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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SLOWLY

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Healing, 640:increases, the life of the spiritual man is slowly or rapidly withdrawn; the desire for existence,Healing, 641:for centuries; the attitude is, however, slowly changing, and the time will eventually come whenHealing, 642:and the life aspect is weakening or rapidly or slowly withdrawing itself. You can see, therefore,Healing, 649:momentarily over the diseased organ or area and slowly withdraws it towards himself; he followsHealing, 664:part of man. It is a mode whereby good is only slowly realized and evil only slowly, very slowly,Healing, 664:good is only slowly realized and evil only slowly, very slowly, driven out. The will-to-good ofHealing, 664:only slowly realized and evil only slowly, very slowly, driven out. The will-to-good of ShamballaHealing, 707:first ray energy, and should proceed very slowly and gradually through the center on the line ofHerculeshuman aspiration, and dark the deeds resultant. Slowly men learn and, in learning, pass between theHerculesof the circle's cosmic sweep, the truth is slowly grasped; the needed lesson learnt; the natureHercules, 2:centuries passed, a group of men emerged who slowly turned the other way. They found the Way. TheyHercules, 38:of need and worn with deep distress, Hercules slowly passed between the pillars of the Gate intoHercules, 57:one day, when struggling to be free, and slowly seeing Busiris for what he was, words spoken longHercules, 58:by the vultures plucking at his liver, thus slowly killing him. He broke the binding chain andHercules, 195:He paused. "One caution I can give," he added slowly. "Invoke the aid of Helius." Through Gate theHercules, 199:tuned up. World saviors have to work slowly, but time means nothing to them. The term, worldHercules, 210:the gate which leads to the mount of initiation. Slowly and painfully, he learns the lesson thatHercules, 221:the constellation can be seen from our planet slowly emerging from out of the rays of the sun andInitiation, viii:to attainment who might otherwise have drifted slowly towards their goal. They will then becomeInitiation, 136:egoic, withdraws itself gradually, and the form slowly dissipates; the lesser lives of which it hasInitiation, 137:gradually escapes, whilst the causal body is slowly absorbed or dissipated. This has led to theInitiation, 197:a recognition of time, and an ability to move slowly when effecting changes in the diet and in theInitiation, 198:lifetime. Everything in nature progresses [198] slowly, and applicants must learn the occult truthInitiation, 198:the occult truth of the words: - "Make haste slowly." A process of gradual elimination is usuallyIntellect, 9:make of it? Where is the mind, [9] which he is slowly learning to master, going to lead him? WhatIntellect, 58:the senses. Becoming increasingly positive, it slowly and surely begins to dominate the otherIntellect, 77:- Bailey Alice, The Light of the Soul, IV, 2. Slowly and gradually the work of direct knowledgeMagic, 32:himself which serves to illumine his steps as he slowly and gradually presses forward. There areMagic, 59:"seeing double". His spiritual perception grows slowly and surely as the brain becomes capable ofMagic, 147:steady impact of this vibratory [147] effect, slowly awakens to consciousness or awareness. TheMagic, 193:be apparent therefore how necessary it is to go slowly in these matters, so that the mentalMagic, 194:clear why it is deemed necessary to proceed slowly and to develop the mental processes as well asMagic, 228:once the dualities are grasped, it dawns on him slowly and surely that the deciding factor in theMagic, 264:and left behind, and to follow later and more slowly the footsteps of the striving aspirant; andMagic, 277:in all kingdoms in all ages must come slowly, and therefore safely, to the birthing. [278] All newMagic, 312:on the evolutionary arc who are taking form slowly but have not yet taken an etheric body, and willMagic, 312:men, and to those who have passed over and are slowly shedding their bodies, prior to eventualMagic, 342:brings all things to pass, even if more slowly. Do not forget this, but when discouragement fromMagic, 358:the mentality. "The assuaging waters cool. They slowly bring relief, abstracting form from all thatMagic, 362:spiritual man upon the probationary path move slowly in one direction, but gradually quicken theirMagic, 364:or mayhap even contradictory will be elucidated, slowly unraveled, and more easily comprehended. AMagic, 368:can bring through into [368] your consciousness. Slowly must this be done, for a stable vibrationMagic, 371:endured for a long time. Evolution moved more slowly, but now on the upward trend of all things,Magic, 404:patience of the Knowers of the race. They work slowly and with deliberation, free from any sense ofMagic, 417:importance. They are equipped to organize, slowly and steadily, that public opinion which willMagic, 417:by their thought activity to form part of this slowly forming group. These constitute the nucleusMagic, 418:soul contact one or more members of the new slowly emerging [419] group. These focal points throughMagic, 424:more definitely lower psychic experiences. The slowly growing interest in dreams from theMagic, 430:and beg you to attend, that this group which is slowly forming is gathered out of every imaginableMagic, 502:first point in the new information which will slowly become common knowledge in