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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SIZE

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Astrology, 123:perils of the situation, and the whale of large size stands for the bondage of incarnation and forAutobiography, 178:joint finances on the day when we sat down to size up the situation and to lay plans for the futureAutobiography, 224:but the last two years it steadily increased in size and I think it could be said that the work wasDiscipleship1, 154:than let time take care of those stars whose size is small and their radiance limited. One of theDiscipleship1, 695:later to increase the membership, power and size of any Ashram. [696] This lies entirely in theEducation, xi:of higher learning. But with the increase in size of our specialized bodies of knowledge - to theFire, 106:center near the diaphragm is subnormal in size and its vibration is not correct. In the case of theFire, 195:ideas to the groping consciousness, ideas of size, of external texture, and of surface differences;Fire, 755:formation of active groups in every city of any size, and in every country, which will workFire, 1085:embody all that can be apprehended anent the size, magnitude, quality, vibratory activity, andMeditation, 23:The specific gravity of the causal body. The size and circumference of the causal body. Later IMeditation, 115:to serve he at the same time increases the size and number of the groups he contacts till heMeditation, 289:to visualize himself and the Master - about the size of a quarter inch - within the circumferenceMeditation, 321:be given. Climatic conditions and the desired size of the schools will greatly vary and thePatanjali, 139:levels of the mental plane gains in beauty, size and activity with greater rapidity during thePsychology1, 239:the type, family, appearance, strength, size and nature of the trees upon our planet. Ray II - isPsychology1, 283:leads to sterility or to a reduction in the size of the families raised. Second, to aPsychology1, 406:It stimulates it internally to greater size, color and quality. It brings it and all parts of thePsychology2, 609:which gradually grows into a circle of some size. This occurs when the light in the head irradiatesSoul, 41:The pineal gland is cone-shaped, about the size of a pea, and is in the center of the brain in aSoul, 44:It is really two glands in one. It is about the size of a pea and lies at the base of the brain aSoul, 102:smoke, an inch in height The purusha is in size, Lord of the past and the future; It is he todaySoul, 102:a hundredth part thereof; That I judge to be the size of the soul, Yet it goes to immortality.Telepathy, 172:of the consciousness is ever indicated by the size, the color and the activity of the energies
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