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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SINCE

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Initiation, 11:life. It deals with the life side of evolution. Since it deals with the essence of things and notInitiation, 16:atomic matter, and so on to the completion. Since buddhi is the unifying principle (or the welderInitiation, 28:physical planet and has remained with us ever since. Owing to the extreme purity of his nature, andInitiation, 37:have been during the past millennia of years since the Hierarchy came into existence. Many greatInitiation, 42:Aryan race, having presided over its destinies since its inception nearly one hundred thousandInitiation, 43:is who has presided over the destinies of life since about 600 B.C. and he it is who has come outInitiation, 44:the liberated spirit return whence it came. Ever since he left the earth, as related withInitiation, 128:receives his Rod of Power - the same Rod as used since the foundation of our Planetary Hierarchy -Intellect, 12:over the seventy or more years that have elapsed since Carlyle wrote these words, we know thatIntellect, 31:overlook the inner and the outer world. Since we can scientifically determine what are our realIntellect, 122:within us... This revelation is only partial since each of us is only an [123] individual instanceIntellect, 170:her central vision in a quite similar way. 'Since my childhood,' she says, 'I always see a light inIntellect, 192:mankind and turning towards the society of God, since any thought of other than God is a veil andIntellect, 240:used, "the forces of nature," shows us that since man began to think at all he has known that allIntellect, 245:the honor, and they disappeared, and nothing has since been heard of them. The world still awaitsMagic, 259:statement of the case. The thoughts of men since the middle of the Atlantean period have steadilyMagic, 340:the law is ever kept by a manifesting soul, for, since there is no inclination to break it, thereMagic, 371:of a new form. Such has been the method since the commencement of the aeon. In the infancy of theMagic, 386:in certain ancient ceremonies that have long since died out. Magic, 412:far reaching. Now that centuries have elapsed since the conclave in the sixteenth century, theseMagic, 412:of thought power which the work of the groups since the year 1500 has produced. They have also nowMeditation, 55:the peoples of the world at this time and ever since the fourth root-race. It shows itself in thePatanjali, 20:aspirant. That thought form created by a man since his first appearance in physical form, andPatanjali, 52:condition, is the teacher of the primeval Lords. Since the conditions of time and space existedPatanjali, 276:The life experiences of every human being since time began, The reactions to experience of thePatanjali, ix:arrived. The East has preserved rules for us since time immemorial. Here and there Orientals (withPatanjali, x:in our Aryan race, marked a climax for the East. Since then the tide of spiritual life has steadilyPatanjali, xiii:School. The system, however, has been in use since the very beginning of the Aryan race. The YogaProblemsrevision was made for the third edition in 1964. Since then, the progress made by humanity has beenProblems, 20:under the Union Jack. It must be remembered that since the beginning of the 20th Century, greatProblems, 51:all contrary teaching for a long enough time. Since that time Russia has used the same system. LetProblems, 87:hatred throughout the entire world and has led since time began to cruel and destructive wars. ItProblems, 130:pure and good. All have steadily deteriorated since the day of their inception and today theProblems, 146:that He is truly here as He has been ever since He apparently left the earth; He will come in thePsychology1, 26:in manifestation. *Ray Two - In manifestation since 1575 A.D. *Ray Three - In manifestation sincePsychology1, 26:since 1575 A.D. *Ray Three - In manifestation since 1425 A.D. Ray Four - To come slowly intoPsychology1, 26:after 2025 A.D. *Ray Five - In manifestation since 1775 A.D. Ray Six - Passing rapidly out ofPsychology1, 26:out in 1625 A.D. *Ray Seven - In manifestation since 1675 A.D. These are of course all lesserPsychology1, 67:a very long cycle, having been in manifestation since A.D. 1425, has a direct effect upon the fifthPsychology1, 77:names, owing to His close connection with man (since man was originally created), that it has notPsychology1, 167:society which has [167] existed in the world since the last period of seventh ray dominance inPsychology1, 169:the other being the secondary or individual ray, since the manasic atom is the nucleus of thePsychology1, 257:a good deal of the fear present was offset. Since that time the number of the domestic animals hasPsychology1, 301:may well forget it. Two thousand years have gone since the greatest expression of God's love walkedPsychology1, 341:illusion has been going on on a large scale ever since; in every country, through the variousPsychology1, 350:Ray seven is also in manifestation, and has been since the year 1675. This we shall consider inPsychology1, 355:and though it has had many cycles of activity since Lemurian days, none of them have been of suchPsychology1, 370:thus be revealed. It is many thousands of years since what are now studied as the Cosmic RaysPsychology1, 371:entrance into the human kingdom has been closed since Atlantean times, but under the new influencePsychology1, 