the West during theMagic, 514:stages of [514] experience. The inner life, slowly developed during the cyclic interludes, becomesMagic, 550:I utter only facts in nature and one that is slowly coming into mature consideration among theMagic, 590:leaving his centers to develop and unfold more slowly and therefore more safely. Unfold theyMagic, 605:life have kept pace with the needs of the slowly emerging sons of God. The second thread leads usMeditation, 32:of the good in each life. The building proceeds slowly at first, but towards the end ofMeditation, 81:that is truly occult expected effects are very slowly achieved. Should a man seem in any oneMeditation, 81:of consciousness succeed each other apparently slowly, and in their slow progression lies theMeditation, 84:Sacred Word is enunciated, picture it as a lotus slowly expanding until the inner center or vortexMeditation, 84:center of causal consciousness. Do all this very slowly and gradually, maintaining an attitude ofMeditation, 93:say with all conciseness: Know thyself. Proceed slowly and with caution. Study effects. CultivateMeditation, 93:that eternity is long and that that which is slowly built up endures forever. Aim at regularity.Meditation, 104:body must ever be trained gradually and be built slowly. In the scheme of the Great Ones, hurry hasMeditation, 116:of his genius to aid the sons of men. He builds slowly great powers of intellect and in theMeditation, 140:teaching step by step is given, point by point slowly laid before the pupil, and only as each stepPatanjali, 79:of onlooker. His consciousness therefore shifts slowly out of the realm of the sense vehicles intoPatanjali, 154:into his very being. His various sense organs slowly become active; first, the five senses and thenProblems, 20:lost during the past few centuries but is now slowly regaining. Her attitude to world affairs todayProblems, 30:effective - that of right human relations. Slowly but surely, this educational movement willProblems, 79:civilization; it is also the octopus which is slowly strangling human [80] life, enterprise, andProblems, 92:learn the lessons of pain in other ways and more slowly; nations in the western hemisphere have notProblems, 109:ability on the part of the Negro races to move slowly and wisely, to avoid bloodshed and rancor, toProblems, 129:in a quiescent condition from which they are slowly beginning to emerge. The Mohammedan faith is,Problems, 139:The time for that is past. This problem has been slowly shaping up for centuries, developing withProblems, 157:to the structure of the New World Religion. The slowly developing powers of telepathicProblems, 158:in that great planetary movement - now slowly taking place - whereby God immanent is entering intoProblems, 161:effective in the future and which today will slowly condition man's approach to God - an approachPsychology1, 9:your intuitively aware Self. In any case, read slowly; apply the laws of analogy and ofPsychology1, 14:of the fourth kingdom in nature - we have a slowly developing inclusiveness which finally leads himPsychology1, 22:making an appearance, expressing quality and slowly becoming aware of the process and thePsychology1, 25:Order or Magic is now coming into power and is slowly but surely making His pressure felt. HisPsychology1, 26:manifestation since 1425 A.D. Ray Four - To come slowly into manifestation after 2025 A.D. *RayPsychology1, 29:of truth is not yet revealed. The light is slowly pouring into man's life, and in this lightedPsychology1, 47:it vibrates with intelligent response to the slowly emerging will. Knowledge itself is that whichPsychology1, 56:as a sentient part of a sentient whole, and slowly reacts to the purpose and intent [57] of thatPsychology1, 62:on leaves that are so old that the writing is slowly fading. I now translate it into modernPsychology1, 84:and its height and depth and breadth slowly emerged and entered into light. Out from the east, thePsychology1, 117:In the case of the communicators, they are slowly and gradually trained by senior disciples,Psychology1, 156:a guarantee of his divinity. Stage by stage we slowly make our approach to the goal of consciousPsychology1, 173:of the leaders in various countries, and thus slowly and gradually awaken the masses (through them)Psychology1, 192:of the solar angel only makes its presence felt slowly and during the evolutionary cycle; itPsychology1, 196:condition the quality of the life, and which are slowly and gradually revealing themselves. Psychology1, 293:new attitude will gradually come about as the slowly developing science of psychology comes intoPsychology1, 293:disasters of the hour; these changes will come slowly, as the result of the intelligent interest ofPsychology1, 303:problems, the [303] individual and the unit will slowly learn to subordinate the personal good andPsychology1, 313:hitherto invisible and militant, can now be seen slowly materializing and becoming the ChurchPsychology1, 314:away in that of initiation. The glory of the slowly emerging self-consciousness must be lost toPsychology1, 325:every organization they constitute the new and slowly growing group of World Servers. In theirPsychology1, 330:the case of the human being, in whom the senses (slowly developed in the lower kingdoms) arePsychology1, 331:mind, he begins to discriminate and to cultivate slowly a sense of values which enables himPsychology1, 341:to discriminate between energies and forces, a slowly developing sense of values (which sense is
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