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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SILENCE

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Intellect, 232:not by a mental stunning of ourselves into silence, or by the adoption of a method which inducesMagic, 65:purity of motive. The ability to enter the silence of the high places will follow next. TheMagic, 66:they are difficult to use as transmitters. The silence that comes from the inner calm is the one toMagic, 66:of the veil. If then they have not learnt the silence that comes from strength and from knowledge,Magic, 75:communicates the words and the three remain in silence. "When response is recognized as emanatingMagic, 75:as emanating from the three, the One, in silence, listens. The roles are changed. A threefold wordMagic, 84:and they drown the words that echo in the silence by the noise and whirl of business, pleasure andMagic, 94:which will enable him to hear the Voice of the Silence. That voice expresses to him, through symbolMagic, 103:sentiment and expediency. It will lead to that silence of the tongue which grows out ofMagic, 115:basic principles, the wisest methods are [115] silence and a joyful confidence that the Law works,Magic, 142:as the multitude of spoken words is reduced, and silence in speech is cultivated, will it beMagic, 150:the forces of the life steadily in the place of silence, and when this can be done with ease andMagic, 150:and has not yet attained, these interludes of silence, withdrawingness, and of detachment areMagic, 150:are frequently difficult and dark. All is silence and he stands appalled by the unknown, and by theMagic, 208:attentively for the sound that "soundeth in the silence" of the interlude. At the same time thinkMagic, 230:We are told that power is grown or developed in silence, and only he who can find a center of peaceMagic, 280:whilst the inner adjustments proceed in the silence of the heart. For the disciple, the workMagic, 287:life. The sacral center has to relapse into silence. It will be seen then that for the disciple theMagic, 288:Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence: "Naught is but Me!" Third Ray: - Let theMagic, 289:Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silence subsequent, let him chant forth the Word:Magic, 323:contact alternate with periods of apparent silence. Note here the choice of words. This alternationMagic, 366:he finds himself able to enter into that silence which will enable him to tap the divine mind,Magic, 418:them, then proceed no further, but - preserving silence - leave time and the law to correct theirMagic, 474:and kind and good as far as in thee lies. Keep silence and the light will enter in. Speak not ofMagic, 497:just as the brain fails to record, and thus silence settles down. The house is empty. ActivityMagic, 505:over of the transient soul. First, let there be silence in the chamber. This is, of course,Magic, 505:the energy which will indicate aliveness. When silence and understanding rule the sick room, theMagic, 512:which are characterized by speech and by silence. It is here that mistakes are made and here thatMagic, 512:out and the breathing in comes a period of silence and the moment for effective work. If disciplesMagic, 513:works in these vast interludes of meditative silence, called technically a pralaya, we need notMagic, 513:which our planetary Life utilizes the cycles of silence concerns Him alone, and it must beMagic, 515:with power. This interlude or period of intense silence differentiates itself into two parts: ThereMagic, 515:between two activities". This period of silence succeeds upon the activity (found so difficult byMagic, 517:and exhalation with its two interludes of silence and of thought. Let me again reiterate theMagic, 518:plane by the focused energy of will, used in the silence by the conscious man. As can be seen,Magic, 584:(having caught a whisper of the Voice of the Silence) is kept tuned to that high vibration and isMagic, 617:of the mountain air. Each sound is clear. The silence speaks with sound." Then come the highlyMagic, 631:the New Age have learned the secret of silence; they are animated ceaselessly by a spirit ofMeditation, 114:seed thought which (when brooded over in the silence of his own heart) [115] will produce muchMeditation, 187:is imparted, for, by brooding upon it in the silence of the heart, light may come, and the innerMeditation, 195:to greater aspiration and love. In united silence they will stand until, at a given word from theMeditation, 281:and have indicated that which (brooded upon in silence) may lead to the student making someMeditation, 293:conformed to rule, and entered within the silence of the high places, the law ever works, and heMeditation, 326:silent gestation in which the soul grows in the silence. Therefore, during the day there will beMeditation, 347:may be projected through the stillness. From the Silence of the Absolute was projected theMeditation, 349:The Secret Doctrine, and the Voice of the Silence. Adept A Master, or human being who, havingPatanjali, 60:the "still small Voice," or the "Voice of the Silence"), he recognizes it for what it is and inPatanjali, 197:every formulation of words used, The wise use of silence as a factor of service, The constant studyPatanjali, 273:aspect, and the Sound, or Word (the Voice of the Silence) can then be heard. Once heard and thePatanjali, 274:eventually come a hearing of the Voice of the Silence and contact with a man's own second