reaction to teaching of any kindGlamour, 112:illusion, and who are alive to the Voice of the Silence and to the demands of the soul. TheGlamour, 228:to this group work is ten minutes of complete silence in which the group members attempt to set upGlamour, 228:interlocking relationship, the group sits in silence for ten minutes. This is done in order toGlamour, 234:of Penetration. 9. Now follows five minutes of silence and intensity of purpose while the groupGlamour, 237:of the group members, followed by ten minutes' silence. The Protective Formula: The group membersGlamour, 239:its weakening and dissipation. Five minutes of silence and intensity of purpose whilst the work isHealing, 105:emphasize the urgent necessity for complete silence and reticence in relation to all healing work.Healing, 105:even among yourselves. If this basic rule of silence is not kept, it will indicate that you are notHealing, 301:known. There harmony, ease, rest and peaceful silence will be found. He weakened all the formsHealing, 454:just as the brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down. The house is empty. ActivityHealing, 457:over of the transient soul. First, let there be silence in the chamber. This is, of course,Healing, 457:the energy which will indicate aliveness. When silence and understanding rule the sick room, theHealing, 471:elimination of all that interferes with Sound. Silence then supervenes and the Sound itself is noHealing, 561:suppression and a too drastically enforced silence where fundamental emotions are concerned canHealing, 652:the same signs. Then, instead of the present silence on the part of both healer and doctor, whereHealing, 690:of our struggle and difficulty. [690] From "the silence which is sound, the reverberating note ofHealing, 704:touch the patient's body. When quiet, peace and silence have been reached, the healer will proceedHealing, 705:technique. The [705] quiet, peace and silence mentioned above refer not only to physicalHercules, 15:your deep desire to serve." The Teacher sat in silence and Hercules withdrew and faced the firstHercules, 23:in the sign Scorpio. The motto of that sign is silence. In Capricorn he becomes the Initiate, andHercules, 23:illusion has been overcome and the power of silence has been [24] achieved. Therefore, when anHercules, 24:work and service. So, doing and daring, in silence and with knowledge, he overcame all obstaclesHercules, 24:only what he did but also what he said. In the silence of Hercules and in his steadyHercules, 77:a son of man and yet a son of God. At first was silence deep. He uttered not a word or made aHercules, 107:of the bird of spirit. In The Voice of the Silence we read: "And then thou canst repose between theHercules, 113:this moment, e'er again you seek my face." Silence fell and Hercules, gathering the girdle to hisHercules, 117:keynote. "Again you have not understood". And silence fell, and Hercules, gathering the girdle toHercules, 135:it must originate within the human mind, in the silence of a man's heart, when he turns towards theHercules, 138:who does not speak, symbolic of the interlude of silence in the life of Jesus. Between the ages ofHercules, 138:30, we hear naught of him. These were years of silence, whether spent among the Essenes in Egypt orHercules, 156:of birds fled in frantic haste, never to return. Silence spread across the marsh. The horrid birdsHercules, 160: The Labors of Hercules - Labor IX Silence Sagittarius is the sign preparatory to Capricorn and itHercules, 160:it is called in some ancient books "the sign of silence". In ancient mysteries the newly admittedHercules, 160:the newly admitted brother had to sit in silence, he was not allowed to walk or speak; he had toHercules, 163:until there emerges out of the period of silence, a wonderful butterfly. It is almost as though inHercules, 164:potent person; potent because it is the sign of silence; potent because it is the sign ofHercules, 174:was one, never. The hallmark of the initiate is silence. Capricorn is a sad sign, it is the sign ofHercules, 200:is Sagittarius, the sign of service and silence, where the assertive man, tired of talking ofHercules, 204:I am not [204] talking of entering into the silence, of sitting down and having a blissful andInitiation, 25:of knowledge, dynamic will, Courage, and silence. "To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent."Initiation, 25:by the power of sound. This leads to their silence where the average man would speak, and theirInitiation, 74:and secrets imparted to him under the pledge of silence. The disciple must learn to be silent inInitiation, 78:the Voice of the God within, that sounds in the silence of the heart; the feet firmly placed on theInitiation, 132:great revelations there comes a moment of utter silence, and in the interim the initiate realizesInitiation, 145:Hall of Initiation at Shamballa, and a "wall of silence" is built up through mantric energy betweenInitiation, 147:This is a triple oath to retain complete silence as to the true nature of energy, as to its laws ofInitiation, 156:not to the reticence, the moroseness, the silence, and the voicelessness which often distinguishesInitiation, 198:has learnt the power of speech and the power of silence. This has a deeper and a wider significanceInitiation, 198:of the spoken word, and until he utilizes the silence of the high places for the bringing about ofInitiation, 199:case, initiate action upon the physical plane. Silence will be cultivated, and applicants will beInitiation, 199:applicants will be careful to preserve strict silence concerning themselves, their occult work orInitiation, 215:The Secret Doctrine, and the Voice of the Silence. Adept A Master, or human being who, havingIntellect, 97:Later this comes to be known as the Voice of the Silence, that word that comes from the "WordIntellect, 135:becomes somewhat clearer. It is a period of silence whilst something inner [136] transpires, and isIntellect, 199:by retiring from the world into seclusion and silence. Owing to conditions of life in ourIntellect, 217:beginner should assume. It is the attitude of silence. Aspirants to meditation talk much about theIntellect, 218:obligation. It simply involves organization and silence. Then, having found the time and the place,
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