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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SLOW

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Astrology, 69:about by the precession of the equinoxes, or the slow shift of the pole of the planet. To thisAstrology, 81:of the Sun around the zodiac is apparently a slow and laborious process, taking approximately (onAstrology, 179:This intellectual awareness is the result of a slow evolution of the instinctual nature which, whenAstrology, 240:upon the Fixed Cross and begins the relatively slow process of mounting the Cardinal Cross. Then heAstrology, 260:"brought to light"; it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crises and periodicAstrology, 275:self-conscious effort, and is concerned with the slow rhythm of mass life - either instinctuallyAstrology, 283:which is brotherly love in embryo; by the slow unfoldment of the mind through the activity ofAstrology, 317:with the sting in its tail and the Fish. The slow moving Crab, identified with its dwelling placeAstrology, 484:movement of energies is going on, producing a slow, steady awakening of the mass consciousness soAstrology, 496:the man becomes an individual in Leo and the slow unintelligent subconsciousness of the herdAstrology, 679:involved. In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth till the consciousnessAtom, 63:the form or sheath proceeds, and it is a long slow process, covering millions upon millions ofAtom, 85:growth; it is in time supplemented by the slow working out of the inner subjective quality of theAtom, 129:up something of very great value, and develop by slow and laborious degrees the rudiments of a realAutobiography, 39:was almost like a solemn, rhythmic dance, very slow and dignified but quite soundless. Suddenly,Autobiography, 118:at this time see no way out, except through the slow process of evolution and a planned educationalBethlehem, 35:of divinity in man has been gradual and slow, but at certain points in racial history (as in theBethlehem, 47:to some the initiating of humanity may seem a slow process. Old truths enunciated by the worldBethlehem, 233:at fault, and their failure to understand the slow processes of nature. Evolution moves slowly, andBethlehem, 253:progressed from the inert consciousness and slow, heavy rhythm of the mineral kingdom, and haveBethlehem, 267:to follow in His steps - only serve to show how slow we have been, how much remains to be done, andDestiny, 32:influence is an event in time - are a matter of slow development, are psychic in nature, and areDiscipleship1, 9:in certain directions and others will have to slow down theirs temporarily to the pace of theDiscipleship1, 50:develop, but the process is necessarily slow. Next comes the quality of mental polarization. WhatDiscipleship1, 68:your brains. This process can be either rapid or slow. Where the alignment is good, there can be anDiscipleship1, 77:glamors, by your individual problem or by your slow reactions to known truth. The third thing thatDiscipleship1, 82:- in this most difficult of worlds. Inertia or slow reactions to the imparted teaching and to theDiscipleship1, 151:star within its tiny orbit kept its place and slow revolved. Its contacts with the circle's edgeDiscipleship1, 173:have also to stimulate those disciples, who are slow and cautious and doubtful to a more ready andDiscipleship1, 174:rhythm, or rather, you spiritual heart beat, is slow and this should be speeded up. You must moveDiscipleship1, 230:that we stimulate others to renewed effort, or slow them down to less potent expression. ThisDiscipleship1, 246:my fellowmen." Then follows an interlude of 12 slow counts, during which you ponder on theDiscipleship1, 277:understanding, an analysis of human beings and a slow and patient work. As your work may grow andDiscipleship1, 289:that in all group effort some would have to slow down their progress and others speed it up inDiscipleship1, 313:power... Do this exercise every day with slow and measured thought, and with no sense of haste andDiscipleship1, 364:of your inner knowledge has been needlessly slow. Given a right and more focused attitude, youDiscipleship1, 385:closed. Then picture yourself as watching the slow opening of the buds, until little by little, theDiscipleship1, 412:more time for service and quiet thought. Be slow to speak, slow to move, slow to decide, slow toDiscipleship1, 412:for service and quiet thought. Be slow to speak, slow to move, slow to decide, slow to formDiscipleship1, 412:quiet thought. Be slow to speak, slow to move, slow to decide, slow to form opinions. There is muchDiscipleship1, 412:Be slow to speak, slow to move, slow to decide, slow to form opinions. There is much to be done byDiscipleship1, 412:been made. Make rapid progress, my brother, by slow stages. Discipleship1, 425:all upon the Way. Many pass much time and thus slow down their active spiritual expression by anDiscipleship1, 494:till they die of lack of attention and of a slow attrition. You pay too much attention to theDiscipleship1, 519:and action taken on that recognition is equally slow. Yet, in the last analysis, it is by far theDiscipleship1, 552:is the goal, and growth, if sound and good, is slow. In connection with your own characterDiscipleship1, 617:time, my brother. Your improvement has been slow but real. You can be trusted more definitely nowDiscipleship1, 620:of the ages of hierarchical struggle and the slow, slow growth which the Masters have been forcedDiscipleship1, 620:the ages of hierarchical struggle and the slow, slow growth which the Masters have been forced toDiscipleship1, 670:Interlude wherein you take six long slow breaths, thinking as you do so about