aspect.Patanjali, 288:covered by H. P. Blavatsky in The Voice of the Silence in the following words: "Let thy Soul lendPatanjali, 336:lower planes) are superseded by the Voice of the Silence or of the Christ within, then the word orPatanjali, 337:Earth, so as to rightly use it, The Voice of the Silence, so as to hear it. This is the voice ofPatanjali, 338:can likewise be stilled, then the Voice of the Silence can be heard. It might be noted here thatPatanjali, 354:and its utilization to hear the Voice of the Silence, or the music of the spheres, is a departmentPatanjali, 357:and recognized it, and heard the voice of the silence.' " The wonderful synthesis of the teachingPatanjali, 419:the physical plane; he hears the Voice of the Silence and obeys its injunction, working steadily atProblems, 21:frontiers. It was, nevertheless, a creative silence. The war then forced Russia to quit her silenceProblems, 21:silence. The war then forced Russia to quit her silence for world collaboration. She was forcedProblems, 72:prominent [72] men in every nation; they insure silence through threat, cash and fear; they amassPsychology1, 78:loud. Quality - power to make the Voice of the Silence heard. God and His Angels now arise andPsychology1, 114:successes. They have also to preserve complete silence as to the existence of the group, and aPsychology1, 114:existence of the group, and a breaking of this silence warrants their elimination from the group.Psychology1, 256:much transpired which has been lost in the dark silence of the past. The animal world was then farPsychology1, 417:Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is but Me!' " THIRD RAY "Let thePsychology1, 417:Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silence subsequent let him chant forth the word:Psychology2, 39:heart of that which is divine. Retire into the silence and attune yourself unto the whole. ThenPsychology2, 44:days, the neophyte was forced into a prolonged silence. Speech was not permitted. This wasPsychology2, 44:to personal work through the means of that inner silence which broods over the disciple and forcesPsychology2, 44:of other disciples. Humanity as a whole, needs silence at this time as never before; it needs timePsychology2, 47:two are one. The Voice that speaks within the silence can be heard: 'The power that reaches fromPsychology2, 84:Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is but Me!'" Ray Three - "Let thePsychology2, 84:Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silence subsequent, let him chant forth the Word:Psychology2, 133:(that dire creator of misery) and is the silence that sounds. It would be well to ponder on thesePsychology2, 136:by the many voices, because the Voice of the Silence has been dimmed by the clamor of the astralPsychology2, 137:plane, and there, in a holy and controlled silence, wait, before permitting the force to pourPsychology2, 137:the centers in the etheric body. This point of silence is one of the mysteries of spiritualPsychology2, 169:can do no more good. Give me the key.' Then silence reigned... Through the opening on the summit ofPsychology2, 237:they have then passed out of human life into the silence of the unknown. The mystic and thePsychology2, 619:members learn the lessons of cooperation, of silence, of loving appreciation and a wise realizationPsychology2, 687:We must regard the Festival itself as a day of silence (I refer to an inner peace and silentPsychology2, 703:all that occurred was an interim of relative silence and a period wherein nothing seemed to occur,Psychology2, 704:resources. These interludes of apparent silence, of inertia and of inactivity are part of the greatPsychology2, 735:can we do? for this emergency must be met." A silence fell upon the assembled group. This lastedPsychology2, 747:require the development in all of the spirit of silence, for silence is the best method wherebyPsychology2, 747:development in all of the spirit of silence, for silence is the best method whereby spiritual forcePsychology2, 751:of Its opportunity. The Christ stands in patient silence, attentive to the effort that will makeRays, 60:just as he earlier heard the Voice of the Silence and the voice of his Master. Occult obedienceRays, 73:and by much unnecessary and almost obtrusive silence. He learns to penetrate into the consciousnessRays, 200:which can respond to them. The Voice of the Silence dies out also and the Word itself [201] cannotRays, 214:preparation for initiation is the cultivation of silence. How, we ask ourselves at times when theRays, 214:our disciples to realize that, essentially, silence is not refraining from speech. So manyRays, 214:more than they do - along right lines. The silence imposed in an Ashram is refraining from certainRays, 214:within the astral body of the disciple. The silence of thought is to be cultivated and, myRays, 215:duly meditate) a little of what is meant by the silence of the initiate. Within the permittedRays, 215:conditioning speech, even exist. Such is the silence of the initiated disciple. We have thereforeRays, 215:in diversity. Cultivating the potency of occult silence. Rays, 220:prior to the crucifixion, was one of complete silence; here is where the efficacy of the fourthRays, 220:a united and uniform tension, that "the silence of the secret place" settles on it and the work canRays, 220:of the point of tension; it emerges from the silence and its first expression is simply the slowly
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