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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Atom, 150:that the great Life animating the entire solar system, the great Entity Who is using it for theAtom, 151:which, in its turn, reflects the entire solar system. This question of atomic life, if we think itAtom, 151:and possible that perhaps, after all, our solar system is but an atom within a greater whole? MayAtom, 151:within a greater whole? May there not be for our solar system, and our solar Logos, a centralAtom, 151:May there not be for our solar system, and our solar Logos, a central larger life towards which theAtom, 151:towards which the informing Spirit within the solar sphere is gradually attracted, and towardsAtom, 151:force, or goal? Are there greater spheres of solar life outside our system, that have a definiteAtom, 152:the Pleiades is a central point around which our solar system revolves; others say that in theAtom, 152:is the point of magnetic attraction for our solar system. On the other hand, you will find thisAtom, 152:as having a peculiarly intimate relation to our solar system. Towards these views modernAtom, 153:our having an occult relationship with other solar systems. Here the truth may perhaps be found.Atom, 153:Sirius, have a very close connection with our solar system, and that they hold an intimate psychicAtom, 153:an intimate psychic magnetic relation to our solar Logos. [154] Atom, 154:Now, of course, when you consider the solar Logos words fail, yet for Him also there must be aAtom, 154:that of the atom as the consciousness of the solar Logos is from ours. Now to the atom in our bodyAtom, 154:the atom in our body that consciousness of the solar Logos might be called Absolute Consciousness,Atom, 154:atom, and you can further predicate that the solar Logos reaches out to a consciousness beyond HisAtom, 155:within them, we have the objective of our solar Logos, and the influences that are flowing towardsAtom, 155:that is even more closely connected with our solar Logos, the reason being that He is not, as yet,Atom, 156:What the relationship of the Pleiades to our solar system may be, it is not possible for us to say,Atom, 156:the active intelligent aspect of the solar system, and their energy that which animates all matter,Atom, 157:the union of these two is what produces our solar system. Perhaps these two types of energy, oneAtom, 157:blazing forth in the heavens which we call our solar system. The relationship of these twoAtom, 157:of all the myriads of constellations, with our solar system. But when we endeavor to give it aAutobiography, 163:got the first chapters of "Initiation, Human and Solar." I would like to make it quite clear thatAutobiography, 167:few chapters of [167] "Initiation, Human and Solar" I showed the manuscript to B. P. Wadia. He gotAutobiography, 191:to write for the Tibetan and "Initiation Human & Solar," "Letters on Occult Meditation" and "TheAutobiography, 236:which The Secret Doctrine deals: electric fire, solar fire and fire by friction. This prophecy wasAutobiography, 236:of the mind that vitalizes every atom of the solar system [237] and creates the medium throughAutobiography, 245:first book published was Initiation, Human and Solar. This was the result of her first effort to doAutobiography, 245:a worldwide recognition. Initiation, Human and Solar was intended to bring the fact of theAutobiography, 246:Doctrine on the three fires - electric fire, solar fire and Are by friction - and it was an awaitedBethlehem, 36:went forth, bringing into being our organized solar system as we now have it, and the planet onBethlehem, 61:are reproduced in the lives of the various Solar Gods, and antiquity teems with illustrations ofBethlehem, 67:of the cosmic Christ, hidden by the form of a solar system; of the mythic Christ, hidden inBethlehem, 90:direction and the rhythmic running of our solar system; it can be seen also in the disposition ofBethlehem, 185:as He has been since the creation of the solar system, and as Christ said, "I, if I be lifted upDestiny, 6:which is always basically [6] present in our solar system, that of love-wisdom, to which many ofDestiny, 23:they so choose, these three centers to the three solar systems, referred to in A Treatise on CosmicDestiny, 23:to in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: In the first solar system, the center which is Humanity [24] wasDestiny, 24:came into manifestation. In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of love made its appearance andDestiny, 24:enabling the Love of God to be seen. In the next solar system, the center which we today callDestiny, 24:of Deity. It is only however in this second solar system that all these three centers, expressingDestiny, 33:the sixth ray works through and controls the solar plexus (being closely related to the astralDestiny, 42:through the sublimation of the sacral and the solar plexus energies. The etheric-astral planes andDestiny, 47:permeates, animates and integrates the entire solar system. This Life functions in and through allDestiny, 74:signs (cosmic energy) and planets transmitting solar and cosmic energies, are the conditioningDestiny, 130:Fire, I gave you the three major laws of the solar system and the seven subsidiary laws throughDestiny, 139:The second initiation, which relates the solar plexus to the heart, humanity to the Hierarchy andDestiny, 142:and very potent because it is the ray of our solar system and particularly so at this time as theDestiny, 144:of spiritual proportion. Planetary facts and solar facts (under which heading the above item ofDestiny, 