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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - SOLAR

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Fire, 274:might be expressed likewise as follows: The solar system repeating its activity - Repetition inFire, 274:we carry these ideas on to every plane in the solar system, and from thence to the cosmic planes,Fire, 276:the equipment of the Logos on every plane of the solar system, then, and only then, will cyclicFire, 277:of the causal body, or with the rotation of a solar system. In relation to the human being, thisFire, 277:the period of one incarnation. In relation to a solar Logos it might be considered as one completeFire, 277:all the seven globes. In connection with the solar Logos it is the complete revolution of the solarFire, 277:solar Logos it is the complete revolution of the solar system around its cosmic center. It is to beFire, 279:states of divine realization within the solar sphere. Planetary consciousness, or the consciousnessFire, 279:The consciousness of the unit of the Septenary solar system. - S. D., II, 673. II, 741. These twoFire, 280:among men and women, and in the vaster atom of a solar system as it vibrates with its cosmicFire, 280:leads to atomic, human, planetary, spiritual, solar and cosmic marriage. This idea is comparativelyFire, 280:be the inevitable finale at the cessation of solar evolution, and it will bring about pralaya. TheFire, 281:activities and purposes are worked out - the solar ring-pass-not. The space wherein a planetaryFire, 281:works out His plans is similarly as much of solar space as His consciousness is developed enough toFire, 282:can be predicated of the seven Logoi and of the solar Logos, extending the idea to other planes,Fire, 282:solar Logos, extending the idea to other planes, solar and cosmic. So also can it be narrowed downFire, 282:on the physical plane - man on the solar physical, and the Logos on the cosmic physical plane.Fire, 283:body of man, of a planetary Logos, or of a solar Logos. Millions of infinitesimal cells, eachFire, 283:Man, the planetary Logos, gathers out of the solar ring-pass-not that which He needs for eachFire, 284:do with the response of the ENTITY, to Whom our solar Logos is but a center in His Body, to theFire, 284:opposite. These two centers, for instance, our solar system and its cosmic opposite, in theirFire, 287:which a man does. The [287] animal uses the solar plexus in the same way that a man uses the brain;Fire, 287:transference of the zone of activity from the solar plexus to the rudimentary brain, and itsFire, 289:(through the aid of manas or mind) in a previous solar system, to the acquisition of wisdom throughFire, 290:of consciousness on the seven planes of the solar system. These expansions are attained by the aidFire, 290:control of the entire seven planes of the solar system, or of the lowest cosmic plane. Second: TheFire, 290:round. To attain to the consciousness of the solar Logos, within Whose body They form the centers.Fire, 290:conscious control on the seven planes of the solar system, and covers that period of developmentFire, 290:should here be given to the fact that the solar Logos holds an analogous position in the body of aFire, 290:to that held by a Heavenly Man in the body of a solar Logos. To attain to the consciousness of aFire, 291:- Introductory Questions Third: The work of a solar Logos is again of a corresponding nature: [292]Fire, 292:ring-pass-not, or of the seven planes of the solar system. This covers a period wherein five of theFire, 292:a cosmic Logos. In the body of a cosmic Logos, a solar Logos is a center. We must bear in mind thatFire, 294:cosmic Logos 5 cosmic planes. A cosmic Logos 7 solar systems solar Logos 4 cosmic planes. A solarFire, 294:5 cosmic planes. A cosmic Logos 7 solar systems solar Logos 4 cosmic planes. A solar Logos 7Fire, 294:7 solar systems solar Logos 4 cosmic planes. A solar Logos 7 planetary schemes Heavenly Man 3Fire, 294:Heavenly Man 3 cosmic planes. Period of 3 solar systems. A Heavenly Man 7 planetary chains ChohansFire, 294:Chohans and groups 2 cosmic planes. Period of 1 solar system. A Man 7 etheric centers a Principle 1Fire, 294:do the same. Through each scheme in a system, a solar Logos working at the same thing; the goal isFire, 294:as the God within the individual, whether man or solar Logos. This concept must be meditated uponFire, 295:Man represents a coherent conscious group. A solar Logos on His Own plane holds an analogous placeFire, 295:analogous place to that of a Heavenly Man in a solar system, and from a still higher standpoint toFire, 295:higher standpoint to that of a man within the solar system. When the place of the solar planesFire, 295:within the solar system. When the place of the solar planes within the cosmic scheme is dulyFire, 295:that on cosmic levels of a high order the solar Logos is an Intelligence as relatively low in theFire, 295:of cosmic consciousness as man is in relation to solar consciousness. He is but a cell in the bodyFire, 295:on cosmic levels the work of man on the solar planes. He has to undergo on the three lower cosmicFire, 296:between the cosmic physical planes and the solar physical planes must be pondered upon. It holdsFire, 296:considered in relation to the Entity of Whom the solar Logos is a reflection, are as the sevenFire, 297:[297] One of these centers