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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIMPLE

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Psychology2, 69:love-wisdom on the physical plane. This is a simple statement of the objective of all aspirants.Psychology2, 87:meaning of these laws clear, their objectives simple and their potencies understandable. Psychology2, 88:sins" and of the "at-one-ment" lies hid in this simple phrase. It is the basis of the ChristianPsychology2, 101:will be described as a Three, IV.7. Within this simple formula there will be lesserPsychology2, 155:most definitely controlled, for this is only a simple statement of the case. It is this realizationPsychology2, 158:Love of His heart for humanity. Yet, when these simple truths are enunciated and we are urged toPsychology2, 160:of meditation." This statement is relatively simple to grasp intellectually by the average occultPsychology2, 174:in his experience. These might be listed in very simple way [175] and would then connote to thePsychology2, 175:we could grasp this fact with clarity, that this simple formulation of requirements and theirPsychology2, 175:illustrate this, and we can then consider some simple facts which indicate that the aspirant isPsychology2, 176:human body. In the above paragraphs we have a simple summary of some of the deeper significances ofPsychology2, 176:of some of the deeper significances of the simple injunction: "Learn to discriminate." How muchPsychology2, 216:can be adequately comprehended. If it seems simple and clear it might be wise to distrust thePsychology2, 225:process. We have seen that we are considering no simple exercises or discipline, nor are we dealingPsychology2, 229:The above statement is, however, relatively simple, if interpreted in terms of one's own lifePsychology2, 260:but it is naturally brought about by the simple effect of their living in the world and therePsychology2, 288:the soul and these will be later discussed. Some simple yet powerful meditation formulas will bePsychology2, 396:Presented Attributes may appear to you a more simple phrase upon which to meditate and easier forPsychology2, 459:and thus constantly active. These sound fairly simple and usual types but I am not here consideringPsychology2, 469:permanent difficulty. The cure, however, is simple. Let the man thus afflicted realize the futilityPsychology2, 572:The only rules which I can give you are so simple that those who are occupied at this time withPsychology2, 573:Messiah complex. [573] I like that phrase. It is simple and concise and illustrates dramaticallyPsychology2, 587:So, therefore, think. These rules sound simple and familiar but are of profound difficulty toPsychology2, 654:is responsible. It is, in reality, relatively simple, if not complicated by too much statisticalPsychology2, 725:salvage the world, educate the race in a few simple and basic essentials, and so cooperate withPsychology2, 741:Humanity Today - The Great Approaches This is a simple program but of such a practical potencyPsychology2, 741:many will reject it on the ground that it is too simple, and yet the great and controlling factorsPsychology2, 741:and controlling factors in the world are always simple. Simple ideas work out when complex andPsychology2, 741:factors in the world are always simple. Simple ideas work out when complex and complicated onesPsychology2, 743:religions. Let us leave it at that, for it is a simple statement of a simple way to lay the groundPsychology2, 743:it at that, for it is a simple statement of a simple way to lay the ground for needed changes.Rays, 11:without benefiting the entire group. A few simple suggestions I will give you. These can be usefulRays, 26:great. The true significances are not the simple ones which appear upon the surface. The words ofRays, 26:significances and ideas. But they are not so simple. To sum up, therefore: these Rules are to beRays, 42:begins to grasp the inner meaning of those simple words. For long the teaching, given in the clearRays, 61:initiate to comprehend the significance of these simple words. Identification is realization, plusRays, 91:today is threefold, and the Rule states in very simple language these three aspects of His divineRays, 124:Rule VI would give the impression that it is a simple statement as to the universality of Life, andRays, 144:They are concerned only with the great and simple duality of spirit and matter, and not with theRays, 149:and his life circumstances. Life would be simple indeed if the average man had only seven factorsRays, 149:into the world of causes, realizing that one simple cause or directed movement of energy can set inRays, 152:a unified rhythm. Here you have a relatively simple analysis (on the face of it, though not inRays, 219:rapid progress can be made - again by the simple practice of divine indifference. This divineRays, 224:of initiation are thus guarded with care. One simple rule towards comprehension and attainment everRays, 250:occult groups or the interested public, but as a simple statement of fact and as a protection toRays, 272:question for you, but it is in reality quite simple. The same souls