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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SISTER

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Autobiography, 14:least intelligent of an intelligent family. My sister was one of the most beautiful girls I haveAutobiography, 15:by the Courts of Chancery, to take care of my sister and myself. She was my father's youngestAutobiography, 15:sister and myself. She was my father's youngest sister, and Laurence was one of her six boys withAutobiography, 15:that his family or his daughter-in-law, my sister, had the faintest idea of the friendly and happyAutobiography, 15: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter I My sister later took up cancer research and has madeAutobiography, 16:The lack of it most certainly conditioned my sister and me. Both my parents died before I was nineAutobiography, 16:They were worthy but apparently dull. As my sister once put it, "they sat among their cabbages forAutobiography, 17:I have many. She was never my guardian but my sister and I spent every summer with her in herAutobiography, 18:who cared fore more than they cared for my sister. There was a link between us which remainsAutobiography, 18:I have already mentioned my father's youngest sister, Agnes Parsons. There were two others;Autobiography, 20:over the St. Lawrence River. There my only sister was born. I have only two vital memories of thatAutobiography, 20:with my parents because I enticed my small sister into an enormous trunk in which our many, manyAutobiography, 23:I was eight years old by that time and my sister was six. The disease was, however, too farAutobiography, 24:upon it, sent by Queen Victoria. The life of my sister and myself at Moor Park (where we lived tillAutobiography, 25:hour or preparing the day's lessons if it was my sister's turn for the piano; breakfast at 8 a.m.Autobiography, 26:would have liked the regimented life I and my sister lived. With more or less success, I have triedAutobiography, 27:lanes and the many woods through which my sister and I drove our little pony carriage. It was whatAutobiography, 27:specially for small children. On summer days my sister and I used to take it out, accompanied by aAutobiography, 27:standing on the step. I wonder sometimes if my sister ever thinks of those days. After myAutobiography, 28:were made for us but until her death, my sister and I spent much time with her. She was then a veryAutobiography, 28:one of change and constant movement. Neither my sister's health nor mine was considered very good,Autobiography, 31:sent to a finishing school in London, whilst my sister again went to the south of France with aAutobiography, 33:the mistress of my own small income (as did my sister), we lived the lives of society girls; we hadAutobiography, 33:but had to go to dances as I did not want my sister to go to such wicked things without me. How IAutobiography, 34:two or three people) and I was jealous of my sister, her brains and good looks. I had been taughtAutobiography, 43:the worldly angle things were not so easy. My sister and I had not married in spite of opportunity,Autobiography, 43:our own. In effect I came of age when my younger sister reached the age of twenty-one. A new cycleAutobiography, 43:and the first cleavage between us appeared. My sister chose to take a medical degree and after someAutobiography, 53:when a great change took place in my life. My sister announced her intention to go to EdinburghAutobiography, 53:Soldiers Homes in Ireland and, after settling my sister in her rooms in Edinburgh, I went [54] overAutobiography, 65:and I still do, I sent for another outfit. My sister and aunt saw me off at Tilbury Docks and IAutobiography, 96:of the Church of Scotland deaconesses. She was a sister of Sir William Maxwell of Cardoness CastleAutobiography, 96:of Sir William Maxwell of Cardoness Castle and sister-in-law of the aunt with whom I was stopping.Autobiography, 99:for so many years and proceeded to make my sister an outfit of underwear - ruffled petticoats allAutobiography, 109:guessed it though they asked no questions. My sister was married whilst I was there to my cousin,Autobiography, 129:"Say, I've found out who you are. My wife's sister comes from R - and she told me about you. If youFire, 98:this is the basis of the legend of the fateful sister who cuts the thread of life with the dreadedHercules, 52:of husband or wife, father or mother, brother or sister, friend or companion. Through right use ofRays, 397:Fire, found Their way to our planet from our sister planet, Venus, thereby in Their turnRays, 734:between our planet, the Earth, and our sister planet, Venus. You would find it useful to read with
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