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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIMILAR

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Astrology, 4:a nature. From certain astrological angles, a similar process of decentralization must take placeAstrology, 43:of latency. The condition of the Hierarchy is similar, only on a cosmic scale, to the condition ofAstrology, 160:in the sign Scorpio. Today, in Aryan times, a similar conflict upon a higher turn of the spiral isAstrology, 263:the esoteric ruler. The significance of this is similar to that of the orthodox ruler. The Moon (orAstrology, 290:the human way. Another triangle is of a somewhat similar nature, Leo-Virgo-Pisces, but these threeAstrology, 387:situation. Part of the solution will come along similar lines and of this the prophecy now comingAstrology, 408:quiet. Of these macrocosmic events there are similar microcosmic correspondences in the lives ofAstrology, 447:Astrologers would find it of interest to note similar combinations in the individual horoscope. Astrology, 684:and negative polarity, and I pointed out that a similar relation underlies the relation of theAstrology, 690:case of a Heavenly Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar event occurs. Such an event transpired inAtom, 23:for something different. If we can find a word similar in intent, yet not tied to any particularAtom, 57:a concealed thought." If you take any noun, or similar word, for instance, and study its objectiveAtom, 61:all forms in all the kingdoms of nature are of a similar structure, differing only in degree ofAtom, 65:of the Atom - The Evolution of Form Thoughts similar to these can be worked out in connection withAtom, 78:as the greater system, demonstrating a similar activity and governed by analogous laws. We foundAtom, 79:our attention to the planet, picturing it as similar in its nature to the human atom, and to theAtom, 101:a great Entity, and one can then work out along similar lines this conception of a threefoldAtom, 102:of sensation in greatly increased degree to the similar response in the vegetable kingdom, but itAtom, 103:but that not all life and consciousness is similar to the human," and it also emphasizes the factAtom, 147:life, we should be able to predicate logically a similar state of affairs. Thus we were led intoAutobiography, 47:but to me friendship, mutual interests and similar attitudes to life are far more important thanAutobiography, 48:to the one question: "What would Jesus do in similar circumstances?" Having decided what He wouldAutobiography, 63:have hated to see one of my own girls in a similar position and would have felt that what was goodAutobiography, 130:kindness of the human soul to people in similar difficulties to their own. The poor are usuallyAutobiography, 202:seed-pods and babies coming via the stork and similar approaches to the sex problem, and they areBethlehem, 10:the outer plane of experience is indicative of a similar happening in a more subtle world ofBethlehem, 94:with the Father, and that He has called us to a similar divine unity. But is it not possible thatBethlehem, 124:disciple on his way towards perfection) faced a similar issue with courage, faith and aspiration,Bethlehem, 164:It is of real interest to compare a somewhat similar story related in The Bhagavad Gita, whereinBethlehem, 177:were - if not identical - so markedly similar as we find them. "I cannot of course go at lengthBethlehem, 179:Indians, North and South of the Equator, similar legends are, or were, to be found." - Pagan andBethlehem, 218:in the Person of His Son, He also suffers with similar acute agony in the person of that Son'sDestiny, 22:behind the democratic ideal constitutes a similar response to the universality which the love ofDestiny, 51:grouping. The United States is doing a somewhat similar thing and is fusing the nationals of manyDestiny, 53:the other nations or Great Powers. They share similar qualities and one of the services which GreatDestiny, 85:an end, with the aid of France (which has a very similar aggressive tendency), the period ofDiscipleship1, 24:unselfishness will gradually perfect in you a similar relation to other workers. This will work outDiscipleship1, 26:before the Hierarchy today is to bring about a similar happening in the life of humanity as aDiscipleship1, 32:human kingdom. We stand now on the verge of a similar but still more momentous event - theDiscipleship1, 78:was really serving myself and not humanity. From similar mistakes, I seek to save you, for time isDiscipleship1, 137:with my group that you should aim at a similar clarity of vision where they are concerned and theyDiscipleship1, 180:you will not recognize it; its vibration will be similar to the accustomed notes of your variousDiscipleship1, 180:Where all lines of influences are related and similar, there will always be a tendency toDiscipleship1, 183:the synthesis produced by the sumtotal of the similar thoughts, desires and plans of the majority.Discipleship1, 319:You yourself have a ray combination very similar to that of R. S. U., but owing to your sixth rayDiscipleship1, 344:of your fellow disciples, though not definitely similar, has many resemblances from the angle ofDiscipleship1, 376:of Exhalation. Take six more long breaths in a similar manner and then say: Let this divineDiscipleship1, 493:much loose talking re "calling in the soul" or similar terms. Yet it is not the soul which must beDiscipleship1, 695:Christ made his appearance on earth, there was a similar and still greater climaxing effort whichDiscipleship1, 696:whether he thinks, focuses and works along lines similar to that of the Master. How close is theDiscipleship1, 720:of Shamballa, in relation to the