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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Astrology, 88:from the astral plane. The base of spine. The solar plexus. The heart. Man controlled from theAstrology, 95:- Appearance. Aries is also the purveyor to our solar system of Fire (Electric Fire) and of theAstrology, 105:is lost sight of in the light of the soul, the solar Angel, so the soul itself disappears and itsAstrology, 105:that the incarnating Minds, human beings, the solar Angels, came originally from Venus, but they inAstrology, 108:eventually give him "the freedom of the seven solar systems," as it is called in contradistinctionAstrology, 111:our Sun is traveling through space (carrying our solar system along in its sphere of influence)Astrology, 112:which we are concerned. They, with the seven solar systems of which ours is one, are the tenAstrology, 130:potencies which produce definite changes in the solar system. They represent the three divineAstrology, 134:is one of supreme importance to our solar system at this time, for it is the sign into which ourAstrology, 137:areas of experience and consciousness upon the solar path. It only appears to be so and this itselfAstrology, 145:indicative of planetary control and not of solar control. Esoteric astrology concerns itselfAstrology, 154:and Virgo, and tied up with the secret of the solar Angels. This is not the mystery of soul andAstrology, 160:had become so responsive to the planetary and solar influence that the door of initiation intoAstrology, 172:with the effect of the planetary influences, the solar rays and the energy of the constellationsAstrology, 186:who have to be brought under the control of the solar Lord. A study of the above will reveal mostAstrology, 192:unfoldment upon the Path. The Sun, typifying the solar Angel remains constant both through theAstrology, 193:term can be used in default of better) of the solar Logos Himself, or with the Divine Quaternary,Astrology, 194:Mutable Cross, is closely allied to the previous solar system, and the energy of that divine aspectAstrology, 195:superior [195] to and more advanced than our solar Logos. A few hints may, however, be of serviceAstrology, 195:purpose and plan are all connected with the solar Logos and with His evolutionary undertakings inAstrology, 195:in the vehicle of expression which we call the solar system. All these respond to the influences ofAstrology, 195:as "unavoidable directed purpose." Within our solar system, Vulcan and Pluto are expressions orAstrology, 197:Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lowerAstrology, 199:fusion of four major energies, pouring into our solar system, on to our planet and throughAstrology, 200:It was potently active during the previous solar system wherein the Third Person of the Trinity wasAstrology, 200:of the Trinity, is peculiarly active in this solar system. The energies coming from AlcyoneAstrology, 200:present at the time of individualization in this solar system, for it is in this system, andAstrology, 201:spirit and matter "to the ultimate glory" of the solar Logos are in the fullest eventualAstrology, 201:constellations (exterior to the zodiac and the solar system itself) we are becoming more specific,Astrology, 202:rare. We have also brought into relation to our solar system another constellation, called theAstrology, 210:aspect and brought under the control of the solar Angel. The effect of Mars is, therefore, largelyAstrology, 218:the mind principle as it works out through the solar Angels or through the human hierarchy. It isAstrology, 225:the spiritual intuition. The Son of Mind, the solar Angel, must now manifest as a Son of God. ThisAstrology, 225:Angel, must now manifest as a Son of God. This solar Angel, when in control, must give placeAstrology, 239:of the energies working out into our solar system through the medium of the four arms of thisAstrology, 240:the nature of God, for the laws under which this solar system of ours is governed are expressionsAstrology, 240:of the unfoldment of the consciousness in this solar system, in the planet and in man, has to beAstrology, 255:the Father aspect is concerned. In a previous solar system, this matter aspect was the supremeAstrology, 255:the supreme controlling factor, just as in this solar system it is the soul or the Christ principleAstrology, 255:(over untold aeons) for its work in this solar system. It is in this system that the Christ Child,Astrology, 256:which is also closely related to the previous solar system is Cancer; it might be said that CancerAstrology, 256:of the first half of the life cycle in solar system one, whilst Virgo is an equally advancedAstrology, 266:from the zodiac as they converge within our solar system and become attracted to our planet.Astrology, 267:between constellations and planets within the solar system and between some particular planet andAstrology, 269:the Great Bear. Here again, in relation to our solar system, do we find another great triangle ofAstrology, 271:a radiant light be seen and the destiny of our solar Logos be finally determined." Behind thisAstrology, 273:stage of discipleship and the manifestation of a solar disciple. Hence the two energies which comeAstrology, 279:the mother of the Christ. If we consider the two solar systems (the past and the present) as aAstrology, 279:said that: The Mutable Cross governed the first solar system. In that system and in this solarAstrology, 279:first solar system. In that system and in this solar system, and to humanity en masse, this