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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SLOWLY

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Psychology1, 358:Ray of Idealism or of Abstract Visioning is slowly passing out. The seventh ray will bring intoPsychology1, 370:and the astral world. This will be destroyed, slowly and certainly, by the play of the cosmic raysPsychology1, 374:colored rays so widely used now - is creeping slowly into all medical thought, whilst even thePsychology1, 390:in incarnation, and the incoming seventh ray is slowly and surely - in spite of appearances -Psychology1, 411:manifestation since 1425 A.D. Ray IV - To come slowly into manifestation around 2025 A.D. Ray V -Psychology2, 7:forces and of disunited energies, which slowly and gradually become coordinated, fused, and blendedPsychology2, 21:time, producing modifications and changes until, slowly and gradually, the ray of the personalityPsychology2, 24:urge to betterment. Life after life passes, and slowly the capacity for conscious identificationPsychology2, 24:of the soul's attention, working through the slowly evolving man, is in the [25] world of desire,Psychology2, 25:the physical satisfactions. The consciousness slowly begins to respond to the impact of the mindPsychology2, 26:ray of the mental body begins to pour in, and slowly to assert itself. As this happens, the desirePsychology2, 86:these beneficent characteristics, and the slowly appearing virtues of humanity are only indicationsPsychology2, 88:came to its first major expression during this slowly disappearing age, the present age, thePsychology2, 119:that of "water and the fishes." The Piscean age slowly, very slowly, prepared the way for thePsychology2, 119:and the fishes." The Piscean age slowly, very slowly, prepared the way for the divine expression ofPsychology2, 159:of desire which has governed him for ages will slowly and surely give place to the Law of Repulse,Psychology2, 167:are blinded and the one eye seeth not as yet... Slowly the eye of wisdom must be opened. Slowly thePsychology2, 167:yet... Slowly the eye of wisdom must be opened. Slowly the love of that which is the true, thePsychology2, 167:must enter the dark passages of worldly thought. Slowly the torch of light, the fire of right mustPsychology2, 179:to the glory of God. Today the new groups are slowly and gradually coming into being and beingPsychology2, 186:and, therefore, must be formed very slowly and with much care. Each person forming part of the newPsychology2, 214:and culturing of the germ kingdom is slowly happening. Psychology2, 255:But there is a history which today is slowly being formulated which is the history of the seed ofPsychology2, 259:of the divine nature. This is, in its turn, slowly conditioning the form life, and in this way thePsychology2, 260:our civilization can be brought about rapidly or slowly, according to the number of those who arePsychology2, 3o8:of opposites begins. The soul ray or energy slowly dominates the personality ray, as it in its turnPsychology2, 318:is becoming soul-conscious and, therefore, slowly becoming aware of the wishes of the soul. But asPsychology2, 331:and higher standards of thought and desire begin slowly to appear. Psychology2, 331:concerned with the form life. It expands slowly from the consciousness of ambition through activityPsychology2, 333:We see the activity of the conscious mind of man slowly expanding and intensifying, until itPsychology2, 337:is ambitious, effective, and powerful. Yet there slowly arises in him a divine discontent; thePsychology2, 338:to a new and higher sense of values, and is slowly at first and more rapidly as facility isPsychology2, 342:or identified with, the form nature, Becomes slowly conscious and consequently intelligently activePsychology2, 348:At the same time, this conscious form is slowly arriving at a point where integration into thePsychology2, 350:of reorientation. This reveals to him, as he slowly [351] changes his direction, the still greaterPsychology2, 354:been called "the light which shocks." Slowly and laboriously, using every power of his alignedPsychology2, 361:will recognize, an aspect of light. The aspirant slowly begins to work with the Plan as it is, andPsychology2, 397:of human beings. It is with these mysterious and slowly emerging energies that the man, ready forPsychology2, 397:with the attributes which are definitely and slowly coming into expression and to fruition -Psychology2, 437:Found between a man and his over-shadowing (and slowly dominating) soul. This leads to muchPsychology2, 468:which - sometimes with suddenness and sometimes slowly - grasps and sees too much. It becomes awarePsychology2, 508:is perfected and continuity of consciousness is slowly developed. The activity involves religiousPsychology2, 522:diaphragm. [522] That the world aspirants are slowly being energized and controlled by the forcesPsychology2, 524:they are formed, and which they express, move slowly and with a heavy inert rhythm; the light whichPsychology2, 525:intelligent along some line or other and is slowly becoming group conscious. As yet, however, hisPsychology2, 575:human being, the centers are nothing more than slowly revolving, palpitating disks of dim light. InPsychology2, 595:The [595] "sushumna" or central channel can be slowly utilized. This parallels the period whereinPsychology2, 634:under consideration. The bourgeois mind is today slowly and steadily permeating the masses, thePsychology2, 643:in complete