Hierarchy, is similar in nature but expresses itself upon a higherDiscipleship1, 737:power to cooperate with those also engaged in similar work. This, again, involves impersonality andDiscipleship1, 752:and its recognition is an expression of a similar contact, carried forward this time into the realmDiscipleship1, 755:emanating from a Master and enhanced by the similar, though much less powerful, radiations of theDiscipleship2, 90:deletions, about which she knows and which are similar to those in the first volume. You have hadDiscipleship2, 162:are - on a larger scale and of a higher nature - similar to those which the individual soulDiscipleship2, 180:realization that all men everywhere were in a similar plight and that this community of sharedDiscipleship2, 326:of their planetary Logos, just as the "Lives of similar Intention" - as it is esoterically called -Discipleship2, 410:you realize. The Masters are all working in a similar manner, where groups in preparation forDiscipleship2, 447:use a botanical symbol). This pod contains many similar seeds which will bear many similar trees.Discipleship2, 447:contains many similar seeds which will bear many similar trees. You have a fluid mind and can doDiscipleship2, 458:group, but recognize your group and all other similar groups as parts of a worldwide spiritualDiscipleship2, 517:is out of all proportion greater than that of a similar [518] number of aspirants. The interplay ofDiscipleship2, 567:[567] You would find the creation of similar combinations of spiritually explanatory words aDiscipleship2, 594:in the Ashram of your own Master - a position similar to that of A.A.B. in the Ashram of K.H. YouDiscipleship2, 668:than that of the World Teacher. I myself hold a similar position to the Master K.H. Through K.H.Education, x:cosmology, a world picture similar to the pantheism, of Eastern thought, wherein man can reverenceEducation, 3:achievement. Geography has been based on a similar reaction to an idea of expansion, and through itEducation, 18:and - in time and space - limited itself in a similar manner. On the physical plane and in theEducation, 45:history in another form but presented in a similar manner - a history of discovery, investigationEducation, 66:the work of the planetary Logos as He performs a similar task in connection with the "threeEducation, 100:fact that he is a unit in a functioning group of similar units, each of whom is expected toExternalisation, 8:and clairaudience, and the seeing of colors and similar phenomena. Clairvoyance and clairaudienceExternalisation, 39:do this along with other groups, working along similar lines, either consciously or unconsciously.Externalisation, 50:ideals and point of view of the fourth group and similar groups everywhere. So few truly first rayExternalisation, 55:and immanent, will be demonstrated, and also a similar fact in relation to man. The mode of theirExternalisation, 81:not alone in this, but that people with a vision similar to yours and with the same ideals andExternalisation, 88:which is underneath to eventual fruition, so a similar process is taking place in the world today,Externalisation, 94:these ray groups in the world. There are several similar experiments going on at this time upon theExternalisation, 95:today humanity is faced in the same way with a similar situation and possibilities. The higherExternalisation, 96:of tension for humanity in such a situation, similar to that to be found in the individual life,Externalisation, 120:worldwide extension began. These cycles are similar to the inbreathing and the outbreathing of theExternalisation, 130:which goes by the name of humanity there are similar focal points or those who plan, direct andExternalisation, 132:justice and wise patience. The U.S.A. has a similar task to perform for the Americas, calling forExternalisation, 160:you will note that the Wesak Festival enacts a similar invocation and process. It is a re-enactingExternalisation, 160:great planetary centers can be related in a similar manner. The Lord of Civilization, the Master RExternalisation, 178:immediately, other nations, biased by similar distorted ideologies and equally selfish purposes,Externalisation, 211:those you contact so that they also start a similar work. It is the work of attaining rightExternalisation, 239:that in itself would have indicated attitudes similar to those now being expressed by Germany) andExternalisation, 295:to an end. It might here be pointed out that in similar though somewhat less potent crises in theExternalisation, 328:experience and into a basic cooperation with any similar groups which are engaged in world salvage,Externalisation, 331:to the war is thus to be continued, and along similar lines. 10. Make a close individual study ofExternalisation, 435:will, once and for all, end the possibility of a similar world cataclysm. The activities of ourExternalisation, 453:Such a war will not work out, however, in a similar period of extreme carnage and blood; it will beExternalisation, 458:this statement out, and then recognize that similar seeds and similar areas of death (though to aExternalisation, 458:out, and then recognize that similar seeds and similar areas of death (though to a lesser degree)Externalisation, 471:advent of the spirit of the resurrection will be similar to that in the Biblical story. Mary, thatExternalisation, 513:cyclic wheel, in the evolution of the spiral, similar conditions will eventuate, the same needsExternalisation, 515:live? Are the vibrations extant upon this planet similar to Theirs and to which They can respond?Externalisation, 527:That, however, which will bring about a similar adjusting and aligning impetus in the seven major
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