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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SITUATION

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Destiny, 34:implications and a frank dealing with the situation is inevitable and immediate. Four problems willDestiny, 35:and energies which are responsible for the situation. These will be understood, correctly handledDestiny, 35:years ago is no longer controlling and the situation is much more complex. In ancient days theDestiny, 35:were not so potent as they are today. The situation was then relatively simple. It was part of theDestiny, 45:today assumed in our consciousness. Second: The situation is still further complicated by [46] theDestiny, 46:Bear this in mind as you study the world situation. The lower forms of the seventh ray expressionDestiny, 64:both Brazil and the Argentine. Under the present situation, incident to the war and starting aroundDestiny, 66:- if there is to be real understanding of the situation and therefore useful cooperation with theDestiny, 68:the part Great Britain is playing in the present situation. As you will have noted, Great BritainDestiny, 80:are dominant. That which can offset this unhappy situation is the influence of Scorpio, the sign ofDestiny, 106:nations not engrossed with the essentials of the situation. This shows signs of happening. There isDestiny, 108:a state of complete cataclysm. The economic situation and the religious hatreds are the two majorDestiny, 115:the seventh ray in its relation to the present situation in just the same way as we considered theDestiny, 116:through their meeting and frequent conflict a situation entirely different and changed from thatDestiny, 128:of other ray forces or otherwise the situation would be much worse than it is. The seventh rayDestiny, 135:constitute the line of least resistance. This situation may, therefore, produce undue sensitivityDiscipleship1, 20:the results will be profoundly evil. The world situation today demonstrates this. For thoughDiscipleship1, 48:your slant on life and your interpretation of a situation needs readjustment and that your motivesDiscipleship1, 56:express quite frequently the disciple's situation where his lower nature is concerned: excessiveDiscipleship1, 56:becomes focused on the undesirable physical situation; disciples, however, often have a curiousDiscipleship1, 75:have not met each other. The strength of this situation is found in the fact that this condition ofDiscipleship1, 76:The weakness exists in the fact that this [76] situation is apt to make the group personal in itsDiscipleship1, 77:because it is I who am suggesting to you that a situation may be thus or so but because you areDiscipleship1, 79:carry forward my work. What can I do in such a situation, my brothers? I can trust your devotion toDiscipleship1, 82:by those who are not close to the world situation but who are looking at it from a distance. It isDiscipleship1, 92:the lower man. You will have, therefore, in this situation a tremendous pull between the pairs ofDiscipleship1, 98:to his group and once having done so, the situation is irrevocable from the standpoint of theDiscipleship1, 99:rested upon my shoulders, incident to the world situation. This has involved much effort on theDiscipleship1, 108:realize that your mental ability to grasp his situation interested you more than his troubled soul?Discipleship1, 112:Therefore, brother of old, we have the following situation to consider; this I will try to pictureDiscipleship1, 121:powers of your soul. You have tried to meet this situation and to raise the general tone, but oneDiscipleship1, 156:from fear and from the effect of the world situation and its allied problems. The future for you isDiscipleship1, 179:line of difficulty will the problem, which this situation brings about, [180] be expected toDiscipleship1, 194:at the task of self perfecting for the world situation demands trained and skilled workers. NoDiscipleship1, 203:which the right handling of the presented situation should - and will - give. This is all I have toDiscipleship1, 208:urgency of the soul - must adjust itself. One situation, the first, is based upon the past, underDiscipleship1, 223:of unfoldment) no cessation, no easing of the situation and no periods or interludes for real restDiscipleship1, 234:the true burning ground and a study of the human situation at the present time would indicate theDiscipleship1, 238:so powerfully influenced you. But be true to the situation as, in sober meditation, you see it; noDiscipleship1, 240:of your nature and your bewilderment at the situation - one which you had not foreseen and whichDiscipleship1, 272:we know it) will vanish off the earth and the situation will have to be met in some other way. LetDiscipleship1, 272:a time - has led to the present dire financial situation in the world. By the transmutation ofDiscipleship1, 319:to your sixth ray astral body, the personality situation is saved. There is, as you know, aDiscipleship1, 335:Bring it as a touchstone to every problem and situation of an emotional nature and every glamorous,Discipleship1, 336:this with care and discover for yourself the situation. One clue to understanding would be that youDiscipleship1, 353:person to be healed, that his reactions to the situation and to the needed help, will be automatic,Discipleship1, 355:failure is in application of knowledge to the situation. So oft with aspirants, the main weaknessDiscipleship1, 367:place of D. A. 0. and give of your best in the situation. But vacate not your own place in myDiscipleship1, 380:and your immense opportunity. What saves the situation for you is that in a previous life, youDiscipleship1, 390:the clue to your immediate problem. What is the situation, my brother? You, a soul in