411:Not in manifestation. Ray II - In manifestation since 1575 A.D. Ray III - In manifestation sincePsychology1, 411:since 1575 A.D. Ray III - In manifestation since 1425 A.D. Ray IV - To come slowly intoPsychology1, 411:around 2025 A.D. Ray V - In manifestation since 1775 A.D. Ray VI - Passing rapidly out ofPsychology1, 411:pass out in 1625 A.D. Ray VII - In manifestation since 1675 A.D. Psychology1, 415:kingdom is the field of individualization. Since Atlantean days the animal kingdom has beenPsychology2, 220:unable to manifest (fortunately for the planet) since the Hierarchy was founded upon the earth.Psychology2, 236:have constituted the basic, subconscious urges since the dawn of evolution. Today humanity canPsychology2, 261:was needed if certain difficulties (present since 1525) were to be averted. The bad effects abovePsychology2, 261:New Group of World Servers, has been possible since 1925. They can now come in because of the workPsychology2, 273:the magnitude and the success of its achievement since 1925, as a result of the initial impulsePsychology2, 275:earlier happenings, for much time has transpired since individualization, technically understood,Psychology2, 399:types of men, even though centuries have elapsed since Plato endeavored to picture forth thePsychology2, 576:the externalization of the Hierarchy of Light since such a happening as that would mean increased -Psychology2, 577:hate and of separation have been fostered ever since that time and the three modes whereby thePsychology2, 684:to Christian disciples as The Christ) have since then been in close communication with each otherPsychology2, 702:contact than had been possible at any time since mid-Atlantean times. This result was morePsychology2, 716:disciples was given as being under two hundred. Since then this number has materially increasedPsychology2, 720:to keep the forces which had been set in motion since 1914 within certain definite limits. TheseRays, 122:the coming in of very advanced souls ever since the year 1925. These souls will be ready to giveRays, 189:It is this fact that has made it impossible (since 1933) for disciples of the White Lodge to enter.Rays, 228:the world after the destruction wrought since 1900 A.D. You have here also a great triangle ofRays, 236:for which the Hierarchy has been preparing ever since it was founded upon the Earth. Slowly downRays, 259:personality stage and during the elapsing aeons since individualization, he has thought only andRays, 268:major activity, has been temporarily quiescent since Lemurian days. He works, when active, throughRays, 334:on Earth again, and for the first time since its last incarnation in Atlantean days. It is,Rays, 341:and its place in the scale of evolution. Since the fact of initiation had been grasped by many andRays, 358:but which has been known and taught ever since modern occultism began to influence human thinking:Rays, 386:the initiation together. At this initiation, and since then for all initiates of that degree ofRays, 387:or of pure reason (as the Hierarchy calls it). Since that time, all the seven major Ashrams haveRays, 389:progress they will make within a given time. Since I gave the earlier exoteric information, theRays, 411:human kingdom was stopped. No more units have since then been admitted from the third kingdom intoRays, 412:to the processes of evolution and to the inflow (since 1825) of the will energy from Shamballa.Rays, 443:and in which it has lived practically entirely since early Atlantean days. The effect of anRays, 514:because there is no way of depicting them, since they are neither vowels nor consonants. CorrectlyRays, 521:of this emotional approach which had existed since Atlantean days; He demonstrated in Himself theRays, 569:this amazing period wherein - for the first time since humanity appeared on Earth - there can takeRays, 576:body is not a principle; his etheric body has, since Atlantean days, been the agent of his astralRays, 578:Its energy has been playing upon men ever since it came into incarnation, and the last one hundredRays, 579:reaction to the physical disciplines (imposed since they participated in the first initiation manyRays, 596:of the many ideologies which have taken place since the year 1900. Such words as Fascism,Rays, 620:nations and has done so with increasing potency since the year 1850. Just in the same manner asRays, 635:enough, the Jews have never been a fighting race since the time of the sorry story of the conquestRays, 681:who have perpetrated the major act of aggression since the formation of the United Nations, and whoRays, 710:them has hitherto been largely speculative. Since he first put his foot upon the Path, he has beenRays, 716:all things within the circle of the divine love. Since its impact during the past few years, humanRays, 719:also becomes possible because the initiate has, since his affiliation with the Hierarchy, learnt toReappearance, 36:people down the centuries which have elapsed since humanity began to press forward towardsReappearance, 37:lengthy disputation of theological commentators since Christ lived and left us - or apparently leftReappearance, 41:religious leaders who have come out among us since 700 B.C. and founded the great modern worldReappearance, 43:of the majority of the world faiths. Ever since He apparently departed to the sphere where theReappearance, 44:and voiced invocation has been also attempted since 1935, and the energy of the invocative cry of
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