corresponds to the solar plexus and is the synthesizer of the lowerFire, 297:to the head, the heart and the throat of the solar Logos, have Their etheric analogies on the threeFire, 297:just as the Heavenly Man Who embodies the logoic solar plexus finds His manifesting source on theFire, 297:kundalini away from the lower centers to the solar plexus center, a new cycle will be reached, andFire, 300:up to a cosmic Logos, via a Heavenly Man and a solar Logos. (S. D., I, 258.) Just as it is pointedFire, 300:greater and lesser cycles in the evolution of a solar system, so it can be predicated equally of aFire, 301:multiples of seven. [301] In connection with a solar Logos the cycles might be called: One hundredFire, 301:of time as we understand it or the duration of a solar system. In connection with a Heavenly Man weFire, 304:of the central cycles of a Heavenly Man and of a solar Logos. The monadic cycles proceed in groupsFire, 305:and predicate action of a similar nature by the solar Logos. The consideration of this question isFire, 305:not inherently but in full manifestation. A solar Logos is both a Divine Manasaputra and likewise aFire, 308:Consciousness, and saw that the great work of a solar Logos, with all included manifesting lives,Fire, 309:we are endeavoring to do is to study Mind in a solar Logos, a planetary Logos and in the Microcosm.Fire, 310:such relatively unimportant Beings as our solar Logos and His group. This fifth principle is theFire, 310:distinctive coloring of a particular group of solar Logoi on the causal level of the cosmic mental,Fire, 310:the reason of Their manifesting through various solar systems, and the great Will-to-be that bringsFire, 311:as [311] force in matter. Electricity in the solar system shows itself in seven major forms, whichFire, 311:contact with the first cosmic etheric, or the solar plane of adi. Electricity on the monadic planeFire, 312:etheric of that great cosmic Entity, of Whom our solar Logos is a reflection, begin to vibrate andFire, 312:planes of the cosmic physical plane, or on our solar systemic planes. Hence, all that can be seenFire, 313:of a human being, [313] manifesting on the solar physical plane. Certain electrical phenomenaFire, 313:be remembered that the entire manifestation of a solar system consists of the etheric body, and theFire, 313:fohatic impulse - are to be seen at work in a solar Logos, a Heavenly Man and a human being. TheyFire, 313:of the psychic nature, which (in a solar Logos, for instance) we speak of in terms of quality, andFire, 314:remembered that on all the seven subplanes of a solar plane a process, in connection withFire, 314:the three involved. Third, in connection with a solar Logos (within the system and not consideringFire, 315:in connection with man, a Heavenly Man and a solar Logos, and their bodies of objectivity. In manFire, 315:and so likewise in the body of the Logos, a solar system. The difficulty in apprehending theseFire, 316:B. - S. D., I 567. II, 258.) fire by friction, solar fire, and electric fire. Fire by friction isFire, 316:the atoms of matter, or the substance of the solar system, and resulting in: The spheroidal form ofFire, 316:Differentiation of all atoms one from another. Solar fire is electricity animating forms orFire, 317:active intelligent purpose which animates the solar system. Third, that Mahadeva, or the DivineFire, 318:retrospect, even from the angle of vision of a solar Logos. This developed manasic principle is theFire, 318:bringing about at-one-ment on each plane of the solar system in connection with the subplanes. ItFire, 318:through that threefold manifestation we call a solar system, or the body logoic. On this thirdFire, 319:or its awakening to activity within the [319] solar-ring-pass-not. This is the first syllable ofFire, 319:planes, and flashing into objectivity on the solar physical. It will be demonstrated later asFire, 320:the fourth ether on the physical plane of the solar system. Both are in process of becomingFire, 323:the negative pole to the throat center as is the solar plexus to the heart. The order of theFire, 323:and positive. The same can be predicated anent a solar system, and, curiously enough, anent theFire, 324:cosmic gaseous plane, the mental plane of the solar system. It will be remembered that it wasFire, 325:- Spirit. Fire by Friction - Negative - Matter. Solar Fire - Light - The two blended and thusFire, 325:connection with the four higher subplanes of the solar system - those four planes which are theFire, 325:same sense as the four physical ethers of the solar system form the etheric body of a man. I haveFire, 326:apprehended facts which relate to the four solar physical ethers. For instance, the fourth etherFire, 327:7. Physical Cosmic dense 7. Dense physical The solar physical plane might also be expressedFire, 327:working out the analogy to the major planes: SOLAR PHYSICAL PLANE 1st subplane atomic 1st etherFire, 328:physical dense. [328] In both the cosmic and solar physical planes, the plane of buddhi is ever theFire, 329:set up to be felt at the furthest bounds of the solar ring-pass-not. Automatically then all lesserFire, 329:dealing with these four in connection with a solar Logos, and equally with the work of a HeavenlyFire, 329:- this is the great Being, planetary or solar, who manifests in Himself the pair of opposites.
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