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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SLEW

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Hercules, 14:deceive you not. The fact is not so long ago I slew all those who taught me in the past. I killedHercules, 15:my son?" "I had turned eighteen summers when I slew the lion, and hence I wear its skin. Again atHercules, 15:you do? Again in Gemini, the teachers whom you slew will cross your path. Have you indeed left themHercules, 18:great illusion no longer had him imprisoned. He slew the serpent of matter and the serpent ofHercules, 21:the age of eighteen years, we are told, he slew a lion which was devastating the countryside andHercules, 22:whilst in that curious state, we read that he slew his children and his friends and everyoneHercules, 47:of Hercules; Perseus, the Coming Prince, who slew the Medusa, symbol of the great illusion. He isHercules, 99:and slaughtered it." "Again, O Hercules, you slew a lion. Again you strangled him. The lion andHercules, 100:wore. That was the skin of the lion that he slew before he undertook his labors and which was hisHercules, 109:teaching underlying the tradition that he there slew the lion with his bare hands? Many of theseHercules, 125:last labor, upon the shores of the great sea, I slew and killed. This time I slaughter not. I leaveHercules, 126:a son of God, became the messenger of death and slew his friends, the centaurs twain with whom heHercules, 156:kill them with a quiverful of arrows. The few he slew were but a fraction of the many thatPsychology1, 399:was started by them. They chose death and slew that which "had lived and which could have claimed
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