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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SITUATION

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Discipleship2, 517:of a fanatical self-will. To this difficult situation of balancing must be added the difficultiesDiscipleship2, 545:astral body (as in your case) a most difficult situation is apt to arise, handicapping the serviceDiscipleship2, 557:be extremely personal in your analysis of the situation. Then, as if you were consciously standingDiscipleship2, 558:circumstance, events or people take care of the situation and - holding on to his soul - theDiscipleship2, 572:integrated expression. In your case, this situation is peculiarly ordained by the soul in order toDiscipleship2, 572:business and the struggle with the financial situation calls for all the resources of your lowerDiscipleship2, 615:this attitude of yours has created an ashramic situation, because of your relation in the past toDiscipleship2, 615:be the one to act in collaboration with you. The situation is, therefore, changed, and becomesDiscipleship2, 615:if he had any word for you, as he had sensed the situation, though he has no time for the details.Discipleship2, 617:opportunity lies ahead when confronted with a situation in which - at the time - they see no lightDiscipleship2, 619:manner I can bring you to a knowledge of this situation in your life, for you need to changeDiscipleship2, 619:you yourself are the most real factor in the situation and yet - as you would yourself teach peopleDiscipleship2, 621:and so forgets himself in ascertaining the situation in order to aid, stimulate and love withDiscipleship2, 640:upon the individual karma. You are handling the situation adequately, my brother, and where thereDiscipleship2, 644:of this plan to the immediate environing [644] situation and is strenuously attempting toDiscipleship2, 645:and upon wresting the true values out of any situation, and of these values based upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 646:and to indicate to you the reasonableness of the situation which your circumstances are forcing youDiscipleship2, 651:life conditions as they are; acquiesce in the situation as it is; relax for the remainder of thisDiscipleship2, 663:justly have given it to you; apparently no situation in which your deep knowledge and understandingDiscipleship2, 675:off. Or - he accepts the seemingly impossible situation and determines that nothing in hisDiscipleship2, 676:you succeed in handling a somewhat difficult situation with which you are now confronted andDiscipleship2, 679:group members take control of the organizational situation should anything happen to A.A.B.,Discipleship2, 681:My love goes out to you. Much in your present situation and spiritual dilemma reminds me of myselfDiscipleship2, 697:of your physical body would easily produce this situation. Not so long, ago - two years ago, IDiscipleship2, 703:unfailing support. Inevitably, my brother, this situation which you have had to handle in relationDiscipleship2, 722:years [722] of . Let us look at your situation clearly, and I would like to indicate toDiscipleship2, 734:walk with freedom and with grace. It is not some situation from which you must aim at escaping forDiscipleship2, 750:work. Such a state of affairs leads to a static situation and to a constant conditioning of yourEducation, 25:consciousness of the child, in time to come the situation will be reversed. Parents willEducation, 81:thus gained will be geared to his peculiar situation. All children have certain assets and shouldEducation, 82:that which can be of practical use in any given situation. This process involves the fundamentalsEducation, 91:are concerned with the educational system and situation, and who are bewildered by the presentedEducation, 107:the drastic and catastrophic present planetary situation has been permitted. [108] Education, 108:in the New Age - Chapter IV - The World Situation and Ideologies The World Situation and IdeologiesEducation, 108:- The World Situation and Ideologies The World Situation and Ideologies Before we take up the moreEducation, 108:have you for a moment reflect upon the world situation and the world ideologies from the angle ofEducation, 108:if possible a general idea of the present world situation, dealing only with the broad and generalEducation, 111:in the New Age - Chapter IV - The World Situation and Ideologies As we study the way of man as heEducation, 114:in the New Age - Chapter IV - The World Situation and Ideologies I dealt with this elsewhere whenEducation, 116:of early humanity. Some grasp of the essential situation will be of value if you are to followEducation, 121:the people to the point of satiety. The world situation is eloquent today of the fact thatEducation, 130:defend their own children and position and situation, right or wrong; family pride, tradition,Education, 134:hurried creation of human forms. The economic situation will make it necessary that certainEducation, 135:for the modern planetary dilemma. The economic situation and the necessity to provide for theEducation, 138:their untold millions are totally unaware of the situation, either in its economic or esotericExternalisation, 5:undesirable and providing a difficult situation, whilst others take Their stand upon the basicExternalisation, 8:the whole ground possible [8] in relation to the situation in the field of psychism caused by theExternalisation, 9:of the subject is great, but the general situation can be grasped, the significance of theExternalisation, 22:the inherent possibilities of this particular situation, to indicate lines of helpful activity, andExternalisation, 45:sick, and the over-shadowing soul. This situation is often found today. The physical plane and theExternalisation, 