CrossAstrology, 279:The Fixed Cross governs the present solar system and corresponds to the path of discipleship. TheAstrology, 279:The Cardinal Cross will govern and rule the next solar system and in this system governs the pathAstrology, 279:point where the world and influence of the two solar systems have done their task in: Preparing theAstrology, 279:activity of the Cardinal Cross during the next solar system [280] is hidden in the revelation whichAstrology, 280:energies, developed and recognized in the first solar system. It is for this reason in this solarAstrology, 280:solar system. It is for this reason in this solar system that Virgo is subjected predominantly toAstrology, 280:Active Intelligence which controlled the first solar system. There is consequently only one planet,Astrology, 281:lower concrete mind was unfolded in the first solar system and the higher abstract intuitionalAstrology, 290:of esoteric truth are here revealed as cosmic, solar and planetary influences evoking - in responseAstrology, 293:from Leo, are the "fires of God" - cosmic, solar and planetary - producing purification, theAstrology, 293:comes planetary fire; and from Leo comes solar fire; and each of these fires "clears the way byAstrology, 294:It is a correct surmise that the purpose of this solar system is the unfoldment of consciousness,Astrology, 297:of the Sun to Leo which is unique in our solar system, and hence the importance of the triangleAstrology, 299:Leo, in the cosmic sense (and apart from our solar system altogether) is ruled by Sirius. Sirius isAstrology, 303:relation with the etheric body of humanity, the solar system and - of course - the planet. I wouldAstrology, 303:science, and embodying the mystery of the first solar system, the past - again the memory cellsAstrology, 331:their coordinated influence is both planetary, solar and cosmic. The initiate who has taken theAstrology, 331:are brought about and as human, planetary and solar consciousness progressively develops, theAstrology, 336:the story of the response of form - vast as in a solar system, microcosmic as in a human being, andAstrology, 345:speaking, and also from the standpoint of a solar system, of a planet and of a human being. TheAstrology, 348:truth. This underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini, whichAstrology, 351:This sign controls esoterically the heart of our solar system and thus controls the pulsation ofAstrology, 351:all kingdoms of nature and also to planetary and solar expression. The proved reality of this isAstrology, 352:are therefore conditioning factors in our solar life, and this conditioning reaches us throughAstrology, 356:creating an unusual situation in the solar system and a unique relation. The cosmic line of forceAstrology, 376:to the constellation, the Great Bear, and to our solar system. This constitutes one of the mostAstrology, 376:effects upon humanity) and so enters into the solar system. It is there absorbed by that majorAstrology, 400:and before the great disruption in an earlier solar system which led to the Moon becoming a deadAstrology, 403:out from cosmic sources, find their way into our solar system, being attracted thereto throughAstrology, 409:force on Sirius, which produces effects upon our solar system and particularly upon our Earth, viaAstrology, 409:confusion. This confusion of forces in the solar system is notably affecting our planet. In theAstrology, 410:the outer forms. This is true in the life of the solar Deity, of a planetary [411] Logos, ofAstrology, 413:therefore, the sentient thought life of a solar Logos, of a planetary Logos, of humanity and ofAstrology, 413:and nature of the apparatus of response, be it a solar system, a planet, the fourth kingdom inAstrology, 415:Electric fire - will - monad - Initiatory fire. Solar fire - love-wisdom - soul - QualificatoryAstrology, 415:all the many interlocking triangles in our solar system and conditioning them to a very largeAstrology, 416:Bear are related to the will or purpose of the solar Logos and are to this great Being what theAstrology, 416:aspect or to the attractive power of the solar Logos, to the soul of that Great Being. This cosmicAstrology, 416:triangle and affecting powerfully our entire solar system is a triple interrelation of greatAstrology, 416:signs and one of the sacred planets within our solar system. First Triangle: The Pleiades - CancerAstrology, 417:partially as yet in expression as far as our solar system is concerned and only one point of theAstrology, 417:to Pluto. Therefore the entire cosmic web and solar system is an intricate, constantly moving,Astrology, 418:constant movement everywhere, inherent in the solar system and the zodiac - onward, interior andAstrology, 419:Bear, the Pleiades and the sun, Sirius, and our solar system, there exists, it must be remembered,Astrology, 419:compose these constellations interiorly and our solar system. You have, therefore, a relationshipAstrology, 419:the medium of these three related groups and our solar system. As hinted by me in A Treatise onAstrology, 420:dimensions and mystery that no Life within our solar system has more than sensed its significance.Astrology, 421:The base of the spine The throat center the solar plexus I will also take up with you some of theAstrology, 422:the originating sources of the seven rays of our solar system. The seven Rishis (as They areAstrology, 423:Each of these seven rays is transmitted into our solar system through the medium of three
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