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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIMPLER

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Autobiography, 118:The problem of the Negro has always seemed to me simpler than that of the Jew, and one that can beAutobiography, 140:of the Ageless Wisdom. I find that I get simpler as I get older and may be a little wiser. With theAutobiography, 156:the divorce trial but nothing could have been simpler. The evidence was too good and the witnessesAutobiography, 270:of an esoteric school but I have chosen the simpler of them, and the ones which must be firstDiscipleship1, 85:than by the man in the street. The latter is simpler in his reactions and more ready to grasp andDiscipleship1, 174:and present them in ordered sequence so that the simpler instruction comes first and the moreDiscipleship1, 292:I seek to give you another meditation, which is simpler, but for you more potent, and which willDiscipleship2, 195:[195] that the higher Way of Evolution is far simpler than the lower way, and that therefore theDiscipleship2, 195:personality acting as a unitary being - is far simpler than that relating to the personality in theDiscipleship2, 259:terms of the Christian presentation as it may be simpler for you to grasp, but there are many otherDiscipleship2, 537:The questions with which you are faced are simpler and yet more important: Is this presentedExternalisation, 198:in. The new world order will inaugurate this simpler life based on adequate food, right thought,Externalisation, 316:that the higher spiritual values may prevail, a simpler mode of life may be instituted, a greaterExternalisation, 355:Their approach to the problem is therefore simpler and, because of this, world direction liesExternalisation, 608:ones who gathered around Him in those earlier simpler days, but those members of our human familyFire, 93:deva and human forms. There is also the still simpler form embodied in the substance of which allFire, 531:spiral. The closer the approach to reality the simpler will be found the arrangement of theFire, 651:purer conditions of life, the return of man to simpler and saner ways, the widespread feeling forFire, 1067:alchemists of the middle ages beginning with the simpler elements and starting with the mineralGlamour, 162:[162] Their approach to the problem is therefore simpler and, because of this, world direction liesHealing, 101:effects. In radiatory healing, the process is simpler and safer for the healer simply gathers powerHealing, 102:of work, attempt the radiatory method. It is simpler and far more easily mastered. Later, they canHealing, 276:then be discovered that this science will be far simpler and less complicated than present medicalIntellect, 97:[97] schools of esotericism claim. It is much simpler than that. The real Master, claiming ourMagic, 129:seen on the inner side, the emerging factors are simpler. The contest leads primarily to a testingMagic, 477:the cessation of speech and the utilization of simpler forms. Under the evolutionary urge, we haveMagic, 556:scrawl. A new picture will then be presented, simpler and more harmonious, and more beautiful,Patanjali, 96:the more elevated the ideas touched and the simpler or more synthetic the sounds uttered. StudentsPsychology2, 419:the cause of the difficulty. The trouble is simpler and lies nearer home. The handling of theseRays, 423:the esotericist - will throw much light on the simpler presentations in this Treatise on the SevenRays, 423:in this Treatise on the Seven Rays. It is simpler because only those points are given which carryRays, 654:the will aspect of divinity. It might be simpler if I said that the experiment of manifesting theReappearance, 56:be the ones who gathered around in those earlier simpler days but those members of our human family
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