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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIMILARLY

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Astrology, 336:the soul into the dark place of experience." Similarly, it is the magical pull of CapricornianAstrology, 529:force centers in the vital body of the nation. Similarly, in connection with the British Empire, aAtom, 25:the atom as being entirely self-contained, and similarly of the human units as having a separateAtom, 50:that the great Intelligence of our planet is similarly carrying His entire body of manifestationBethlehem, 91:the foundation upon which the present is based. Similarly, the imminent revelation of the comingDestiny, 104:force centers in the vital body of the nation. Similarly, in connection with the British Empire, aDiscipleship1, 763:points of will-energy. The love petals similarly transmit love-energy to the heart center, via theDiscipleship2, 14:The work of this group, and of other groups similarly motivated, is to achieve these undertakingsExternalisation, 41:or soul aspect of deity and those who were similarly representative of the matter aspect of deity.Externalisation, 143:and of contacts and each of you is in touch with similarly minded or enquiring people, with groupsExternalisation, 293:more truly and clearly before the disciple. Similarly, there come cycles wherein the Dweller on theExternalisation, 585:relates them, in consciousness, to many others, similarly motivated and conscious of a similarFire, 63:with the four secondary colors in the solar ray. Similarly the three primary entities which broughtFire, 71:or Causal body, the infant or germinal Ego. Similarly, the Ego expresses itself through theFire, 71:a closed circle; each of the seven finer ones, similarly flattened out, makes a closed circle. TheFire, 147:with the four secondary colors in the solar ray. Similarly the three primary entities which broughtFire, 151:the hypothesis that the solar ring-pass-not similarly rotates in its appointed place among theFire, 183:the study of the Law of Correspondences easier; similarly, the globes Of any chain are called byFire, 207:seen and the three higher are commencing to be similarly active. By the application of the Rod ofFire, 276:Cyclic evolution proceeds. A human being, similarly, holds (by means of his note) the atoms of theFire, 279:activity of other men, other human atoms. This similarly either tends to cooperation or cohesion,Fire, 280:Man, through the form of a planetary chain, similarly revolves upon His axis, and a like phenomenonFire, 280:may be observed. A planet repulses a planet similarly charged, for it is a known law that likeFire, 281:wherein a planetary Logos works out His plans is similarly as much of solar space as HisFire, 314:and the three planes of the three Logoi are similarly concerned. Fire, 333:so that he is a unit. A planetary Logos similarly does the same, with the difference that manas isFire, 352:only when it is realized that a solar Logos is similarly the manasic principle of those large atomsFire, 353:Man. The cosmic Logos of our system works similarly through three major systems (of which ours isFire, 365:on the part of the Logos of that scheme. Similarly (again in illustration) globe 2, chain 2 duringFire, 394:go to the composition of a particular center. Similarly, and microcosmically, a human being is theFire, 409:cells, the subdivisions of groups. These must be similarly interpreted. The cells, or theFire, 433:stimulation. At the fifth Initiation similarly the force of the third Logos may be felt, and at theFire, 446:of even greater activity than on our own globe. Similarly I may point out (even though it is notFire, 596:five lower worlds, and the Law of Death controls similarly in the three worlds. It is subsidiary toFire, 613:or an incarnation of the planetary Logos. A man similarly is the positive life or energy which,Fire, 639:etheric in its four lesser allied vibrations; similarly macrocosmically the lowest logoic vibrationFire, 691:Hierarchy, the aggregate of purely human Monads. Similarly, this triple force, produced by thisFire, 765:as the moon reflects the light of the solar sun. Similarly the egoic Sun, - through the interactionFire, 835:of the "War in Heaven" must here be sought. Similarly it must be remembered that planetary schemesFire, 976:particular thought form fades out and it dies. Similarly with a crime - the [977] thought form hasFire, 1001:the Ego in its shadow, or thought form, man, is similarly dimmed and hidden. [1002] Fire, 1134:permanent atom. Secondly, the vegetable kingdom similarly provides the negative energy for theFire, 1135:mineral nor vegetable but which bridge the two. Similarly in the vegetable kingdom, the rajasFire, 1152:Lords of the Rays, or the planetary Logoi, are similarly and karmically linked with the secondFire, 1160:third eye; the energy merging through them is similarly unified in the same head center. The thirdFire, 1160:by the Monad. The alta major center is similarly constructed by other streams of force andHealing, 59:of depletion. Cancer, in its turn, was based similarly on a previous shift of the life force fromHealing, 60:Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease Similarly, as the race develops right emotionalHealing, 160:purpose be achieved; when the thymus gland similarly becomes active in the adult, goodwill willHealing, 175:it is of great difficulty and oft of tragedy. Similarly, the transference of the energies of theHealing, 620:carries out His