49:Introductory Remarks The cause for the momentous situation which calls for a realignment of ourExternalisation, 59:from the standpoint of the present world situation and modern conditions. I may begin to organizeExternalisation, 60:of the possibilities inherent in the present situation which could deflect much of this form ofExternalisation, 63:of those involved in the accident. The world situation today is not caused by the ambitions of anyExternalisation, 63:in their own way and fashion, to deal with the situation. Clear thinking, a clear appraisal ofExternalisation, 65:who were not implicated in the particular situation and weakness, and who longed to begin groupExternalisation, 69:and not be entirely engrossed with the immediate situation or dilemma; too close a perception andExternalisation, 70:I sought to give some insight into the essential situation which confronts mankind due to certainExternalisation, 71:January 1939 Another angle from which the world situation can be viewed with profit is to look forExternalisation, 77:by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When that happens, the problem will beExternalisation, 82:brought the world to its present distressing situation. It is so easy to drift into the same habitsExternalisation, 84:present. The emphasis is upon the economic situation; upon the possession of land or culturalExternalisation, 88:However, it only expresses the present situation in this interim period between the old Piscean ageExternalisation, 90:and the new modes of handling the economic situation and the political problems, to precipitate andExternalisation, 95:humanity is faced in the same way with a similar situation and possibilities. The higherExternalisation, 96:the point of tension for humanity in such a situation, similar to that to be found in theExternalisation, 96:unaware generally of the implications of the situation, is suffering, bewildered and full of fear.Externalisation, 99:to recognize that which has produced an existing situation, and a consequent freedom fromExternalisation, 101:the planet, and the purpose of the present world situation. Upon this, reflection would beExternalisation, 113:and lead the race; but at no point and in no situation does it command or assume control. It canExternalisation, 116:1942. The first stage (if you could see the situation as it truly is) was most definitely the deathExternalisation, 117:karma as there is bad; even in the present world situation, the good karma emanating from the soulExternalisation, 117:in individual lives and in the general world situation. When this is properly grasped, the trueExternalisation, 126:possible. [126] Intelligent appreciation of the situation and a general capacity to present to theExternalisation, 126:World Picture It was the acuteness of this situation, and the wide extent of the cleavage, whichExternalisation, 127:the application of ideological motives. Of this situation in the world the Lords of Destiny areExternalisation, 127:service to you and to your mental grip upon the situation for me to emphasize the details of thatExternalisation, 128:and miserable victims of the fight and of the situation. Today, it is not possible to make such aExternalisation, 128:writings - relatively futile to control the situation as yet or to force their leaders to followExternalisation, 153:word alignment has best described the planetary situation; there has been a straight line alongExternalisation, 170:Presence then stand face to face. This is the situation today. Tomorrow they will blend andExternalisation, 171:to a United Act of Service November 1939 The situation is serious. Sea and air and land are arrayedExternalisation, 172:and a psychic preoccupation with the immediate situation among all workers, and thus render themExternalisation, 173:and has produced the present disastrous economic situation, thus precipitating the world into war,Externalisation, 175:to indicate the inherent dangers of the present situation, to present its amazing opportunity toExternalisation, 176:and thus a stalemate will be reached and a situation will arise which will bring to an end allExternalisation, 176:involved will fail to see the realities of the situation and will not come to the assistance ofExternalisation, 181:[181] The world as it exists today. The present situation is the result of past tendencies, ofExternalisation, 182:inevitable finale - war and chaos. The economic situation also provides a symbol of this condition.Externalisation, 182:and towards spiritual objectives will the world situation change, and men - motivated by goodwill -Externalisation, 185:lands and descends from the skies. It is to this situation that the old order has brought humanity.Externalisation, 187:No one is afraid of the allied nations; the situation has not been precipitated by the Allies;Externalisation, 197:and their national life and their financial situation have been crippled thereby. At the close ofExternalisation, 198:world order, one is faced with a very complex situation. [199] Certain great ideological regimesExternalisation, 202:Germany is today the focal point of the world situation. In that unhappy nation, the racial problemExternalisation, 204:the current problem, and to study the world situation from all possible angles. IntelligentExternalisation, 209:of influence in accordance with the present situation. It is not the imposition of any particularExternalisation, 212:of daily living. The immediate opportunity and situation in which we find ourselves [213] will haveExternalisation, 213:obvious to us as we look at the present world situation; first, that the lines of demarcationExternalisation, 213:been at the stage where it could grasp the situation intelligently, or been so closely and rapidly
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