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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIMPLIFICATION

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Astrology, 444:him individually to sink deep into glamor. The simplification of the world's problem in terms ofAtom, 133:and through this recognition we shall have the simplification of religion. We shall have the greatBethlehem, 255:the exaltation of sacrifice, the mightiness of simplification and unity, the joy ofDiscipleship1, 509:of life would simplify for you. Initiation is simplification. You are rich in the real love of manyDiscipleship2, 416:which he is working will tend always towards the simplification of knowledge of motive, andDiscipleship2, 512:to humanity. There lies your immediate problem - simplification. This involves the elimination ofDiscipleship2, 521:motive, and again, therefore, we shall have the simplification of your life and the opening up of aDiscipleship2, 522:simplify your life, and I told you earlier that simplification was a needed attribute for you. YouDiscipleship2, 554:time ago I told the group that initiation was simplification. Therefore, simplify your remainingExternalisation, 198:only possible under a right economic rule. This simplification and this wise distribution of theExternalisation, 255:good and the future happiness of the whole. The simplification of the attitude of men is the cryingFire, 798:have the clearing up of many problems and a simplification of life. Men will be true to their groupHealing, 48:shall see radical and needed changes, leading to simplification and not to a greater complexity andHealing, 108:science must eventually seek solution in a simplification of methods and a return from a complexityHealing, 277:and useful approach; it will produce a basic simplification; it will lead to more correct methodsHealing, 381:plus a steady trend towards a much needed simplification, will before long bring about majorMagic, 477:But they do point the way, and under the simplification which marks the return to synthesis, weMeditation, 54:as electricity, prana and the magnetic fluid. A simplification of the idea may come to you perhapsMeditation, 70:steady adherence to the next duty will come the simplification of that which must be done. Today wePatanjali, 18:(both lower and higher) then we shall have a simplification of the present confusion. In an oldPsychology1, 71:the meantime a study of His names will produce a simplification of His efforts and build up a bodyPsychology2, 391:is emphasized, it is a duality which produces simplification, merging and synthesis. Man is thenRays, 15:When this fact is somewhat grasped there comes a simplification of thought. Rays, 185:instrument, whether planetary or individual. Simplification proceeds rapidly as one nears the goal
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