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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOCIAL

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Externalisation, 366:and the financial enterprise of economic and social workers and government agents which will aloneExternalisation, 376:orders remained corrupt, fostering party, social and national strife. Externalisation, 382:to his family and his household, his business or social associates, his casual acquaintances andExternalisation, 407:center of Love and Light. Political and social ideologies and world religions, the Will of God andExternalisation, 408:outer expression of human relationships and the social order; hence the world religions come firstExternalisation, 409:God (religion) and of man to man (government or social relationships). Two major Approaches are toExternalisation, 428:it must be taught, as children are taught, to be social and not anti social, and it will be longExternalisation, 428:children are taught, to be social and not anti social, and it will be long before it will be safeExternalisation, 439:was let loose, destroying old forms - political, social and religious - but at the same time thisExternalisation, 439:and this was needed and very good. The old social, political and religious forms were stultifyingExternalisation, 455:the political parties, all the organizations - social, economic, and educational - so that theirExternalisation, 456:of the theologies (religious, political and social) which have governed the past and which haveExternalisation, 462:of all groups - political, religious or social - is concerned, and they can do little with the typeExternalisation, 481:working in every nation and in every religious, social, economic and political group. Christ'sExternalisation, 511:when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralyzing condition ofExternalisation, 519:express itself through developing and adequate social, political, religious and economic worldExternalisation, 523:world religion. The gradual reorganizing of the social order. The public inauguration of the systemExternalisation, 547:religion, the new political regimes and the new social order could be set up. I gave you theExternalisation, 583:science; they will work as humanitarians, as social workers and in the field of finance, but theyExternalisation, 600:of the political, religious, economic and social life of the planet. All this will not come as theExternalisation, 605:in the arts, in economic expression and in true social living, in science and in religion. It mightExternalisation, 639:formed for economic, educational, religious and social aims and can therefore provide no true causeExternalisation, 650:confusion, split into political, religious and social parties, listening to the teaching, theExternalisation, 675:the effort now present in the educational and social world to force men to think for themselves isExternalisation, 698:immense value by all governmental, economic and social organizations. Then - under a great wave ofExternalisation, 700:world religion. The gradual reorganizing of the social order - an order free from oppression, theFire, 329:24 The Pairs of Opposites: - From The Science of Social Organization, by Bhagavan Das. 25 TheFire, 755:every department of life - economic, religious, social and scientific. These groups will achieveFire, 796:of the universe, just as the general laws of the social order among men are theoreticallyFire, 809:political science, and the goal of economic and social endeavor will take a new and betterFire, 810:have government, politics, economics and the social order readjusted upon sound, sane and divineFire, 812:and not just through the effect. (2) The entire social world of thought will apply itself to theFire, 871:of, the second aspect in form-building, in social relations, in family and other groupGlamour, 129:to the new vision of world life and of social order, as expressed in the newer ideologies. They areGlamour, 131:the whole truth and cannot, therefore, grasp its social and planetary and its cosmic implications. Glamour, 149:for comforts and for security - economic, social and religious - control the majority. The man isHealing, 44:of diseases for the masses are Tuberculosis. The social diseases, as they are called: the venerealHealing, 51:ray. Activity. Sacral Sexuality. Over-activity. Social diseases. Parental love. Group life. FourthHealing, 58:might be said that the syphilitic or so-called social diseases are remainders of the excessesHealing, 61:the emergence of the race from the evils of the social diseases. It will be apparent to you,Healing, 64:people are called upon to face. Psychologists, social workers, physicians, and all those occupiedHealing, 113:for the first two classes are: Tuberculosis. The social diseases. Cancer. The two major diseasesHealing, 115:conditioned), nor is he prone to succumb to the social diseases except as they may affect himHealing, 156:government, of religion and of the crystallized social order. Humanity has now reached a point ofHealing, 225:prevalent among every type of man today. The social diseases - syphilitic in nature. Tuberculosis.Healing, 252:information are again but the platitudes of the social worker in the many cities and lands. CertainHealing, 262:conditions, the relationships between nations, social taboos, religious convictions and tendenciesHealing, 302:the individual and his group, rendering him anti-social. I have dealt with this in an earlier partHercules, 137:we read the following by Rudhyar: "This type of social adaptation should not be such as to divertInitiation, 