144:which I gave you in Initiation, Human and Solar, and which you will find in the appendix to theDiscipleship1, 15:(and not the telepathy which is based upon the solar plexus activity). The lower psychicDiscipleship1, 24:responsible for the planetary conditions in the solar system, with the Great Council, therefore, atDiscipleship1, 41:and throat centers. Group 2 The head, heart and solar plexus centers. Group 3 The head, heart andDiscipleship1, 41:base of the spine. Group 6 The head, heart and solar plexus centers. This is necessarily the sameDiscipleship1, 41:and sacral centers. Group 8 The head, heart, solar plexus and throat centers. This group ofDiscipleship1, 47:the centers above the diaphragm and to transmute solar plexus activity (which is so [48] dominantDiscipleship1, 49:my brother, had you? I refer not here to a solar plexus reaction but to heart knowledge. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 65:of the lower centers, particularly of the solar plexus center. The mind will then be left free toDiscipleship1, 110:the condition of your psychic centers - from the solar plexus upwards. You are passing through aDiscipleship1, 111:Psychic unfoldment, when not originating in the solar plexus must be brought about by right controlDiscipleship1, 111:by right control of the ajna, throat, heart and solar plexus centers by the spiritual man, [112]Discipleship1, 112:body is, therefore, somewhat subnormal. The solar plexus center is awakened but you have paidDiscipleship1, 112:60% awakened The Heart Center 50% awakened The Solar Plexus Center 75% awakened You see, therefore,Discipleship1, 114:with the heart center and the pancreas with the solar plexus center. At the same time, the energyDiscipleship1, 127:your life and, therefore, naturally affect your solar plexus, producing a period of realDiscipleship1, 212:which you will have to do is to close the solar plexus center to the entrance of forces from theDiscipleship1, 212:the ajna center. The heart center and the solar plexus center are the two centers which are theDiscipleship1, 212:How shall we bring about the change from the solar plexus center to the ajna center? Through rightDiscipleship1, 212:consciously carrying the forces, entering the solar plexus center, to the ajna center. Inhale asDiscipleship1, 212:do so that you are gathering up the force of the solar plexus center (through an act of inhalation)Discipleship1, 213:This will aid in the closing of the solar plexus center and in stabilizing the emotional body;Discipleship1, 214:very nature, thus aiding the work of closing the solar plexus and transmuting its force. In aDiscipleship1, 216:poured through the central clearing-house of the solar plexus center - through that midway stationDiscipleship1, 219:of the psychical energy you wield from the solar plexus center to the heart center. In terms ofDiscipleship1, 224:the rose of aspiration as it pours through the solar plexus and not through the heart." Another isDiscipleship1, 236:and goes primarily to the throat and to the solar plexus, causing a disturbance and an upsetting ofDiscipleship1, 237:when you can live in your heart and not in your solar plexus. Discipleship1, 255:which are colored by the two major rays of our solar system: In your case they find theirDiscipleship1, 261:form and be sure no thought shifts down to the solar plexus - that open door to the astral plane.Discipleship1, 390:dimly sensed - of your real Self, of the solar Angel, who is the Angel of the Presence. YourDiscipleship1, 390:awareness. The outer universe of the planet, the solar system and the starry heavens, lies [391]Discipleship1, 391:recognize the Presence, I must function as the solar Angel. Can I, at this time, discriminateDiscipleship1, 391:this time, discriminate between myself and that solar Angel? To recognize the Presence means that IDiscipleship1, 391:Presence means that I am preparing to pass, as a solar Angel, through the gate, on to the Path ofDiscipleship1, 407:you a sensitive emotional nature which means a solar plexus too active in its functioning. This youDiscipleship1, 414:center receives the bulk of this energy and the solar plexus, and hence your excessive physicalDiscipleship1, 447:the higher, abstract mind, the intelligent solar angel, and the lower concrete mind. IntuitiveDiscipleship1, 457:left and [457] below the heart center, above the solar plexus and somewhat under the left handDiscipleship1, 556:your "door of entrance" to the major ray of the solar system, and to the Heart of God and of yourDiscipleship1, 578:on in you, carried forward, as always, via the solar plexus center - that great clearing house ofDiscipleship1, 579:several months of complete quiet, giving the solar plexus time to relax, and your brain and mindDiscipleship1, 624:magnetism is above all else either a heart or a solar plexus emanation. Since your entry into myDiscipleship1, 648:would tell you also that the stimulation of the solar plexus and of the heart center (which will beDiscipleship1, 649:- the undesirable aspects and tragedies, via the solar plexus, and the human reactions and the goodDiscipleship1, 764:Heart of the Sun, the organ of this second ray solar system, and the diastole and systole system ofDiscipleship1, 768:the planet Venus, to Jupiter and thence to the solar Lord himself and on to a point in the Sun,Discipleship1, 777:first book published was Initiation, Human and Solar. This was the result of her first effort to doDiscipleship1, 777:a worldwide recognition. Initiation, Human and Solar was intended to bring the fact of the
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