purposes upon our planet. Similarly, within the microcosm, man, the correspondencesInitiation, 85:so here the control of the astral is similarly demonstrated. The sacrifice and death of desire hasInitiation, 108:force, and at the fifth, first subplane force is similarly passed into the remaining atoms of theInitiation, 121:intelligent purpose, but of many other groups, similarly composed. Their united energy is workingInitiation, 132:tiny scale, the Master with whom they work can similarly assist them, and though he wields no RodInitiation, 136:utilized by a still higher aspect of existence. Similarly, in the case of the personality, when theInitiation, 136:vibration to that which composed the body egoic. Similarly, also, their evolution has beenInitiation, 138:seen, and the three higher are commencing to be similarly active. By the application of the Rod ofInitiation, 150:Word of Power is committed to the initiate, so similarly to the Logos was committed the great WordInitiation, 158:planes. An initiate of the second degree similarly affects the astral plane, and subsequently [159]Initiation, 169:in a new and illuminating manner. Similarly, through this revelation concerning the densest part ofInitiation, 216:states, the highs of which is the atomic plane. Similarly, each of the seven planes is divided intoIntellect, 240:formed of energy units, living in a world similarly constituted and working with energy all theMagic, 13:is not possible for finite man as yet to vision. Similarly the center of energy which we call theMagic, 71:the glory of the sun shining in its strength. Similarly, the light of the soul may emanate from theMagic, 214:mental plane, including the mental mechanism. Similarly on the emotional plane, the soul is broughtMagic, 568:the corresponding activity of the physical body. Similarly and symbolically, according to theMagic, 574:this to him if he will closely study them. Similarly, if he is using third ray force, in a personalMeditation, 25:now in the second period the emotional atom is similarly lit up, a signal to the Teachers that theMeditation, 29:path, groups of causal bodies correspond and are similarly composed, three factors entering in.Meditation, 56:matter is itself informed by some vital entity. Similarly, the cosmic Lords of Fire, the greatMeditation, 75:the second initiation the emotional centers are similarly awakened, and at the third initiationMeditation, 149:he has to become the occultist. The occultist similarly fails and becomes only a selfish exponentMeditation, 184:is the focal point for the microcosmic heat; similarly, as the earth is vitalized by the same heatMeditation, 218:which perfectly expresses that latent activity. Similarly in the second system of love, you haveMeditation, 245:conscious cooperation of the patient himself. Similarly, mental trouble has to be dealt withMeditation, 351:the highest of which is the atomic plane. Similarly, each of the seven planes is divided into sevenPatanjali, 126:the obstructions to the life of the Spirit are similarly rendered unfertile. These seeds are foundPatanjali, 219:the corresponding activity of the physical body. Similarly and symbolically, according to thePatanjali, 270:is seen to be the result of that which has been. Similarly that which will later eventuate isPatanjali, 311:immobility and rigidity of the human form. Similarly through concentration upon the solar plexus hePatanjali, 319:is achieved, for Atma or spirit shines there. Similarly through concentrated meditation upon thePatanjali, 320:of the heart center the love-wisdom aspect is similarly brought into use and the love of God isPatanjali, 328:instrument into activity during incarnation, and similarly produce trance, samadhi, or death. TheProblems, 9:betterment; groups in every nation are similarly motivated; the urge to move forward into greaterPsychology1, 62:particular ray Life. Each of the seven planes similarly reacts; each septenate in nature vibratesPsychology1, 120:soul) is on the fifth ray. The Being Who ensouls similarly the third kingdom, the animal kingdom,Psychology1, 136:Lives) with which our solar system is linked. Similarly the solar Logos functions through thePsychology1, 240:directed in its growth by the element of water. Similarly, the coming in of the seventh rayPsychology2, 49:is swept into activity and the etheric body is similarly vitalized. [50] Relationship between thePsychology2, 99:express Himself. Uranus, Jupiter and Venus are similarly allied in order to manifest or express aPsychology2, 283:and they in their turn as a group of souls are similarly related to the human family. Therefore wePsychology2, 394:path may see the whole of which he is similarly a part. Just as the intelligent student of humanityRays, 32:appalling from the angle of the personality. Similarly, the projection of the life and influence ofRays, 346:of one grade from another and from the unready. Similarly, when an aspirant, seeking upon theRays, 407:of Whom there are only three on our planet, are similarly active. They are active love-wisdom or aRays, 550:consciously to [550] work in a world of forces similarly composed; he then begins to use energy ofSoul, 80:can usually be translated simply by 'life,' and similarly, in many cases the German words Leben andSoul, 97:into the Akasha again, and the next creation similarly proceeds out of this Akasha. By what powerSoul, 102:The Philosophy of the Upanishads, pp. 286, 287. "Similarly numerous passages in the later
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