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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SITUATED

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Astrology, 47:Sun. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmic etheric plane (ourDestiny, 139:the second major center in the individual and is situated above the diaphragm, and through it theDiscipleship1, 652:as never before in the history of the race. Situated as you are now in a key position and meetingDiscipleship2, 124:being carried up the spine to the heart center (situated, as you know, between the shoulder blades)Discipleship2, 529:to dwell. P.D.W., D.E.I., and L.D.O. are thus situated and the test is great. You, my brother, andExternalisation, 617:with Him, that Place of Love and Power will be situated on earth, and will be publicly recognized;Fire, 55:centralized at the base of the spine. They are situated at a spot which stands in relation to theFire, 98:the abuses of so-called civilization, and is situated slightly above the solar plexus. In theFire, 137:at the alta major center. This center is situated at the base of the skull, and there is a slightFire, 165:one dealt with that has a physical effect. That situated at the solar plexus, the most importantFire, 167:can be seen by the clairvoyant as fiery wheels situated: In the region of the spine, the lowestFire, 440:therefore, that this incoming Ray is peculiarly situated at this time, and that its influence willFire, 522:on the fourth subplane of each plane whereon are situated the etheric centers of all manifestedFire, 714:the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) a corresponding stimulation takes placeFire, 837:of influence. There is one such constellation, situated between the lesser Dipper and our system,Fire, 864:We must here note that the throat center is situated in the lower part of the throat, and properlyFire, 915:around the habitations of the Masters wherever situated. Under group 3 work the elementals of theFire, 1130:into the three worlds. The jewel in the lotus is situated between manas and buddhi whilst the thirdFire, 1132:channel contacts the skull and is therefore situated in the lowest part of the back of the head isFire, 1182:must be understood to mean more than a locality situated in the interior recesses of the solarFire, 1205:Sun. The heart center of the planetary Logos, situated on the fourth cosmic etheric plane (ourHealing, 602:his soul energy into the solar plexus center, situated in the etheric spinal column. If the patientHealing, 606:action of some of the twenty-one minor centers situated in the body than to that of the seven majorInitiation, 141:the mental plane (whereon the egoic lotus is now situated) a corresponding stimulation takes placeIntellect, 208:method and take a new position. Few of us are so situated that we can [209] renounce our familiesMagic, 280:is no life so circumscribed and no person so situated who cannot begin to work intelligently and toMagic, 288:activity. [288] The solar plexus center which, situated in the center of the body and being theMeditation, 235:He concentrates on the virtue, and (if he is so situated that he is aware of the incoming ray or ofMeditation, 306:Occult Schools are founded, that they will be situated where some of the old magnetism yet lingers,Meditation, 309:will be under the Manu of that race and will be situated in Japan, with its most esoteric branch inMeditation, 311:the school for the preparatory work will be situated within reasonable distance of some big centerMeditation, 312:of God without. Therefore the first will be situated amongst the working sons of men, so that byMeditation, 314:the schools will be in two divisions wherever situated: A preparatory school for the earlier gradesMeditation, 314:the earlier grades in occult instruction, and situated preferably near some large expanse of waterPatanjali, 306:as with those connected with the major centers, situated above the diaphragm. In the sutra underPatanjali, 306:centers, and this for the reason that: 1. It is situated in the center of the trunk. It isProblems, 39:upon those individuals in a nation who are so situated (usually financially) that they can profitPsychology2, 64:where the most important center in the body is situated, from the standpoint of the soul. There isPsychology2, 529:sources as well as into two small centers situated close to the kidneys, one on either side,Soul, 47:as yet baffle investigation. The thymus gland is situated in the chest, covers the upper portion ofSoul, 47:The adrenal glands are each of them dual and are situated on both sides of the abdomen, astride andSoul, 55:activity, or the seat of the soul nature, is situated in the head. The governing principleSoul, 85:advances toward the pineal gland. Near this is situated the entrance to the cerebellum which admitsSoul, 86:sacred to memory, because it was commodiously situated as a storehouse into which the conceptionsSoul, 87:covered by the optic thalamus; and the fourth is situated between cerebellum and pons. ...If theSoul, 105:one of the five functions of Pitta, and which is situated in the heart, indirectly assists in theSoul, 113:Finer Forces, pp. 45-46. The force centers are situated up the spinal column and in the head.Soul, 115:condemned. These force centers are not merely situated up the spinal column and in the head as we
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