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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Astrologyscience which related the constellations and our solar system, drew attention to the nature of theAstrology, 4:believed that the earth was the center of the solar system and that around it revolved the sun andAstrology, 4:of decentralization must take place and the solar system must no longer be regarded as a pointAstrology, 6:claims that there are around seventy in our solar system. I desire to give you a truer and moreAstrology, 8:this idea to a greater phenomenal entity, the solar system. This entity is itself an integral partAstrology, 8:life which is expressing itself through seven solar systems, of which ours is one. If you can graspAstrology, 9:within the universal Life. Constellations, solar systems, planets, kingdoms in nature andAstrology, 9:with the etheric body of the planet, of the solar system, and of the seven solar systems of whichAstrology, 9:planet, of the solar system, and of the seven solar systems of which our system is one, as well asAstrology, 10:all the energies which play upon and through our solar system, our planetary spheres and all formsAstrology, 11:the sun constitute the etheric [11] body of the solar system. This is related to the etheric bodiesAstrology, 11:This is related to the etheric bodies of the six solar systems which, with ours, form a cosmicAstrology, 11:of etheric bodies of all constellations, solar systems and planets which are found therein.Astrology, 11:government of our universe and of our particular solar system, as well as in the case of individualAstrology, 11:individual man. There are, for instance, in our solar system, seven sacred planets which correspondAstrology, 11:seven individual force centers in man, the seven solar systems, of which [12] our solar system isAstrology, 12:man, the seven solar systems, of which [12] our solar system is one, and in their turn the sevenAstrology, 14:refined" - eventually find their way into our solar system. I would like to call attention, at thisAstrology, 14:These are, esoterically, the influences of the solar centers. The forces, emanating from the solarAstrology, 14:solar centers. The forces, emanating from the solar centers, play upon the planetary centers...Astrology, 14:of the Pleiades. Sirius, the Dog Star. The seven solar systems of which ours is one. The sevenAstrology, 15:or from Antares and other stupendous suns and solar systems which are related to the constellationsAstrology, 16:to the subtler and higher energies of the solar system and of the twelve governing constellations.Astrology, 21:concerned with the great man of the heavens, the solar Logos. I refer in this last instance toAstrology, 21:to their effect as it makes itself felt in the solar system as a whole and with this effect thereAstrology, 23:influences which emanate from outside of the solar system altogether. These can be recognized as AAstrology, 24:The base of the spine. The sacral center. The solar plexus center. The spleen. The inner group ofAstrology, 24:plexus center. The spleen. The inner group of solar systems, working in conjunction with theAstrology, 24:the personality of our Earth: The quality of our solar system. God is a consuming fire but God isAstrology, 25:diaphragm - the base of the spine, the sacral, solar plexus and spleen centers - are galvanizedAstrology, 26:One - Every ray life is an expression of a solar life and every planet is therefore: Linked withAstrology, 26:by energy pouring into it from the seven solar systems, of which ours is one. Actuated by threeAstrology, 26:Actuated by three streams of force: Coming from solar systems other than our own. Our own solarAstrology, 26:from solar systems other than our own. Our own solar system. Our own planetary life. PropositionAstrology, 26:the custodian of energies coming from The seven solar systems. The twelve constellations.Astrology, 27:of the seven great Lives which inform our solar system with the twelve constellations which composeAstrology, 28:which are to be found active in relation to our solar system and which, from the most ancient days,Astrology, 28:say that these are the correspondences in the solar system to the three great centers of forceAstrology, 29:bodies. As regards the influence of the seven solar systems, I should suggest (more I cannot do)Astrology, 29:are many potent influences playing upon our solar system and the planet all the time but - as farAstrology, 31:yet infinitely subtle forces which pour into our solar system from the three major constellationsAstrology, 32:return, stimulate and energize every part of our solar system. They only evoke conscious responseAstrology, 32:to the impact, and this statement is true of the solar Logos, the planetary Logoi, and of all formsAstrology, 33:and a transmitter of the higher energies to our solar system and to the planet. If you make aAstrology, 33:here remind you that the seven planes of our solar system are the seven subplanes of the cosmicAstrology, 33:Pleiades or the Seven Sisters. Sirius. The seven solar systems. [34] Tabulation I The TwelveAstrology, 35:Mantrikashakti The WORD made flesh. Speech Solar Angels Agnishvattas Buddhic 4 10 V HumanAstrology, 36:Hierarchies achieved liberation in the first solar system. Their influence reached our EarthAstrology, 37:Intelligence. It was the product of the first solar system. The development of illumination throughAstrology, 37:working on the second and third planes of our solar