understanding and thus constitute a slowly growing body of people whose interest isPsychology2, 716:more definitely with the ideas which are today slowly emerging in the consciousness of the morePsychology2, 736:becoming more clearly defined and humanity is slowly forming itself into three camps or groups, asRays, 58:to fulfil the plan. Thus the great syntheses are slowly taking place. It has taken many aeons, forRays, 58:(especially in the earlier stages) moves slowly. In the postwar period and when the new structureRays, 59:Group Initiation Some understanding of this must slowly seep into the mind and consciousness ofRays, 75:human consciousness (from that point in time slowly brought about) of certain powers and capacitiesRays, 77:cycle and in relation to the truths which are slowly taking form in the consciousness of humanity.Rays, 108:discovers a larger will than his own and begins slowly to identify himself with it, proceedingRays, 114:would begin to be dimly apparent and that, slowly, these factors would also assume for them theRays, 143:eyes and the electrical nature of man is being slowly proven and will later demonstrate that,Rays, 154:planetary groups, the seven rays, are being slowly developed by him under the influence ofRays, 207:to accept. It is these great goals which slowly dawn on the consciousness of the initiate as heRays, 218:gradual establishing of a point of tension upon slowly realized higher levels, carried on until theRays, 220:silence and its first expression is simply the slowly rising tempo of the group "Sound" or note. AsRays, 227:that new culture and civilization which will slowly come into being when the world has straightenedRays, 235:of inner causes, producing outer effects. Slowly, however, the Hierarchy is beginning to implementRays, 236:ever since it was founded upon the Earth. Slowly down the ages, men have been trained and preparedRays, 241:the processes of revelation that divinity is slowly dawning upon the human consciousness. It is aRays, 244:evolution. It concerns that which is working slowly into manifestation through the medium of theRays, 244:his creative imagination have wrought out the slowly unfolding design, and will continue to do so;Rays, 261:he." Thus the lesson of kama-manasic impulse is slowly mastered and (in the process of learning)Rays, 261:to dominate, he learns the meaning of love and slowly, and oft through the mastering of pain, heRays, 273:the body of the planetary Logos humanity is slowly building that which they call the antahkarana;Rays, 312:(if I may use this word in this connection) is slowly developing and paralleling the two otherRays, 316:a developing recognition of the Father and a slowly growing response to the monad, plus anRays, 381:numbers - "walked among men" and led them slowly, very slowly, forward into increasing light. TheRays, 381:- "walked among men" and led them slowly, very slowly, forward into increasing light. The earlyRays, 382:is intense enough, then the Great Ashram will slowly make its appearance upon the physical plane.Rays, 386:of years, but the Ashrams themselves were only slowly formed around the nucleus as the variousRays, 390:never again will they fall asleep; they may move slowly but they are, for the first time on a largeRays, 442:Initiator. [442] This inner life with its three slowly revealed objectives concerns essentially theRays, 453:in one or other of its three aspects, has been slowly woven by the man; of this fact in nature hisRays, 454:evoked. A triple stream of spiritual energy is slowly projected towards the egoic lotus and towardsRays, 489:will become apparent to you. He must work slowly at this point, picturing what he wants to do, whyRays, 495:but time and active understanding will slowly weave thread after thread until the bridge standsRays, 504:soul, therefore, as a separate entity, is fading slowly out of the picture because it is beingRays, 543:consciousness and his own. This has to be slowly developed and consciously grasped, with veryRays, 543:which he may contact and occultly include. He is slowly becoming aware of three vibratoryRays, 543:conscious of the vibration of the Master. Slowly he learns to distinguish them and know them asRays, 549:- as far as the Hierarchy is concerned - begins slowly to impress him. Little by little, he beginsRays, 560:influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom is slowly becoming the dominating factor; men areRays, 567:the initiate. In the higher four initiations he slowly arrives at a dim understanding of theRays, 576:reactions and of conditioning glamorous. He slowly begins [577] to realize that in order to takeRays, 577:and subordinated to the higher realization is slowly dominated by energies which are to be releasedRays, 586:initiate's own group, in the sense that he is slowly influencing those around him, collecting theRays, 599:Spiritual Triad) pours into the mind and begins slowly to reveal the will-to-good, which isRays, 606:of a coming triumph of Good. The balance is slowly, very slowly, swinging over to the side of theRays, 606:triumph of Good. The balance is slowly, very slowly, swinging over to the side of the spirit aspectRays, 612:are better understood; the issues involved are slowly being clarified; information about allRays, 614:is working also in the churches, but more slowly, unfortunately, owing to the corruption andRays, 614:renunciations that the capacity for freedom is slowly being generated and the habit of renunciation
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