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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SKILL

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Astrology, 494:and identification. Wisdom connotes skill in action as the result of developed love and the lightAstrology, 544:one-pointed potency, hence also their extreme skill and cunning, based on very ancient evilAutobiography, 95:scripture of India, The Bhagavad Gita, calls "skill in action." She loved me and petted me and toldAutobiography, 95:and certainly too tired to have any ideas as to skill in action. I was aghast, and realized that myAutobiography, 116:arms. Nothing could save her, and she had expert skill on the doctor's part and I am a good nurse.Discipleship1, 63:time, consciously or unconsciously, and without skill or purpose or - if there is a purpose - it isDiscipleship1, 159:the right seizure of opportunity, upon directed skill in action and upon a sustained egoicDiscipleship1, 160:the recognition of opening doors and skill in activity - to these direct your attention. Your workDiscipleship1, 171:yours. Proceed, therefore, with patience, with skill in action and with an unmoved persistence. InDiscipleship1, 201:mind to produce harmony through conflict, and skill in action, which is the true significance ofDiscipleship1, 201:others can see the achievement. How can this skill in action be produced? How can thisDiscipleship1, 201:such power that the combination of wisdom and of skill in action (in order to manifest harmony)Discipleship1, 211:are not yet upon the Path of Discipleship. It is skill in action and in the distribution ofDiscipleship1, 273:group ideal and group love are dominant; use skill in action, this will involve right preliminaryDiscipleship1, 352:rays of power, active intelligence and of that skill in action which produces conflict, leading toDiscipleship1, 352:which would round out your nature. You need more skill in action, a more firmly focused will toDiscipleship1, 384:in handling them is that which is of moment. Skill in action is always needed, my brother, and forDiscipleship1, 384:this life it must ever be the demonstration of skill in emotional reaction, and not so much theDiscipleship1, 447:cooperation with the Plan, and with adequate skill in action, due to the lessons learnt on theDiscipleship1, 500:can so easily recognize. Work with order, skill and precision in your chosen field of service.Discipleship1, 606:but perform action with detachment and with skill. Disperse the clouds around you by the dynamicDiscipleship1, 623:basis for action, with the exemplification of skill in action. Later, when I may call upon theDiscipleship1, 720:the group in the right way and with the needed skill in action. It involves capacity for firmDiscipleship2, 506:in the face of apparent non-success. Much skill in action will also be required. The CatholicDiscipleship2, 507:and of all workers along esoteric lines, great skill in action. With renewed endeavor, enlightenedDiscipleship2, 593:and strength are blended with love, wisdom and skill in action and speech. My strength is yours,Discipleship2, 754:A year's steady practice (with belief, plus skill in action) may cause almost dramatic changes inEducation, 10:of the mechanical factory worker and the trained skill of the electrician? Is there a latentEducation, 67:can move among these inner realities with skill and understanding. Esotericism, involves alsoEducation, 121:of the salesmanship of the products of human skill which the general public is educated to believeExternalisation, 5:separateness, but only differ over problems of "skill in action") over the present world condition.Externalisation, 54:is, however, necessarily dependent upon the "skill in action" and the willingness of the groupExternalisation, 61:of the world disciples (of pure motive and skill in action and tried responsibility) that which isExternalisation, 212:The place which clear thinking, wise speech and skill in action should play in the attitude of theExternalisation, 224:with all its potencies of love, wisdom and skill in action, or for ages humanity has suffered [225]Externalisation, 333:contact and realization, plus the effort to use skill in action and due physical plane executiveExternalisation, 335:require spiritual energy, sound business sense, skill in action and financial support. RememberExternalisation, 338:this there will be need on your part of great "skill in action," so that you may rightly and wiselyExternalisation, 371:of hate and revenge will require the utmost skill in handling and will necessitate exceedingly wiseExternalisation, 416:of humanity should assume and what building the skill of the knowers will erect to house theExternalisation, 462:the planet so that wisdom, understanding and skill in action may distinguish the activities of menExternalisation, 465:mental plane and demonstrating as wisdom, and as skill in action, motivated by lovingExternalisation, 519:from cosmic sources, requires the trained skill of the Hierarchy and the fiat of Shamballa toExternalisation, 619:based on material greed), and then employ such skill in action and such business acumen that theseExternalisation, 658:presents to Christ Himself a great test of His skill in action; its use constitutes the major testExternalisation, 661:Christ, and the consequent development of that skill in action which will permit these plans toExternalisation, 662:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization Skill in action, wise and understanding judgment, theExternalisation, 670:intelligence, applied with wisdom and with skill in action, is the task demanded of all men andExternalisation, 672:of world unity, and which