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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SINGING

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Autobiography, 76:range and exceedingly well trained. I lost it in singing in smoke filled rooms. I suppose I soldAutobiography, 129:factory and when I hove in sight they'd start singing, "Nearer my God to Thee." I didn't like it atBethlehem, 70:vital import that it can warrant the angels in singing: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earthBethlehem, 185:His face in every flower, The thunder and the singing of the birds Are but His voice - and carvenBethlehem, 236:purpose of rendering him the last honors. Before singing his return to life, there were mournfulBethlehem, 246:wherein we pass our time clothed in white robes, singing and talking upon religious matters. WeGlamour, 259:can be seen in the case of operatic singers. Singing, as now taught, is an expression of some ofGlamour, 259:often referred to as temperament) and keeps the singing aspect entirely astral in nature. There isGlamour, 259:will bring into being a new mode and type of singing and of breathing, based on a form of mentalGlamour, 259:words will be little understood today, but the singing in the next century will be by those whoHercules, 40:bull as if it were a horse, and with the Sisters singing as he went, drew near unto the land. "HeHercules, 41:the waters came the voices of the Sisters seven, singing around the bull, and nearer still theHercules, Note t:the seven Pleiades, [Note the "seven Sisters" singing about Hercules, in the statement of the Myth]Hercules, 127:who met the son of man, who is the son of God, singing and dancing on the way, laughed too to seeHercules, 127:the staggering, weary boar and the laughing, singing man. Thus Hercules performed his seventh laborHercules, 129:Hercules, trundling the boar like a wheelbarrow, singing and laughing, and all onlookers laughed
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