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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SKELETON

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Bethlehem, 135:mission to found, and whose inner structure and skeleton outline were built upon the twelveDiscipleship1, 30:and the personnel is gradually supplied, the skeleton framework of a future structure will slowlyDiscipleship1, 33:fifth or spiritual kingdom. The forming of the skeleton structure of the new groups of disciples,Discipleship1, 681:I have outlined it to you in the past, was but a skeleton outline and simply an underlying basicDiscipleship2, 57:of the fifth kingdom in nature. Thus the skeleton structure of the new religious ceremonial [58]Fire, xii:purpose in view: First, to provide a compact and skeleton outline of a scheme of cosmology,Glamour, 43:theme. I gave you certain basic concepts and a skeleton outline of the subject as a whole. (See theHealing, 658:and radiatory healing. I have here given you the skeleton structure of the idea, but not theMagic, 32:is to be found in the underlying structure or skeleton of coordinated and correlated statementsMagic, 197:simply to grasp the general idea and the skeleton of the teaching. Magic, 457:of the inner structure, or of the subjective skeleton, if I may so term it, of the form which is toPsychology1, 219:attracts to itself the minerals needed for this skeleton form. The animal kingdom, in turn, drawsPsychology1, 219:kingdom. The mineral content required for the skeleton structure is therefore offered in a morePsychology2, 207:are myriad, but this analysis will serve as a skeleton structure upon which to build. [208] 7. InRays, 254:and one which could be regarded as the skeleton outline of the work I wish to see done. It willRays, 649:of the effects upon humanity as a whole and the skeleton structure of the new and beautiful futureReappearance, 67:out of the new teaching and will provide the skeleton structure of the new world religion, thus
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