will steadily and with skill in action substitute the spiritual valuesFire, 850:of one and all, and unity of action, goal and skill marks every high endeavor." If these words areFire, 984:renowned all over the world for their wisdom and skill in occultism and no doubt our word magic isHealing, 16:work, and the debt of humanity to the wisdom, skill and unselfish attentions of the physicians isHealing, 26:be. He may, however, subject himself to the wise skill of the physical plane physician or surgeon,Healing, 27:or through any of the other media of modern skill and science. Through radiation or magnetization,Healing, 278:it has grown and developed until modern skill, modern research, modern techniques and modernHealing, 278:would normally have died. In this developed skill and knowledge, and in this aptitude in the careHealing, 480:reactions of pain. Medical science and surgical skill have advance by leaps and bounds - so much soHealing, 480:ill health and disease, thereby attaining much skill, knowledge and frequent success. All this isHealing, 596:(when he finds them present) will then apply his skill in aiding the man to die and will notHealing, 646:gradually increasing the quantity as he attains skill in action. Speaking in a broad and generalHealing, 650:efficient and able to use facility and skill, they can add the mode of healing which is not soHealing, 688:creative process is dependent upon the [688] skill of the Great Lives in evoking response from theHealing, 688:another side to the picture; this involves the skill in action, the understanding hearts and theHercules, 14:of the open field are known to me, besides the skill of those who can afford to travel and knowHercules, 16:said Mercury, "and with precision and acquired skill must move." And Hercules, with joyous words,Hercules, 16:his thanks. He had yet to prove his boasted skill. With blaring trumpets and the rush of stampingHercules, 16:disciple pass before he had acquired sufficient skill to draw that bow. It took him all that timeHercules, 49:governed by understanding of divine purpose and skill-in-action. Two points of view are equallyHercules, 55:afford thee scope for wisdom, understanding, skill and opportunity. Watch well. I fear, my son,Hercules, 80:by right of search. The doe was his by right of skill and the prowess of his arm. "The doe isHercules, 98:sheath of arrows and with sure hand and eye of skill planted an arrow in the shoulder of the lion.Hercules, 126:on his task and sought within himself for subtle skill. He set a snare with skill, and wisely hid,Hercules, 126:himself for subtle skill. He set a snare with skill, and wisely hid, and then he waited in a shadowHercules, 126:the savage beast, making it the prisoner of his skill. He wrestled with the boar and mastered it,Magic, 103:Harmlessness in act. This will produce poise, skill in action and the release of the creative will.Magic, 161:and prayerfully, come to naught. Their "skill in action" is lost, because they are tied to theMagic, 278:and plan. Let him build with judgment and with skill, preserving always the "stool of the director"Magic, 279:form through [279] visualization, meditation and skill in action, and so produce that which hisMagic, 499:modern medical science with its palliatives and skill. All I plead for is a sane approach to death;Magic, 521:if the true nature of sacrifice is grasped, if skill in action is developed and if work withoutMagic, 579:of course, to be coupled to right quality and skill in action. The quality will be indicated moreMeditation, 155:steady adherence to the rules laid down, with skill in action aimed at are the part of the wiseMeditation, 348:when skilled workers hold positions where their skill has not full scope and where less wellProblems, 109:continent, and contribute their trained skill, their proved commercial benefits and theirPsychology1, 209:color and all things lovely, but his productive skill is not great unless under the [210] influencePsychology1, 237:I seek to make clear. Science can handle with skill and insight the evolution of form. I shallPsychology1, 289:wherein we shall produce the children of our skill and minds. Where, in other words, there is aPsychology2, 145:work is potent and necessary and calls for much skill in action. This is the ray that is comingPsychology2, 169:test tubes and his frail appliances he used with skill. In rows and rows, the retorts for fusing,Psychology2, 204:any mental line, and they very rarely exhibit skill in any direction. They can dig and carry, underPsychology2, 223:producing wise participation in the Plan and skill in action. On the form side, it manifests as thePsychology2, 334:with each other, and each will place his skill and his peculiar point of view and interpretation ofPsychology2, 443:goal is the achievement of harmony, unity and skill in living, through an intensity of conflict,Psychology2, 656:and wisdom, and if they demonstrate adequate skill in action, they [657] will eventually achievePsychology2, 661:utilization of world power, will call forth that skill in action which comes from true dedicationPsychology2, 662:care, with prevision, with forethought and with skill must the ground be laid and the argumentsPsychology2, 665:as to their right action from the angle of time. Skill in action is their main problem and notPsychology2, 667:endeavor, and that they may evidence the highest skill in action will be true if things progress asPsychology2, 675:on world thought. If, however, there is skill in action and an adherence to the principles ofPsychology2, 692:of a sane judgment and the expression of a real skill in action must be your attempted
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