system, have their activities reflected in theAstrology, 38:of force from sources extraneous to the solar system to forms within the solar system. Each ofAstrology, 38:to the solar system to forms within the solar system. Each of these groups of beings is likewiseAstrology, 39:into our system of those Lives who in the first solar system remained on their own plane, being tooAstrology, 40:the student carefully bears in mind that in our solar system and our seven planes, we have only theAstrology, 40:to express the mental vibration of the solar Logos and the second, His emotional, or cosmic astral,Astrology, 40:idea of the relative point in evolution of the solar Logos may be gained by study of the varyingAstrology, 41:express. Septenary cosmic energy. Cosmic prana. Solar energy or electric fire, solar fire and fireAstrology, 41:Cosmic prana. Solar energy or electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. Each HierarchyAstrology, 43:Lives which achieved the human stage in another solar system, but were not able to proceed beyondAstrology, 43:or the ninth, must ever be regarded in this solar system as occupying what might be considered asAstrology, 44:worlds, or in the dense physical body of the solar Logos. They are Those who can discard or passAstrology, 44:discard or pass through the etheric body of the solar Logos and take forms composed of eitherAstrology, 44:mind that from the standpoint of the Logos, the solar Angels on the mental plane (the fifthAstrology, 44:of them are expressing themselves in this solar system more fully than the others, and thisAstrology, 45:this mystery. This is hidden in the karma of the solar Logos, and concerns His relationship toAstrology, 45:Logos, and concerns His relationship to another solar Logos, and the interplay of force betweenAstrology, 45:the influx of manasic or mind energy into the solar system. Entangled closely [46] with the karmaAstrology, 46:of Wisdom," in Lemurian days. It had to do with solar and planetary Kundalini, or Serpent fire. AAstrology, 46:close to the great Heart of Love of the solar Logos. These great redeeming Angels, Who are the SonsAstrology, 46:up with "the Son of Divine Love," the manifested solar system, which is said to be a cosmicAstrology, 47:egoic lotus, cosmic mental plane. The solar twelve-petalled lotus. The planetary logoic heart, alsoAstrology, 47:word it otherwise, energy flows direct from: The solar Logos, via three great cosmic centers: TheAstrology, 47:is linked with the great central Life of the solar system. This fifth Hierarchy is equally, underAstrology, 48:persists, for all are in the etheric body of the solar Logos or planetary Logos. This is a pointAstrology, 49:the form of a flower to the vast planetary or solar lotus) because the Hierarchies exist as theAstrology, 50:the Path of Initiation. II. Magnetic Energy - Solar Fire The Fixed Cross: 4. The seven solarAstrology, 50:- Solar Fire The Fixed Cross: 4. The seven solar systems Taurus Scorpio Mars Third CreativeAstrology, 53:three great constellations which condition the solar Logos are blended with the innate energies ofAstrology, 54:of force (the seven planetary schemes in the solar system and their corresponding seven centers inAstrology, 54:their medium. It is for this reason that our solar system is spoken of as one of "intrinsicAstrology, 55:the Earth, as of all planetary Logoi, and of a solar Logos. The analogy between the fusion of theAstrology, 55:to face. The Angel of the Presence, distributing solar fire and holding focused electric fire, andAstrology, 57:three major controlling influences; he is also solar fire, being a solar Angel in manifestation. HeAstrology, 57:influences; he is also solar fire, being a solar Angel in manifestation. He then becomesAstrology, 57:responsiveness to the three constellations. II. Solar Fire - Path of Discipleship - 5th Hierarchy;Astrology, 58:however, he becomes Hercules, the Sun God (or solar Angel), he begins to reverse the process (againAstrology, 65:circulate throughput the etheric body of our solar system, their reception and effect will dependAstrology, 70:Neptune, Venus and Jupiter. The three centers - solar plexus, heart and throat - are activelyAstrology, 71:and persistently reaching the man via the solar angel. [75] Astrology, 76:energies and forces focused either in the solar plexus or in the sacral center. A large number ofAstrology, 76:into two major groups: Those who are using the solar plexus center as a vast clearing house for theAstrology, 77:[77] Base of the spine. Sacral Center. Solar Plexus Center. Throat Center. Heart Center. AjnaAstrology, 78:connection with the sacral center (Mars) and the solar plexus (Pluto). This latter planet becomesAstrology, 79:planets which are the centers of energy in the solar system, responsive to the energy of the twelveAstrology, 80:head, ajna and heart centers. to The throat, the solar plexus and the base of the spine. It shouldAstrology, 80:Humanity Kingdoms in Nature c. Cosmic Initiation Solar Initiation Planetary Initiation d. SpiritAstrology, 83:the entire range of spiritual vibrations in our solar system and has achieved that detachment whichAstrology, 85:term) will be the condition of the major solar sphere of influence at the end of the Great Age ofAstrology, 85:the originating Sources of the seven rays of our solar system. The seven Rishis (as They areAstrology, 86:the Great [86] Bear, are transmitted into our solar system through the medium of three
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