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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SMUG

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Autobiography, 5:past with the emphasis upon a God who saves a smug few and condemns the majority to perdition. IAutobiography, 13:was inveigled in 1935 at Geneva, Switzerland. A smug, hard-faced, smiling "professional" GrouperAutobiography, 36:and dreaming and then I reacted to a feeling of smug satisfaction. I felt that I was like Joan ofAutobiography, 37:begged me to resume my explosive displays. I was smug and sweet and sentimental. Autobiography, 64:had to pay for Theo's return. With my usual smug, religious reaction, I said, "If God means me toAutobiography, 68:one night at dinner, that I was not a bit as smug and holy as I looked and that he had an idea thatAutobiography, 230:and any group that forgets this is apt to become smug isolationist and, therefore, in imminentDiscipleship1, 741:and they function often behind a barrier of smug self-satisfaction. They forget that the aboriginalDiscipleship1, 744:This is what the Master Morya has called the "smug recollection of the self-engrossed mind." It isExternalisation, 64:with the results already achieved, a feeling of smug superiority, certain physical failings andExternalisation, 216:relinquish that attitude of futile negativity, smug neutrality or bewildered confusion which mayGlamour, 98:at-one-ment, of direction, of sure and oft-times smug satisfaction disappears and he is lost in theMagic, 467:and with keenness, with excitement, and with smug self-satisfaction and with a pleased curiosity,Problems, 172:the capitalism of the United States. It is the smug greed of the nations which escaped the war
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