coordination. SoundDiscipleship1, 670:whilst you are doing this, taking seven long slow breaths. Sound the Sacred Word inaudibly again,Discipleship1, 670:to soul consciousness whilst taking ten long slow breaths, raising your consciousness as high asDiscipleship1, 670:and dominate the personality. When doing the slow breathing, endeavor to sit erect without tension,Discipleship1, 674:of form. Through the lesser three, with progress slow, the long path has been traveled. AnotherDiscipleship2Much of the deeper values are more subtle and slow to emerge. Individuals benefited greatly. As aDiscipleship2, 27:through of information and knowledge is often a slow process, owing to the inadequate alignment ofDiscipleship2, 41:nearly assumed control. But we are seeing the slow domination of the good. Humanity has been theDiscipleship2, 123:This can be done, but it involves an act of slow concentration. 4. Then sound the OM twice from theDiscipleship2, 302:by means of hints. It is apparently a slow technique, but there is a point which esotericists wouldDiscipleship2, 303:The phrases would have conveyed to their slow-moving brains absolutely nothing. Primitive man hadDiscipleship2, 318:is dependent upon the unfoldment - rapid or slow - of the lesser disciples of the world. All theseDiscipleship2, 334:begin to train a group. This is necessarily a slow process, from the standpoint of the physicalDiscipleship2, 352:process of group initiation, growing out of the slow method of individual initiation. [353] TheseDiscipleship2, 415:its swiftness and its infallibility - for the slow and laborious work of the mind, with itsDiscipleship2, 504:Europe is no easy undertaking. It will be slow. Your foundation must be well and truly laid. TheDiscipleship2, 515:in the symbol of the Cross. Take six long slow breaths, thus establishing a rhythm. Then take oneDiscipleship2, 602:years and in three cases for several lives (so slow were they to register inner spiritualDiscipleship2, 647:sound the OM inaudibly and say with deep and slow reflection: "Naught separates me from my soul, myDiscipleship2, 715:shall we do to prevent this over-stimulation and slow things down so that there will be time forDiscipleship2, 750:the needs of life can be met. These provide a slow moving glamor, behind which you conscientiouslyEducation, One of:- with attention, appreciation or distrust. The slow and careful formation of the New Group ofEducation, One of:and a new world outlook. The work is necessarily slow and those of you who are immersed in theEducation, 127:of its telepathic influence, makes a gradual and slow change, for at the beginning of theEducation, 127:of the evolutionary process development is so slow as to be scarcely recognizable. Inevitably,Externalisationwhich are predominantly Piscean are beginning to slow down their activity and to be "occultlyExternalisation, 48:these two processes. They are the product of the slow moving influences of life itself, of what weExternalisation, 49:They [49] have painfully and with infinitely slow processes evolved out of the animal conditionExternalisation, 70:with attention, appreciation or distrust. The slow and careful formation of the New Group of WorldExternalisation, 70:and a new world outlook. The work is necessarily slow and those of you who are immersed in theExternalisation, 131:its paternalism, conservatism and its method of slow adjustment. The U.S.A. expresses theExternalisation, 131:touch upon life. Its method is not that of slow adjustment but of quick assimilation. It is in thatExternalisation, 208:starvation and ruin. The great need will be for slow action, leaving time for the needed healingExternalisation, 209:a determining factor is ever dangerous. Wise and slow action will here be needed and properExternalisation, 361:sure in its eventual success but relatively slow also in its establishment and sequential process.Externalisation, 425:relations. These spiritual restrictions greatly slow down the progress of the Forces of Light; itExternalisation, 457:recognize. This recognition will make them slow in arriving at final decisions, because they willExternalisation, 577:types of activity. The task will be necessarily slow, particularly at first, but the second rayExternalisation, 601:a stage where nothing can arrest its progress or slow down its momentum, In spite of appearances,Externalisation, 620:is conscious of the awakening of the masses - slow though it may be - to the higher spiritualExternalisation, 654:Every necessary evolutionary move is always a slow move. At no time will the Hierarchy infringe theExternalisation, 654:processes of evolutionary growth or the normally slow development of the various kingdoms in natureExternalisation, 668:has to be altered, and that constitutes a slow and arduous task; the evil personalities which, inExternalisation, 689:growth of mankind and to the steady, even if slow, orientation of mankind to the spiritualExternalisation, 690:an isolated and weakened Black Lodge to die a slow death; this permits the purification of humanFire, 123:the throat and the head. This is a long and slow process when left to the unaided force of nature,Fire, 129:the above sequence and presuppose a period of slow activity, succeeded by one of extreme movement.Fire, 136:of evolutionary growth, when left to the normal, slow development that time alone can bring. TheFire, 173:As we know, the evolution of the centers is a slow and gradual thing, and proceeds in orderedFire, 184:and the fire of mind have begun to blend (a slow and gradual process), the web itself is [185]Fire, 295:the relation of the form to Itself, and of its slow utilization and control. This persists until
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