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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIMPLY

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Rays, 325:may be possible, and others say that they are simply symbolic modes of indicating some finalRays, 334:are not something done for humanity or simply carried out because men have earned a closer contact,Rays, 342:in The Mahatma Letters which are genuine and not simply the work of H.P.B., gave a hint toRays, 348:they are unavoidable developments and connote simply the reaction of the personality to time andRays, 357:that now transpires in the life of the initiate simply releases him from physical experienceRays, 362:monadic levels of awareness. Note what I say - simply the possibility; for there is at this stageRays, 366:The door into the Way of the Higher Evolution simply permits the entrance of the sensitive initiateRays, 376:the Mysteries of Initiation To put the matter as simply as possible - too simply to be entirelyRays, 376:To put the matter as simply as possible - too simply to be entirely exact, yet near enough to theRays, 390:initiations (from the first to the sixth) are simply preparatory initiations for those to be takenRays, 391:what the first and second are to the disciple - simply initiations of the threshold and not trueRays, 414:esoteric events, relations and happenings are simply consequences: 1. The majority of liberatedRays, 417:this "pulling away" from form (as we might simply call it), emanates from Sirius and for it we haveRays, 434:ultimate goal of attainment but is later seen as simply a system or collection of fusing spiritualRays, 443:The effect of an increasing soul contact has not simply been to dispel the mists of glamor, but itRays, 469:the words "orientation" and "attempt." They simply indicate the final control of substance by theRays, 473:produce in you an understanding reaction. I simply, make the esoteric assertion; later will comeRays, 478:mind revealed nothing to them. They [478] simply lived and felt. Such was their life history. TwoRays, 479:brief summation of the past process is intended simply to give a synthetic background to all theRays, 484:the soul, have taken the first initiation. This simply connotes the birth of the infant ChristRays, 485:in a dynamic and group form; it may also be simply an ability to understand and to make othersRays, 494:of personality and soul or of ego and form, but simply the One, functioning on all planes as aRays, 496:are still a constructive and useful person. I am simply here facing you with one of the crisesRays, 502:preserve steadily the triple consciousness, not simply theoretically but also factually, so thatRays, 506:petals and the atmic principle. This may be simply the most tenuous thread imaginable, a thousandRays, 517:succeeded in achieving "mental silence" and is simply a point of intelligent concentration, then heRays, 518:with the four Rays of Attribute, I shall simply list them, as there is little that I can say aboutRays, 520:full understanding and intention. He no longer simply reacts to his own interior urges, which forceRays, 539:of activity in which he has worked and lived; it simply means that new fields of responsibility andRays, 546:on the side of the Master, and the disciple is simply an agent who can be impressed by ideas andRays, 551:[551] The end of the Piscean Age. This simply means that the energies coming from Pisces during theRays, 559:of it being recognized as Aryan; the latter is simply a modern and scientific nomenclature coveringRays, 635:down the centuries, but have retaliated simply by moving on - the wandering Jew seeking a home,Rays, 663:nature of initiations of the threshold and are simply phases of, or preparatory to, the thirdRays, 669:gradually and steadily into its proper place as simply a natural phase of existence in the threeRays, 675:times; this age is kama-manasic and not simply kamic or strictly astral. Remember therefore as youRays, 687:Center. The first two initiations - regarded simply as initiations of the threshold - areRays, 689:which they may be undergoing are not confined simply to the individual initiate, but thatRays, 689:and stands before the Initiator, he becomes simply an instrument whereby the planetary Logos canRays, 693:emphasize the fact that these three crosses are simply symbols of experience in relation to theRays, 696:to the word "crucifixion" because the last word simply emphasizes the suffering undergone by theRays, 698:to the selfish aeonial past) is left; they are simply pure receptacles for the energies of theRays, 720:that all happenings on our planet are in truth simply preparatory to other much greater events andRays, 724:has made His final decision; earlier stages are simply revelatory of the Way. Rays, 729:first time these become factual to him and not simply hypothetical; the light reveals to him hisRays, 731:Life is His; this [731] is far more than simply the consciousness of immortality, because the ideaReappearance, 24:but recognize them in their true meaning, are simply some man's understanding of a series ofReappearance, 25:appearance of the fifth kingdom in nature was simply for Him the fulfiling of the law and to thatReappearance, 34:illumines the way of the modern mystic, and not simply the light of his own soul; this will beReappearance, 84:who institutes right human relations by being simply what He is and by standing unmoved where HeReappearance, 91:it produces neither bad nor good results but simply brings about the awakening of men's minds soReappearance, 109:trumpet (Matt., XXIV, 31.), He would be classed simply as one who advertised himself; if HeReappearance, 110:certainly fail to identify Him and He would be simply classed as another military figure; of themReappearance, 115:of true joy. Christ, however, is not coming simply to teach men the need for right human relations;Reappearance, 128:as yet, only the pictorial presentation - but is simply the result of experiencing "livingness" onReappearance, 129:production of the culture of any given period is simply the reflection of the creative ability andReappearance, 130:teachings. The so-called "astral plane" is simply the name given to that sumtotal of sentientReappearance, 170:"one world for the one humanity." They desire simply emotional peace, security in which to live andReappearance, 177:the limit of their capacity; there must not be simply a trained ability to present the subject,Soul, 49:of fear. It would follow that courage meant simply inhibition of the adrenal medulla. As a matterSoul, 75:pervading Ether (Akasha) of space. This Ether is simply the conductor of certain types of energySoul, 80:consciousness, but can usually be translated simply by 'life,' and similarly, in many cases theSoul, 116:There is therefore no organ of consciousness, simply because 'Consciousness' is not an organicSoul, 122:through them. In the undeveloped person it is simply the life force, prana, which is active andSoul, 146:states to which the mystic and seer testify are simply demonstrations of natural forces and powers.Soul, 155:with these subtleties. The higher will must simply be accepted as a mystery that may be studied inTelepathy, 20:no personal sorrow or grief is involved. It is simply the consciousness of the sorrow of the worldTelepathy, 54:objective, once it is entered and known. It is simply (how simple to some and how insuperablyTelepathy, 54:planet - of all the evolutionary process, is simply the demonstrated result of the Science ofTelepathy, 59:contact is made. Impact is something more than simply registering contact. It develops intoTelepathy, 69:and signifies to the majority, very largely, simply the sentimental and emotional aspect, which isTelepathy, 72:not involve the use of speech or words but is simply a technical method whereby an initiate withinTelepathy, 85:and Evocation. The lower mind then became simply an interpreter of impressions with the emphasisTelepathy, 124:groups, creative Hierarchies, and centers are simply word modes of inferring relationship,Telepathy, 128:statement. The work of science is, after all, simply the development of the knowledge of substanceTelepathy, 129:the science of impression in activity and not simply in theory. The first great Invocation wasTelepathy, 129:human centers. I would advise you that you think simply and (certainly, at first) in terms of theTelepathy, 137:division. Any sense of separateness is due simply to ignorance and to the fact that certainTelepathy, 138:unity exists and the sense of separateness is simply the Great Illusion. It was in order to hastenTelepathy, 138:the impulsing of the Great Invocation. Here I am simply placing it before you as a fittingTelepathy, 140:and factually there is no true gap; there is simply the ignoring by humanity of an aspect of theTelepathy, 150:Non-Separateness Students have been apt to speak simply of the etheric body as an entire integralTelepathy, 157:this event, the four etheric levels become simply the transmitters of the energy emanating from theTelepathy, 167:found expression elsewhere. Let me phrase it as simply as possible: The centers below theTelepathy, 192:of his life and his current mode of living are simply the following - and they are the same for
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