incarnation,Discipleship1, 395:a more loving understanding. Let us look at the situation, as I see it, of the various members.Discipleship1, 410:the upper part of the body. Do not analyze the situation, or the location or the purpose or the whyDiscipleship1, 423:will see, a simple and clear indication of the situation. It covers the work to be undertaken byDiscipleship1, 451:is the second possibility in which the world situation can be handled and solved in terms of forceDiscipleship1, 469:are materializing and maturing; the world situation is moving ahead with such rapidity that theDiscipleship1, 490:passed your worst life crisis, to sum up the situation, to leave behind the past, and to go forwardDiscipleship1, 494:conditions I have met. The disciple studies the situation and then applies those methods which seemDiscipleship1, 500:happens to be on the first ray line of force, a situation is always evoked which has in it theDiscipleship1, 502:of circumstances is aiding you to acquire. The situation of constant danger in which you findDiscipleship1, 535:times for the life of a disciple. In putting the situation thus before you, my duty ends. The way,Discipleship1, 546:soul and is no concern of your co-disciples. The situation exists in the field of relationships andDiscipleship1, 567:it and it pleased him to please me. This situation could not go on without serious danger to hisDiscipleship1, 578:inner happenings. There were moments when the situation was critical. At three such moments, duringDiscipleship1, 599:company and are not alone. Out of the present situation, true wisdom is born. Before the full lightDiscipleship1, 600:would be the result? You have been told what the situation was, and know clearly the grounds onDiscipleship1, 601:has been held back the past six months by the situation for which you were largely responsible. IDiscipleship1, 601:I refer to the problem of this particular situation which is simply that of identity. Forget thisDiscipleship1, 601:But be sure not to confuse identities. This situation in the group has caused me seriousDiscipleship1, 619:to the work and have had no wish to change the situation. Nor have I. But you cannot continue toDiscipleship1, 622:with greater sensitivity. Mentally, you grasp a situation rapidly; mentally and by the use of soundDiscipleship1, 646:of success and failure which go with that situation. The close juxtaposition of your soul andDiscipleship1, 688:The moment that that takes place, the whole situation changes. Through the thoughts of allDiscipleship1, 690:which will enable them to see the immediate situation against the background of the past, illuminedDiscipleship1, 764:of the state of consciousness and the inner situation and relationships. [765] This is also due toDiscipleship1, 772:Servers to divorce themselves from the acute situation now to be seen and felt. They cannot andDiscipleship1, 783:general public, calling attention to the world situation and to the New Group of World Servers. IDiscipleship1, 784:Crisis and the succeeding papers on the world situation, I stated that the Hierarchy endorsed theDiscipleship2, 24:there can be a going forward together as the situation desired demands. The time equation is one ofDiscipleship2, 35:that you accept the implications of this triple situation and that you do not use it as an alibi;Discipleship2, 70:is exempt from the effects of this planetary situation. Inevitably, changes are wrought by the soulDiscipleship2, 76:lower mind, then it is written by A.A.B. This situation has existed, for some time. Discipleship2, 79:the Ashram, with me and with each other. The situation is not, however, the same as it was lastDiscipleship2, 99:and what do you propose to do to rectify the situation? In what way do you feel that you have beenDiscipleship2, 119:of a little child, you will bring about a situation wherein work will be possible. Look not forDiscipleship2, 150:forces of evil which took advantage of the world situation, which obsessed the German people andDiscipleship2, 227:intention." PAUSE Stage III. Visualize the world situation as best you can and in terms of yourDiscipleship2, 238:meditation; they are not idly chosen. A situation which is unanimous is not one which is - from theDiscipleship2, 243:true initiate. Added to all this is the world situation with its inevitable all-enveloping psychicDiscipleship2, 301:own note, and taking on its own quality. This situation has also greatly increased your problem,Discipleship2, 322:a condition wherein the disciple creates a situation analogous to the phase - the long phase - ofDiscipleship2, 324:the path. Such is not in any single point the situation. Three factors are responsible for thisDiscipleship2, 340:Here you have, in relation to the initiate, a situation which includes past, present and future,Discipleship2, 348:new and unforeseen - which is inherent in the situation when a candidate for initiation standsDiscipleship2, 350:owing to the planetary Karma and the appalling situation with which humanity has confronted itself.Discipleship2, 470:no great need for me to express myself on the situation which has existed, for the closeness of theDiscipleship2, 486:Esoterically (if any of you so wish it), the situation remains unaltered, provided you keep it soDiscipleship2, 492:increasingly to face in the future. The present situation must and will touch all nations and everyDiscipleship2, 512:group meditation should do much to relieve the situation and so release you for fuller service. YouDiscipleship2, 513:body and so the energy of power pours in, the situation becomes acute, which is to be expected.Discipleship2, 514:disciple, thus bringing intensification of his situation and forcing him to "struggle into the
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