167:energy of the second aspect in form building, in social relations, and in family affiliations. HeIntellect, 28:Again yes, but power to what end? Is its goal social adjustment? The modern age repliesIntellect, 28:training and development of the individual for social ends, that is, for the largest service toIntellect, 38:is supernatural to the ethical attitude in social affairs. For those who reach this highest stage,Intellect, 43:reactions, and a character which makes him a social asset and a contributing factor in the bodyIntellect, 202:slavery to the forces of nature, and to reform social and political institutions for the benefit ofIntellect, 207:going about our business in home or office, social life or profession, talking to a friend, orIntellect, 208:worker, or for the woman who is living a purely social or family life. These last have to learn toIntellect, 208:difficulties. They are so busy with the social amenities, with the mechanics of housekeeping, withIntellect, 241:whether it be the form of a sewing machine, of a social order or of a solar system, can be positedIntellect, 265:right education; they will control our economic, social and national destinies. They will do allMagic, 56:the exoteric fields of human life (political, social, economic, and religious). They are begged notMagic, 79:with the Labor Movement or the betterment of social conditions. They are aided by a disciple ofMagic, 277:very depths. Students of modern history and of social order are faced with an unprecedentedMagic, 307:that the working out may be military, economic, social or political, that it may take the form of aMagic, 354:and in them you see the thinkers and leaders of social reform, of humanitarian regeneration and ofMagic, 354:tide to turn and for the rebuilding of the body social. It is for this reason that each one of youMagic, 609:of the past world war, bewildered by the social, religious and economic pressure of the present,Meditation, 41:disorganized communities of men, and instead of social chaos as now you will have social order andMeditation, 41:and instead of social chaos as now you will have social order and rule; instead of the religiousMeditation, 69:might be called, will be formed to deal with social, economic, political and religious problems asMeditation, 117:(beginners are tried out here); it may be in social work such as in the labor movements or in thePatanjali, 63:when the entire relation of the aspirant to the social economy (as dealt with in the commandments),Problems, 6:succeeded by the intricate and highly organized social, economic and political civilization ofProblems, 11:share. Nations can be (and often are) anti-social [12], and all nations have within them theseProblems, 12:and all nations have within them these anti-social elements. Self-interest distinguishes most menProblems, 12:childish emotions and of a demand - by anti-social nations - for that which does not belong toProblems, 20:of the picture. But the British are not anti-social; they have led the way in welfare reforms,Problems, 31:the chain of hampering theologies - political, social, economic and religious - and work for theProblems, 48:senior authority. A child is apt to become anti-social when he is not understood or whenProblems, 54:a child with due reference to his heredity, his social position, his national conditioning, hisProblems, 55:preparing him for intelligent living and right social relations. Reading, writing and arithmetic,Problems, 56:of meaning. International problems - economic, social, political and religious - should beProblems, 57:as the Science of Right Human Relations and of Social Organization. This gives a comparatively newProblems, 62:and will try to give a truer perspective on social organization than has been done in the past. Problems, 63:whilst undertaking research work into social relations and through the many organizations which areProblems, 83:foundation for all our political, religious and social reorganization and must provide the themeProblems, 134:insecurity are rampant everywhere; families and social groups have been disrupted; death has takenPsychology1, 82:out affairs along business, national, economic, social and other lines, to produce some system andPsychology1, 108:thinkers in the field of science and of social welfare with the needed knowledge which will enablePsychology1, 180:the fanatic with a certain and sure cure for social ills, and the man who loves to fan racePsychology1, 211:the right word at the right moment; hence great social success. In healing, the seventh ray manPsychology1, 283:primarily a religious one, except in so far as social relations are basically divine relations. ItPsychology1, 284:but to man's attitude to himself and to his social relation with God and his fellowmen. Virtue isPsychology2, 86:on the physical plane. The growing science of social relations, of social responsibility, orPsychology2, 86:The growing science of social relations, of social responsibility, or coordinated civic life, ofPsychology2, 130:the impetus coming from a right understanding of social relations and their study is not lacking.Psychology2, 130:whether it be the right guidance of an anti-social child in a family, the wise assimilation of aPsychology2, 130:a trouble-maker in a group, the handling of anti-social groups in our big cities, the correctPsychology2, 132:endeavor, as educational experiments, or social efforts in the life of the community. The name ofPsychology2, 194:the religious dissatisfaction, the economic and social upheaval of the past few decades, are all
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