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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SILLY

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Autobiography, 23:will later receive more attention. I regard the silly adolescent miseries through which I passed asAutobiography, 33:having to enquire. Also, I was very young, very silly, very good looking and well dressed and - inAutobiography, 74:seem to bother us. There we made tea and told silly stories; we asked riddles and never once did weAutobiography, 77:occasionally; a woman will give you lots of silly little troubles all the time and I can't beAutobiography, 92:pay we did. I think it is about time that the silly idiots who spend so much time in an effort toAutobiography, 97:Evans, about the Major in London and about the silly, wealthy idiot who had followed me home andAutobiography, 98:brain, or was going insane or something equally silly and I was too physically ill to combat thoseAutobiography, 122:you don't make much money. Hens are such silly things; they have such silly faces; they have suchAutobiography, 122:Hens are such silly things; they have such silly faces; they have such stupid habits; they areAutobiography, 142:of the truth and it dawned on me how silly it was just because some learned preacher or scholarAutobiography, 202:facts - they will know what to do. All this silly talk about little flowers and seed-pods andBethlehem, 110:temptations. In them was no petty, trifling, silly tempting, but the gathering up of the forces ofDiscipleship2, 334:put it this way: the petty selfishness and the silly little vanities and the irritations whichDiscipleship2, 456:their daily lives, know their petty faults and silly little failures and are fully aware of allExternalisation, 225:be possible through that open door? Is it only a silly dream and a fantasy that at the time of theExternalisation, 427:work, but also by the work and utterances of the silly little men with small vision who see not theExternalisation, 699:instructions will be disappointed (so futile and silly is the human mind in so many cases) becauseGlamour, 254:come from India, pose as Holy Men and get the silly women of the occident into their clutches. TheMagic, 4:"The Great Ones command..." and the group of silly sheep feebly and blindly tumble over themselvesPsychology2, 402:in order to evade no issue, to paint no silly optimistic and glamorous situation, or to portray noReappearance, 125:the true. The talk, the discussions, the silly claim-making, the pseudo-occultism and the futile
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