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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SMILE

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Autobiography, 76:"All the little pansy faces looking up at me to smile," which were the popular songs of the day.Autobiography, 231:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter VI I often smile to myself when people boast and say [232] that theirDiscipleship1, 366:- but then with a face lifted to the light and a smile upon your lips, turn your back upon suchDiscipleship1, 611:intrigues your sense of sin (I say this with a smile, brother, but the dramatic glamor of the sixthDiscipleship1, 650:beside you, occasionally speak a word, oft times smile with you and be busy with my many dutiesDiscipleship2, 654:entered first. Open the gate and welcome with a smile and words of love and cheer the sad,Intellect, 147:or of illumination. In fact, we rather smile at the idea of an illumined consciousness and ascribeMagic, 467:and overlooked. We, who work with aspirants, smile oft at the foolishness and lack of judgmentMeditation, 44:performed. Should bereavement come your way, smile through it all; it will end in a rich reward andMeditation, 44:lost. Should scorn and despising be your lot, smile still, for only the look of commendation thatPatanjali, 360:there should [360] be no attachment and no smile of satisfaction, contact with the undesirable
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