reincarnate in each race, andRays, 286:dealt with in this Rule XIV are apparently so simple that they can be easily understood. I willRays, 286:as given to the applicant are indeed relatively simple. Most aspirants understand their meaningRays, 299:revelation of the oneness of all life is a simple and immediate occurrence; it comes first of allRays, 300:unity are they [300] endeavoring to make simple and apparent? One of the easiest things in theRays, 300:the art of revelation. The task ahead is simple. The important aspect, at this time, of the basicRays, 301:demonstrating oneness and synthesis in such a simple way that men everywhere can grasp it. The NewRays, 391:of that undefinable purpose to which we give the simple name: the Will of God. Intelligence andRays, 396:first book which I wrote for the world, I gave a simple definition of the exoteric significance ofRays, 396:of the exoteric significance of these Paths - so simple as to convey but little. I wrote then forRays, 440:of great complexity and yet at the same time so simple that when the simplicity of the planetaryRays, 440:basic truth and the underlying mystery. Being is simple, free, unlimited and unimpeded and in thatRays, 444:love-wisdom on the physical plane. This is a simple statement of the objective of all aspirants.Rays, 456:divine energy might be symbolized thus: In this simple symbol you have a picture of the disciple'sRays, 471:forming later the antahkarana. These symbols, simple as they are, embody and convey vast truths toRays, 504:reach the point of definite use, it is not so simple as it sounds. Success in the building processRays, 592:I could add, but the above gives you a series of simple definitions of value as you study theRays, 638:him and his fellowmen? The answer is a simple one. Let each disciple and all groups of disciplesReappearance, 17:of true religion and the presentation of a simple return to the ways of spiritual living. TheReappearance, 35:humanity, be achieved. This is the obvious and simple meaning and it ties in with the spiritualReappearance, 36:dominated the religious thinking of millions of simple and spiritually minded people down theReappearance, 37:magnetic living. The words He spoke were few and simple and all men can understand them, but theirReappearance, 40:that the time is ripe and that the appeal of simple, faithful hearts has penetrated to the highestReappearance, 55:of those who have dared to interpret His simple words in terms of their own ignorance, and toReappearance, 67:at right decision as to activity and time is no simple one. Human beings are apt to look at allReappearance, 68:involved in the crisis. The reason for this is simple: the Christ and His workers know only theReappearance, 104:the great Teacher, Vyasa, appeared. He gave one simple and needed message that death is not theReappearance, 106:- which led eventually to the distortion of the simple teaching of the Christ when He came. He wasReappearance, 140:that the simplicity which He taught and the simple way to God which He emphasized have disappearedReappearance, 140:far from the simplicity of thought and from the simple, spiritual life which the early [141]Reappearance, 142:would seemingly have small interest for the simple Son of God, Who - when on Earth - had not whereReappearance, 166:work of preparation. We will keep these themes simple and down on the level at which most peopleReappearance, 169:of the Hierarchy. The situation is clear and simple. There are, at the present time, three greatReappearance, 178:to materialize what they need? The answer is a simple one. Those groups and workers who are theReappearance, 185:They must educate the race of men in a few simple and basic essentials and familiarize humanitySoul, 62:facts of science showed nature to be no more a simple machine than is a human being." - Burtt.Soul, 79:the soul is interesting, for he defines it as a simple, active being, revealed to us throughSoul, 82:Upanishad philosophy may be expressed by the simple equation: Brahman = Atman This is to say - theSoul, 108:considered. 'Lord of many states by [108] the simple effect of his will, the Yogi only concernsSoul, 112:the nadis and the nerves, there is still only a simple correspondence and not an identification,Telepathy, 31:a whisper. The above is a good exercise and very simple; telepathic power should greatly increaseTelepathy, 54:once it is entered and known. It is simply (how simple to some and how insuperably difficult toTelepathy, 55:I am seeking to make the matter as simple as I can, for much of the abstract formulations of theTelepathy, 55:If you can grasp certain broad and relatively simple facts and recognize that you possess the keyTelepathy, 58:word "vibration" and use instead the more simple and more easily understood word "impact". ResponseTelepathy, 59:ends. In these words, you have a very simple definition of the process to which we give,Telepathy, 67:Therefore, whether we are dealing with simple telepathy, or with invocation and evocation, or withTelepathy, 115:the task of the impressing agent is relatively simple; all the disciple has to do is to develop
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