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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIMPLIFY

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Astrology, 415:the related triple energies, they will greatly simplify their studies. The microcosm, when known,Astrology, 439:an effort to make understanding more easy and to simplify comprehension) the "triple energy ofAutobiography, 280:esoteric conditions which when once grasped will simplify your approach to that kingdom and to theDiscipleship1, 154:with the personality, your life will simplify and certain of your unique personality problems willDiscipleship1, 403:life and the processes of living will steadily simplify for you, if you so choose and if you mouldDiscipleship1, 509:focused mind that the whole of life would simplify for you. Initiation is simplification. You areDiscipleship2, 62:into the Hierarchy. Life will now for them simplify. For the "goats" must come the impelling callDiscipleship2, 512:and to do so joyfully. You could also try to simplify your own approach to truth, to me and toDiscipleship2, 522:to the glamorous of the lower self. This would simplify your life, and I told you earlier thatDiscipleship2, 554:that initiation was simplification. Therefore, simplify your remaining years by ever acting "asDiscipleship2, 581:to all suggestions to cut down or to simplify the writings. She will, I know, insist that theExternalisation, 285:and also if there is any way in which I can simplify and make more real to you the Doctrine of theExternalisation, 303:the difficulty of this subject and perhaps may simplify the matter by a brief summation: A greatMagic, 385:any practical meaning or realization. Let us simplify matters, if we can, by three clearPsychology2, 226:or Love. It is well to ponder on this attempt to simplify the divine potencies into words, and thusPsychology2, 399:attribute. The above few comments may serve to simplify your thought on these abstruse matters, andRays, 741:revelation which is to be accorded, but He will simplify the thinking of men so that a widespreadTelepathy, 131:expression within yourself, you will greatly simplify your occult thinking. Let me here make a few
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